10 Vintage Cleaning Tips That Are Still Useful Today

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10 Vintage Cleaning Tips That Are Still Useful Today

By : angila
Over the decades, cleaning has been revolutionised with the introduction of advanced sanitising products and a host of modern equipment. People today use the products and tools to purge their houses effectively and efficiently. Even professional cleaners in Melbourne use modern supplies for performing a variety of crucial commercial tasks like the end of lease cleaning. However, although there are numerous new things and methods for sanitation and continuous introduction of newer ones, there are still many tips for cleaning that are old but relevant even today. These traditional hacks for sanitisation have been passed down from generations. Want to what they are? Here are ten vintage cleaning tips that are still useful today according to the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.

Use Baking Soda for Removing Spots and Marks

Baking soda is one of the traditional cleaning products used extensively for performing a variety of green cleaning activities. According to the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne, this versatile powder is a mild abrasive making it ideal for removing different spots and marks on almost any surface. You can use it in paste form or apply the powder on a wet cloth to scrub the marks in a few minutes. It is effective for removing dirt, crayon, scuff marks, grime, sticky residues, and much more.

Use Vinegar and Water for Stainless Steel

Are the coatings or outside covers of your stainless steel objects looking dull and matted? Then make a half and half solution of distilled white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Sprinkle the solution on the stainless steel surface or object and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. The result will be a clean and shiny surface that was dull earlier. It is a super easy solution to make that is also safe and economical because it can be an excellent alternative for a store-bought cleaner. A word of caution by professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne is to not use the solution on fixtures that may accidentally cause contact with marble, granite or other stone surfaces.

Wash Brooms with Warm Water

Since brooms are used daily for sweeping and collect dust, debris, and other contaminants on floors, they start to look misshapen and frizzled. When brooms get out of shape, they become less effective at sweeping and collecting pollutants. The best way to make your broom look like a new one is to wash the cleaning item with warm water and hang it facing the ground to air dry. Don’t use any detergents or store-bought cleaners to sanitise and reshape the brooms as they may lead to more harm than good.

Olive Oil Shines Almost Everything

An old school trick to shine sinks, wooden furniture and other objects in houses was to use olive oil for polishing. By scrubbing surfaces repeatedly, they can lose their lustrous appearance, which is why after cleaning applying a thin layer of oil with a cloth works wonders.

Adding Borax to Water for Cleaning Mirrors and Glasses

Have the mirror or glass surfaces in your house lost their lustre and look unclean? Don’t try to clean them with plain water and add a small amount of borax powder to it for making a more potent solution. Not only will adding borax make cleaning the mirrors and glass surfaces easier, but it will also eliminate the need to buff them because they will shine automatically afterwards. To get optimum results, sprinkle the solution generously and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Use Salt for Oily Stains

In the kitchen, it is common for oily and greasy stains to form and to remove them take time if they are not cleaned immediately. One of the best ways to remove greasy spots is to pour rock salt over them and leave for a few minutes. The sodium chloride will absorb the oil or grease, making wiping the stains extremely easy.

Use Baking Soda for Removing Odours

Do your carpets smell musty even after vacuuming frequently? Does your bedding have a funny odour because the pet sat on them? An easy way to remove odours of any kind for any surface or object is to sprinkle baking soda generously and sweep or vacuum after 15-20 minutes. Baking soda is an excellent cleaner and deodoriser which can be used for freshening carpets, upholstery, countertops, floors, trash cans and much more according to the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.

Lemon is excellent for Degreasing and Cleaning

Lemon is an economical and natural cleaning product that is readily available in any household. The acid in this fruit makes it is ideal for removing greasy spots stains, and residues from almost any surfaces. You can directly apply lemon juice to a surface or object and scrub with a lemon wedge or slice to remove sticky messes. Lemons can be used for spot cleaning floors, countertops, stoves, ovens, microwaves etc.

Use Paint Brushes for Cleaning

It is common for people to avoid cleaning dust, dirt, and debris accumulated in nooks and crannies because they are harder to reach. But, there is an old-school solution to this problem which is to use paintbrushes of varied sizes to reach between tracks, frames, crevices, etc., in the house. You can use them to collect contaminants from hard to reach areas as well!

Performing Dusting with a Damp Cloth

Dusting surfaces and objects with a damp cloth is a lot more effective than using a dry cloth or duster. Using this technique prevents the dust particles and debris from flying and contaminating other surfaces and objects in the surroundings. With a damp cloth, it is easier to collect the pollutants and dump them.

Wrapping Up

Using the cleaning tricks mentioned above will help you maintain sanitisation in your household. These tips shared by professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne may be tradition and old-school, but they are relevant and useful even in today’s modern time.