10 Tips for Keeping a Clean House With Kids

10 Tips for Keeping a Clean House With Kids

By : angila
According to studies, you will find over 7,000 species of bacteria in an Australian household on a daily basis. Exposing your kids to these bacteria and pathogens is very dangerous as your kids can easily fall sick and develop allergies and respiratory problems. Therefore, you must maintain a cleaning regime and keep your home neat and germ-free to keep your family hygienic and safe. The best way to go about this is to involve your kids in this cleaning process and make them realise the importance of a tidy home. You should also schedule a deep cleaning of your home by vacate cleaning Melbourne services so that your home is easier to maintain. Here are ten tips given below that will help keep your home clean with kids and create a healthy indoor environment:

1. Write Down A Checklist Of Tasks And Subtasks

The first thing you must do is create checklists for your daily and weekly cleaning. To do this, you must first go through your home and write down the tasks that must be done daily and some tasks that can be done just once a week or once a month. Next, create a realistic list of daily tasks and include a special weekly task according to the time you have to clean. For instance, you can vacuum the floors daily but clean the tiles using baking soda on a Saturday or Sunday as a special task. Tip Here are some useful tips to help you clean with a newborn in your home.

2. Get Your Kids Involved In The Cleaning Tasks

You can now divide your main tasks into smaller tasks so your kids can help out. For instance, if you are sweeping the floors, you can assign each of your kids a specific room to sweep. To make it more fun, you can use the following tips by vacate cleaning experts in Melbourne:
  • Set a time limit for each task.
  • Play your kid’s favourite music while cleaning.
  • Reward them with a toy once they finish the task.
  • Print a checklist with their names so they can tick it when finished.

  • This cleaning regime for your kids will not make them understand the importance of maintaining their rooms but will also help them be physically active and healthy.

    3. Assign Your Kids A Storage Basket To Look After

    Storage baskets and bins are the best ways to keep your home organised and decluttered. You can go one step further and assign your kid a storage basket filled with their toys and belongings that they must look after. At the end of the day, after they have finished playing, they must put back all their toys in their basket and store them away. This will help prevent unnecessary clutter on the floors and keep your home tidy.

    4. Encourage Your Kids To Donate Old Toys

    Parents spend over $3.35bn yearly on toys for their kids, and almost 26.8 million of these toys end up in landfills in Australia. To help reduce this wastage and keep your homes clear of clutter, you should have your kids sort their items and donate their extra belongings. They can donate their old toys, clothes and belongings to a charity in Australia. This will also help prevent toys from piling up in your home and create more space to keep things organised.

    5. Rotate Your Kid’s Toys To Help Organise Your Space

    One of the most popular and useful tactics to reduce home clutter is employing the toy rotation system. In this system, you can store half of your children’s toys in organisers in your closet and let them play with the other half on a normal basis. Then, you can take out the toys in the closet every two to three months and return the current ones. Your kids will feel like they are playing with new toys and won’t be asking for new ones.

    6. Use Kid-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

    Vacate cleaning services Melbourne recommend you use cleaning supplies that are not only natural but also kid-friendly. Using these easy-to-use tools and equipment, your kids will also be able to clean up after themselves. It is also a good idea to place cleaning equipment in each corner so that you can clean as you go and won’t have to keep running around looking for cleaning supplies. For instance, you should:
  • Place a mini vacuum in each bedroom so kids can vacuum their rooms every night.
  • Keep a squeegee in the toilet so you can wipe down the shower glass.
  • Place disinfecting wipes near the toilet so you can wipe the area after using the toilet.
  • Place a spray bottle with vinegar near your dining table to quickly scrub and wipe surfaces after eating.

  • Here are some of the best cleaning tools to keep your home germ-free.

    7. Do A Quick Tidying Session Before Going To Bed

    You can get a lot done if you and your kids spend 10 minutes every day tidying up before bed. For instance, you can put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher at night so that you only have to wipe and put them away when you wake up. Pick up clutter off the floor and put it back in its place, and wipe down any crumbs and spills, so they are easier to clean.

    8. Create A Reward System Once You Complete Weekly Tasks

    You can stay motivated to keep cleaning your home by creating a reward system once you complete your tasks. For instance, if you have finished your tasks for the whole week, you can list Saturday as movie day and spend time with your family. The best part is that your kids will also look forward to these rewards, and they will help you complete your weekly tasks on time.

    9. Motivate Your Kids To Learn New Cleaning Habits

    Vacate cleaning professionals Melbourne recommend motivating your kids to learn new cleaning habits every week. You can do this by grouping one habit with another to help them make it a part of their schedule. For instance, your kids can think of wiping down their desks after finishing their dinner or putting away their laundry after completing their homework. Stacking habits together will help your kids become more responsible and organised and keep their rooms neat and clean. If you have teens who are being difficult, you can use these tips to make your teenager clean their room.

    10. Get Professional Cleaners To Deep Clean Your Home

    If you are pressed for time and are not able to clean your home daily, you should hire professional vacate cleaners Melbourne to deep clean your home. These experts will clean your home in no time and will help you spruce up and organise each nook and corner. This will not only be easier to maintain but will also keep your home and family safe from germs and viruses.


    Using the above tips, you can get your kids involved and keep a clean home with persistence and organised cleaning schedules. You must also realise that it is more important to be consistent with cleaning your home than to perfectly remove dirt and grime so that you can keep your home functional and organised rather than fancy and spotless.