10 Clutter Clearing & Cleaning Tips for Good Feng Shui

10 Clutter Clearing & Cleaning Tips for Good Feng Shui

By : angila
According to reports, 80% of Australians spend money buying things they don’t need. This consumerist behaviour becomes a problem when you are not able to organise and declutter your space and like to hoard items. Hoarding leads to the accumulation of items and goods that clutter and disturb the areas of your home. These items could be low in value, have no relevance for you or your home, and can create cluttered and negative energy. To remove this negative energy, bond cleaning experts in Melbourne recommend using feng shui.

What Is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a practice that means the wind and water and involves organising and arranging objects to achieve good energy and harmony. Ten clutter-clearing and cleaning Feng Shui tips that should be used in your home to eliminate negative energy are given below. This will help you declutter your space and feel more energised and organised and thus creating a more positive living space.

Feng Shui Tips to Clear Your Clutter

1. Clear Your Pathways You need to start by organising the area that greets you as you enter your home, as this will immediately impact your mood and energy. When your pathway is cluttered and full of dust and grime, it will create negative energy for you. Therefore, cleaning out all the clutter from your pathways is a good idea to invite more positive energy. You can hire cleaners who offer professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne to do a deep cleaning of your hallways from time to time to ensure there is no gunk and grime anywhere. 2. Give Everything A Place When you assign everything a place in your home, you will have a designated area where you can put everything back. For instance, you can create a box for random items, a folder for paper bills and a cabinet space for your pans. This will help you keep everything more organised and decluttered in your home. 3. Organise And Then Buy Whether you are buying items for storage, you must first organise your space so that you know how much space you need. You should organise your shelves and pantries to get the right-sized storage bins and jars. 4. Clear Closet Space According to reports, Australians buy almost 15kg of clothes annually and store this at home. This means that your closet must overflow with clothes and create a negative vibe in your bedroom. One effective way to resolve this problem is to turn your clothes hangers sideways and keep turning them whenever you use them. After six months, if you find that most of your hangers still need to be turned, you can start donating or selling them to clear this space. 5. Clear The Areas You Use The Most When you spend a lot of time in one place, your energy affects your mood and productivity. Therefore, you must keep the most used areas of your home, like your kitchen, bathroom and living areas, clean and free of clutter. A clear and fresh space will help ease negative emotions that reduce self-esteem and make you miserable and sad. Once these spaces are organised, your mind will be more at ease with positive energy radiating from these areas, increasing your interaction with others and productivity. 6. Get Rid Of One Item Every Day Bond cleaning experts in Melbourne recommend that you remove one item daily from each room. You can use the Kon Mari method to declutter your home by spending five to ten minutes daily after work or in the morning removing one item from each room. This will help you gradually remove all your items and declutter your space to enhance positive energy. 7. Create Five Boxes A good way to declutter your space quickly is by keeping five boxes: throw, sell, donate, maybe and keep. Then you should go room by room and organise all your items into these boxes. This will help you save a significant amount of space, and you can even create some goodwill by donating your items. You should review your “maybe” box after a year and see whether you need any of these things or if you can survive without them. 8. Make It Fun By turning it into a game, you can make the decluttering process more fun for your whole family. To do this, you can ask your family members to find 12 things they want to sell or donate, 12 things that are not in the right place and 12 things they need to throw. Set a timer and start the process to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter in your home. 9. Remove All Broken And Damaged Items You should go through your home daily, look for broken and damaged items, and get rid of them. Broken items create a bad vibe in your home and invite negative energy. Thus it is important to throw away these items as soon as possible and clear your space. If the item can be fixed, you should fix it as soon as possible to prevent it from getting damaged. 10. Get Rid Of Items That You Use Less In A Year Lastly, bond cleaning experts in Melbourne recommend that you spend 27 minutes every day and go through each room to eliminate an item you haven’t used in a year. Items you haven’t picked up or used will only create dead, stale energy that will hamper your productivity. That is why it is necessary to get rid of these items regularly to keep your home clean and reduce your anxiety.


If you follow the above Feng Shui tips to declutter your space, you will have a clear and positive energy all around you. This will help you feel more mentally stable and energised, improving your relationships with others and making you more productive.