12 Quick And Safe DIY Cleaning Hacks

12 Quick And Safe DIY Cleaning Hacks

By : angila
Do you want to clean your home in a natural and eco-friendly manner? You can use these DIY cleaning hacks to save time given by expert bond cleaners in Melbourne. These tips will help you deep clean all your surfaces and make your home sparkle:

1. Clean Your Sponge

The sponge is the number one item for breeding germs and bacteria in your home. Sponges clean other surfaces and collect all the bacteria and viruses. You can inhale many of these germs when you constantly use them, so it is necessary to clean your sponges. It would be best if you cleaned your sponges by putting them in the microwave for a minute. You can also put them in the dishwasher, but remember to clean them daily.

2. Clean Toilet Bowls With Baking Soda

  • One of the quickest and most natural DIY hacks given by professional cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Melbourne is that you can use baking soda and vinegar to clean your toilet bowls.
  • Just boil one cup of water with one cup of vinegar and then pour this mixture into the toilet.
  • Next, add some baking soda and let the mixture sit for twenty minutes.
  • You can scrub this mixture with a toilet brush and flush it out.
  • You can also spray some vinegar on the seat to disinfect and keep your toilet clean.
  • 3. Use Lemons To Detox Your Garbage

    You can improve indoor air quality by detoxing your garbage disposal with lemons. Just cut your lemon rinds into quarters and put them in your garbage disposal while the water runs. This will also flush out any stuck food bits and particles and keep your garbage disposal clean.

    4. Use Shaving Cream On Shower Glass

    Quality bond cleaners in Melbourne recommend that you spread some shaving cream on the water stains on your shower glass. Then you can wipe them away in a circular motion with a cloth. Wipe the shower glass with a squeegee and repeat if needed.

    5. Get Rid Of Carpet Stains With Alcohol

    If you have a nasty carpet stain and you want to get rid of it naturally, you can use some vodka or white wine. First, blot the area and pour vodka or wine over the stain. Leave it for fifteen minutes, then wipe off the stain with a microfiber cloth. Let the area air dry and repeat if needed.

    6. Clean Blinds With A Sock

    Warm a cup of water and white vinegar is an excellent way to clean your blinds. Then dip a sock in this mixture and wipe all your blinds. Move from left to right and top to bottom to eliminate all the dirt.

    7. Use Baking Soda To Get Rid Of Mould

    If you have a lot of mould growing in your bathroom, you should sprinkle some baking soda on the area. Leave it overnight, then scrub the paste with a toothbrush in the morning. This will remove all the mould and keep you safe.

    8. Use Vinegar To Get Rid Of Limescale

    You can eliminate all that limescale on your showerhead by filling a plastic bag full of white vinegar. Put this over your showerhead and fasten it with a rubber band. Leave this overnight, and then in the morning, you can wipe off the limescale with a clean cloth.

    9. Get Rid Of Window Stains With Cornstarch

    You should sprinkle cornstarch all over your glass windows and leave it till the morning. Then clean your glass window with a microfiber cloth to remove the cornstarch, and your windows will be sparkling and clean.

    10. Clean Your Microwave With Lemon Oil

    Quality cleaning professionals in Melbourne recommend that you eliminate all the stains on your microwave by using lemon oil. First, mix one or two drops of lemon oil in a bowl of warm water and heat this in the microwave for a minute. This mixture will loosen all the food bits, and you can then wipe them off with a clean cloth.

    11. Clean Your Ceiling Fans With A Pillowcase

    The easiest way to clean your ceiling fan is by placing a pillowcase over the blades and slowly moving it down. This will collect all the dust from the fan, and then you can just empty the pillowcase outside. Remember to wear gloves and a mask while doing this so that the dust doesn’t irritate you.

    12. Clean Your Air Vents With A Butter Knife

    It would be best if you also kept your air vents clean by using a butter knife. Dip a microfiber cloth in a dish soap and water solution and then put it over a butter knife. Move this knife from top to bottom and left to right to clean out your vents so you can breathe fresh air.


    Use the 12 DIY cleaning methods above to keep your home clean and safe.