10 End Of Lease Cleaning Secrets Only Experts Know

10 End Of Lease Cleaning Secrets Only Experts Know

By : angila
Imagine you have found your dream house and are ready to shift there, but your current house is still a mess. You wouldn’t want to leave your current residence in such a condition before any new tenants come.

It will be a big challenge to clean the entire house on your own before you go, and it is better to hire bond cleaning services in Melbourne instead. These professional experts not only clean your entire house, but they know what the landlords expect and match those standards.

This will also help you get your bond money back, and you can use this for your moving costs. If you are still sceptical about hiring end of lease cleaners, you can look at some of their innovative ideas to make your house look flawless:

1. The Top To Bottom Technique

One of the best cleaning tips by these expert bond cleaners in Melbourne is that you should always start cleaning from the top and then move to the bottom. This is helpful when cleaning your home because:

  • This will prevent you from having to clean your house twice as you can start from the roof and then move to the floors where all the dust would have accumulated.
  • These cleaning professionals also follow this practical checklist, starting from the top part of the home, covering the roof, ceiling, fans, and light fixtures.
  • They then work their way to the bottom of the house, scrubbing the furniture and floors so that no dust or dirt is left anywhere.
  • 2. Clean Your Fridge With Vinegar

    The best part about hiring bond cleaning professionals is that they use eco-friendly and green cleaning solutions and manage your environmental impact when cleaning your home. For instance, one very effective tool they use to clean refrigerators is dabbing a damp sponge in vinegar and wiping the fridge.

    The vinegar will not only remove all the dirt and grease but also eliminate any fingerprints. It will make your fridge shine and look nice and clean.

    3. Rub White Chalk On Tough Stains

    If you have tough stains on your clothing, you can always apply some white chalk to them and lessen the stain. This will even remove the oil and grease from it and dry it out. You can use this tactic in an emergency when it is not possible for you to do laundry and you have to get the stain out.

    4. Get Rid Of Window Dirt With Cornstarch

    Bond cleaners in Melbourne have used cornstarch for a long time to clean your windows and remove all the dirt. This is because cornstarch is abrasive and can remove dust effectively without leaving any streaks.

    If you also want to use this method to clean your windows, you should follow the below steps:

  • First, mix vinegar with distilled water and wipe the windows.
  • Next, sprinkle some cornstarch over the windows and leave it for an hour.
  • You should then wipe off this mixture with a dry cloth and note how clean your windows will look.
  • 5. Get A Steam Cleaning Done For Your Carpets

    Your carpets are probably one of the most challenging areas to clean when leaving your home as it is often filled with hard-to-remove stains. Cleaning Experts in Melbourne have given an expert tip that will solve the worst carpet problems and that is to get a steam cleaning done. This will remove all the dirt and grime that won’t come off in a regular cleansing.

    It is an excellent idea to let these expert bond cleaning professionals handle the steam cleaning of your carpets so that you can have shiny new carpets before you move out.

    6. Scrub Off Toilet Stains With Pumice Stone

    If you are tired of seeing those stains on your toilet, expert cleaning professionals have an easy solution for you. Instead of using expensive and toxic cleaning solutions, you can wet a pumice stone and scrub off all those stains in no time. You can also pour bleach into the toilet bowl to remove any discolouration and flush it after a while to have a clean and white toilet bowl.

    7. Wipe Off Wall Stains With A Magic Eraser

    If you are cleaning your house before moving out, you will want the walls to be shiny and clean. You might come across many stains and marks on your walls that are not coming out with a regular cleanser. To help you out, bond cleaners recommend using magic erasers as these are effective in removing any stains and dirt from your walls and will make them look brand new.

    8. Get Out All The Tile Mould With Baking Soda

    You would want to eliminate all that mould from your bathroom and kitchen tiles before you relocate. An excellent way to do that is to sprinkle some baking soda on your tiles and leave it for some time. You can then scrub it off with a brush and wash the floor. Your tiles will be sparkling white and free of any mould and mildew.

    9. Use Lemon Rinds And Sugar To Clean Your Waste Disposal

    Another practical cleaning and waste disposal tip by expert end-of-lease cleaners is ensuring your garbage disposal is clean and smelling nice. They recommend putting lemon slices and sugar in the garbage disposal and letting it run for a few minutes. This will eliminate any stuck food bits and remove any foul odour from your garbage disposal.

    10. Use Your Vacuum In The Right Way

    If you are vacuuming your house to clean it deeply, you should pull the vacuum slowly. This removes the dirt more quickly and does a better job of removing any stubborn dust particles. You can also hire expert bond cleaners in Melbourne to do a deep vacuuming of your household and make it look stunning to get your bond money back.


    The above secrets will give you an idea of why you should hire end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to clean out your home the next time you plan to move out.