4 Amazing Cleaning Benefits of Using White Vinegar

white vinegar in glass bottle along with sponge

4 Amazing Cleaning Benefits of Using White Vinegar

By : angila
White vinegar is not only a cooking ingredient. It is an imperative ingredient when it comes to preparing homemade cleaning solution. Due to its acidic properties, people use it to get rid of tough stains and grease. It works wonder when you use it to clean the dirty surfaces, microwave and BBQ. Apart from this, you can also hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne such as Bond Cleaning in Melbourne to give your house a deep clean in every 8 to 12 months. I availed their end of lease cleaning service when I was moving out from my leased property. They helped me in getting my bond amount back- thanks to their RTI approved cleaning checklist. Whether you are living in Cartlon, Docklands or other surrounding suburbs of Melbourne, they can help you in getting your house cleaned professionally using best cleaning tools. While professional cleaning is essential, you can use white vinegar to get your house cleaned without any stress. Below are some of the great cleaning benefits of using the white vinegar:

Revive Your Leather Furniture

The solution of white vinegar and boiled linseed oil can be a great saviour for your worn sofas and other leather furniture. The acidic property in white vinegar works wonder in removing deep stains and grime from your leather furniture without causing any damage. However, it is always good to check the solution in a hidden area so that you can determine how it reacts. Make sure you first remove household dust mites and other allergens before applying the solution. You can create a solution of these two ingredients and dab onto a soft cloth and apply it to the furniture in a circular motion. Make sure you do it gently because some leather requires gentle hands. Cover every nook and cranny, especially affected areas to treat grime and stains. Let it sit for 10 minutes and remove it with a dry clean cloth. Wipe it off using a microfiber cloth because it is affordable, non-abrasive and absorbent.

Deep Clean Paintbrushes

If you want to remove paint from your paint brush, then soak them in a bowl of boiled vinegar. Make sure you soak it for 20-30 minutes as it will loosen all the paint and dried dust quickly and easily. All you need is: • White vinegar • Dishwashing Soap • Warm Water Mix all ingredients well and soak your painted brushes in the solution. You can also use lemon or another strong ingredient because removing paint colour is not an easy thing. The best part is that you can use the same solution to clean dirty window screens in your home. You can remove the flakes using your fingers.

Get Rid of Rust

Since white vinegar has acetic acid, you can easily remove rust from old tools in a matter of a few hours. You just need to soak all the rusty items in the undiluted vinegar solution for 4 hours and then run it away using a scrubber. Use a high-quality scrubber to get rid of rust stains from hard surfaces. You can also hire experts for a cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne because they can tackle all types of stains, such as rust, calcium deposits, grease, grime, etc, before the final inspection. That’s why tenants trust professionals and leave their stress to them.

Clean Your Fridge

With the use of white vinegar, you can deep clean the walls and shelves of your refrigerator in a breeze. All you need to do is to create a solution of vinegar and water and add it into a spray bottle. Now apply it on affected areas to get rid of dust and grime. It is good to empty your refrigerator properly. Toss expired food items and leftover food. Prepare meals using non-perishable food and remove the shelves. This will make it easy to target spills, splatters and tough stains. You can spray the solution on the stains, such as interior walls, sides and doors. Do not forget to soak your dirty shelves in white vinegar and warm water solution. Leave it for 20 minutes or until you are sprucing up the interiors of your fridge. Do not forget to deodorise your fridge because it is one of the common causes of bad smells at home.

Don’ts with White Vinegar When Cleaning a Home

There is no denying that white vinegar is versatile and eco-friendly, but its acidic nature restricts from cleaning certain surfaces, including: • Natural Stone Surfaces: Do not apply vinegar on marble, granite and other natural stone surfaces as it will damage the surface. • Stone Floor Tiles: Do not use is to clean stone floor tiles in your bathroom because they are extremely sensitive. • Do not mix white vinegar and baking soda because a combination produces a toxic fume. • Do not use vinegar to remove egg spills or stains as the acidic nature will cause the egg to coagulate and make it difficult to remove.


These are four extraordinary benefits of using white vinegar while cleaning your house. You can also use these tricks and maintain the cleanliness of your house, especially if you are living in a rental property in Victoria. Professionals follow the cleaning standards while giving quality services to their customers.