10 Cleaning Products On Amazon You Can Buy For Under $15

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10 Cleaning Products On Amazon You Can Buy For Under $15

By : angila
Maintaining a tidy and hygienic indoor environment requires regular cleaning. It is good to prepare a complete cleaning checklist and disinfect contaminated spots to kill lethal germs and bacteria. Make sure you have proper tools and products to tackle hard stains, accumulated dust, pollens, built-up grease and grime from different surfaces. From microfiber dusters to sponges, stock up all cleaning tools if you want to keep your abode clean and shiny. If you are moving out of the rental property, consider booking seasoned professionals for a meticulous end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They bring all the necessary products and equipment to deliver sparkling clean property before the final inspection. Those who want to keep their abode free from dust and dirt should invest in budget-friendly cleaning products. Today, we bring you 10 products on Amazon, and all are under $15. The best part is that all these tools and products work wonders while treating tough stains and grime. Let’s Get Started!

1. Scrub Daddy Eraser Sheets

These are super convenient and affordable cleaning tools that can help you get rid of grime, stains, and marks in no time. You just need to dampen the eraser sheet in warm water and scrub the affected area with gentle hands. You can remove scuff marks, fingerprints and mild stains from hard surfaces. You can also use this tool to clean dishes, kitchen utensils, bathtubs, walls, furniture, siding and much more. Buy a pack of Scrub Daddy Eraser Sheets from Amazon at just $14.50 and make your house look tidy all day long.

2. Ettore All-Purpose Squeegee

This 8-inch long yet lightweight all-purpose squeegee is a great cleaning tool that allows you to clean multiple surfaces with ease. It comes with an aluminium channel and streak-free rubber blade for sprucing windows, screens, mirrors and shower doors. The all-purpose squeegee from Ettore is available at $10.72 on Amazon. If you want to achieve streak-free windows and mirrors, then you should buy this economical cleaning tool, which is also available in different sizes.

3. Microfiber Blind Duster

Removing accumulated dust and debris from window blinds is quite a tricky task, and you need proper tools to get into each blind and eliminate dust particles. Well, you can buy this affordable microfiber blinder duster from Amazon, which is designed especially for window blinds, air conditioner blinds and car air vents. It can remove dust from 2 blinds at once, and the best part is that you can remove the cloth from the tool and wash it after every use. You will also get an alternative cloth for each duster.

4. Rubber Cement Eraser

These rubber erasers come in 10 pieces at just $13.6 on Amazon. It can remove glue residue, watercolours, and other adhesive residues from surfaces such as walls, leather furniture, and other hard surfaces. These rubber blocks are ideal for home cleaning and can be used easily. Make sure you use warm soapy water or white vinegar to treat stubborn marks. You can inspect the entire house and look for common causes of bad smells at home if you want to achieve flawless outcomes.

5. Window Cleaning Brush Tool

The package of this product contains 2 window gap cleaning brushes, 1 sweep brush and 2 replace scouring pad that will help you achieve clean and shiny windows instantly. Window groove brush has a PP material handle and comes with an ultra-fine cloth to get into the nooks and crannies of window sills and tracks and fetch the dust out.

6. Oxo Good Grips Tile and Tub Scrubber Refill

This works great with OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber. If you have a scrubbing tool, you can install the refill and clean tubs, glass, doors, floors, and tight spaces around the toilet. It is an anti-microbial scrub used for deep cleaning and removing mould, mildew, and stubborn stains from grout lines, floors, recesses and other surfaces. If you are preparing the rental apartment at the end of your tenancy, hire the best end of lease cleaners in Melbourne and get your full bond back.

7. Full Circle Scrub Brush

Remove soap residue, calcium stains and grime from your tub with this super-affordable scrub brush. It comes with tough bristles for grout on the inside and softer bristles to clean tiles on the outside. The curved handle allows you to clean the floors and other surfaces without much elbow grease. The ergonomical design of the tools makes it a versatile product suitable for scrubbing and removing contaminants effectively and efficiently. You can use the brush without tiring your hand and arm.

8. Scotch-Brite Mirror Cleaning Cloth

Scotch-Brite is one of the renowned brands, and it is best known for its scrubbing pads and sponges. You can buy this cleaning cloth and remove grime, stains, dust from mirrors, counters, appliances, and other hard-to-reach places like bathroom tiles and under the toilet rim. The best part of this product is it is lightweight, washable and durable, since it is made with highly-absorbent and reusable material. What’s more, since the product is lint-free, it doesn’t leave fabric fluff or streaks on mirrors after cleaning.

9. Microfiber Screen Cleaning Cloth

These are extremely affordable and can help you fetch dirt and dust particles from surfaces like TV screens, laptops, smartphones, lenses, computer monitors, eyeglasses and much more. You can wash it after every use and save money from buying new ones. You can buy this tool from Amazon at $14.06 and keep your personal belongings clean and dust-free.

10. Magic Eraser Sponge

The sponge is made of melamine form, used to remove tough stains, grime, grease and other stubborn marks from almost all surfaces. You just need to wet and scrub it on the affected area. It is an affordable yet effective tool that can help you achieve sparkling outcomes. You can remove scuff marks, hard water stains, dirt, grime and almost any other difficult stains from any household surface using it. However, avoid using it on delicate surfaces, as the product can remove paint, polish or finishing.


Keep your home clean and dust-free with these budget-friendly cleaning products that are easily available on Amazon. You can make a list of things you need for a shiny abode. Make sure you hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne if you are concerned about your bond money or don’t want to face any obstacle at the end of a tenancy.