5 Genius Tips To Clean Your Oven & Make It Look New

cropped picture of a woman disinfecting an oven

5 Genius Tips To Clean Your Oven & Make It Look New

By : angila
The majority of people overlook the cleaning of their ovens because it is often considered an arduous task. Some people occasionally bake while others make large meals almost every day. No matter how often you use it, the appliance accumulates dust, dirt, spills and grease over time, so it is challenging to keep it perfectly clean all the time. You might clean up the small messes from time to time, but your oven needs a thorough cleaning. There are some easy ways to make your oven look sparkling clean, and you should know about them. A dirty oven at the end of the lease period can be a matter of dispute with your property owner. If you want to get back your bond money, you should opt for professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will perfectly clean the appliance and help you pass the final inspection. However, to generally clean the oven, you can follow some smart tactics. Here are some genius tips to clean your oven & make it look new.

Use Baking Soda and Salt

One of the best ways to remove dirt and grease from your oven is by using a combination of baking soda, salt and water. Mix baking soda (1/4 cup) and salt into (1 tbsp.) a bowl and then add some water to make a paste. After that, apply the paste properly inside the oven and wait for at least 5 to 6 hours. Then use a plastic spatula to remove the stubborn spills and wipe them off with a wet cloth. The method will successfully remove all the dirt and grease perfectly. If required, repeat the process once again to get a better result. It is a very simple, easy and cost-effective way.

Use Lemon and Water

An excellent way to clean your dirty open is by using some water and lemons. First, take two lemons and cut them in half. Then fill a pan with water, squeeze the lemons into the water and insert the container into the oven. Make sure that you also add the lemon halves into the water and then turn on the appliance. You need to heat the water until it boils and then leave it to get cool. When you heat the lemon water solution, it will produce steam, which will break down the dirt and grease from inside the appliance. Then use a clean rag to wipe off the layer of dirt from the surface. Professionals, who provide eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, often, follow this method to deep clean the oven.

Clean With Steam of Water and Vinegar

If you do not have lemons, you can also use vinegar to clean your dirty oven. The acid present in the vinegar effectively removes the grease and dirt present inside the appliance. Fill a pot with water (one-third), place it on the stove and turn it on. When the water starts to boil, you need to add the same amount of vinegar and allow it to boil for one more minute. Then carefully place the container inside your oven and close the door. Leave it for an hour, and then take the container out. Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe the surface. Whether you use lemon or vinegar, make sure you clean the oven from time to time. It is one of the areas of the kitchen that you should clean more often.

Borax, Dish Soap, Vinegar and Water

Professionals also use borax to remove the dirt and grease from the oven so you can also use it. However, along with the borax, you need to add a few more ingredients. Take a bowl and mix Borax (1tbsp), dish soap (1.5 tbsp.), hot water (1 cup) and white vinegar (1/4th cup) in it. Then, apply the mixture inside the oven, and some sprinkle baking soda. Wait for 5 to 6 hours, preferably overnight and then scrub the surface. Finally, wipe with a clean cloth.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda and Dish Soap

Not many people are aware of that fact, but Hydrogen Peroxide is also a great option to clean the oven. To make it more effective, you need to combine it with baking soda and dish soap. Take a container and mix these three ingredients in it. After that, fill the water in the container and place it on the stove. When the solution starts to boil, carefully place the container into the oven and close the door. Wait for 50 to 60 minutes, and then take out the container. Scrub the surface with a sponge and then wipe it properly with a cloth.


A clean oven increases the life of the appliance and also guarantees your safety during cooking. So, the next time to plan to clean your oven, follow the tips mentioned above. If you are moving out of the rental property and want to clean the appliance, contact professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They will thoroughly clean it and make it look new.