5 DIY Natural Air Fresheners You Need Right Now

homemade diffuser sticks in a glass bottle

5 DIY Natural Air Fresheners You Need Right Now

By : angila
Everyone wishes to breathe in a fragrant and calming space. Whether it’s the bathroom odour or the smell of cooking food that’s dominating your home space, an air freshener is all you need to combat them. Ironically, the regular air sprays available in the market are chemical-laden and pose a severe threat to health. The common ingredients of the aroma candles, sprays and gels – VOCs and phthalates are responsible for polluting the house air thereby worsening skin allergies and asthma. Instead of harming yourself, it is better to learn the skill of making them with readily available ingredients that are safe and germ-free. An experienced end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne always strives to use environmentally safe cleaning products and air fresheners. Most of the cleaning products they use are sourced naturally to minimise the impact on the health of the cleaners and those around. The house occupants can likewise apply the same rationale during their stay. Here’s a guide to making natural DIY air fresheners at home that are as effective as the store-bought air fresheners, minus the ill-effects.

1. Scented wood blocks

Scented wood blocks are super-easy to make! Simply arrange a few crafting wood blocks and essential oils of your choice. Next, prepare a mixture of the essential oils and place it in a small bowl. Add the wooden cubes to it and drizzle some more oil on the top. Secure this combination in a plastic bag and diffuse it overnight. Place a few of these blocks in a glass dish or a container and feel the aroma spreading all across the room. Refresh the fragrance by adding a few drops of aromatic oil (if required).

2. Homemade Custom Potpourri

Nothing can be more refreshing than the vibrant and delightful floral potpourri. These can be placed at the entrances, offices, living rooms, or to enhance the look and feel of the festivities. To prepare, collect some flower twigs, pine cones, fruit slices, cinnamon sticks or other spices of your choice. Tie the stems of the flowers and hang them upside down for weeks to let them dry completely. Assemble the chosen ingredients in a fabric pouch or container and add a few drops of essential oil. Let the flowers soak in oils overnight. Arrange these flowers in a dish or glass jar along with some pebbles and or colourful rocks for decoration. The potpourri works great for a few weeks after which it may call for refreshment. Repeat the above process regularly to keep your house healthy and smelling amazing all season long.

3. Baking Soda Air Freshener

Out of the numerous household benefits associated with baking soda, it has also earned the reputation of being a natural deodoriser. It has been used as a deodorant for a long time and hence, it is no surprise to grasp its application as an air freshener. It effectively absorbs the odours in your carpets and battles the offensive stenches. Take a mason jar with a vented lid. Pierce a small piece of scrap paper of the size of its cover with holes to let the scent transmit through. Fill up the jar with baking soda, herbs and essential oils. Place the scrap paper on the inside of the lid and tighten it. Now, this organic, natural and flame-free air freshener is available for application. For larger rooms, you may place multiple jars around the space.

4. Fragrant Candles

Have fun playing around with different fragrances while making the DIY candles at home. The benefit of self-made candles is that you can skip the regular petroleum wax and replace it with the more natural beeswax or vegetable wax. Get a rigid glass container and pour natural wax mixed with essential oil to it. You may choose the oils singly or in combination. Add an organic colouring agent to enhance its visual appeal. Place a wick and keep it centred with the help of a straw. Use different essential oils and relevant colours to create an array of beautiful and aromatic candles.

5. Natural Gel Air Fresheners

Have you been using the commercial gel fresheners at your home? Well, you may pause and discover the technique of preparing them at home that too without the nasty chemicals. Heat one cup of water mixed with 4 cups of unflavoured gelatin and whisk continuously. Add a cup of salt to the mixture to prevent hardening. While it cooks, add 20-30 drops of essential oil (depending upon the desired strength) and food colouring to the cleaned jars. Pour the prepared mixture in the pot and stir well. Tighten it with a vented lid and let the gel set overnight. Your DIY gel air freshener is ready for performance.


Keeping up with the natural ingredients for household purposes goes a long way in maintaining a sound and healthful environment. The most prominent end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne always use environmentally-safe cleaning products and that’s why it is recommended to hire a reliable and experienced one that can deliver the best outcomes with safety and efficiency.