5 Home Objects You Are Forgetting To Clean

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5 Home Objects You Are Forgetting To Clean

By : angila
Let’s be honest, things like dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming and putting things in the right place is not something that we usually like to do. But we all like a clean home, and all these efforts help us to make our house organised and clean. Since we have a lot on our plates, we tend to neglect or forget to clean some of the objects. As a result, they get dirty quickly. Thus, it is essential to make a cleaning schedule to ensure that you are not missing any corner at your place. However, this can be a challenging task to keep the house clean when you have kids or pets. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to contact an end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne. They have experienced professionals with technical knowledge and advanced tools to clean every corner of the house. You can hire them to clean your house and spend quality time with your kids, or watch TV or read a book in your perfectly sanitised room. If your budget doesn’t allow hiring professionals, this post will help you to know about the objects that people usually forget to clean. Let’s take a look:

1. Exercise Equipment

Whether you like to use dumbbells at home or practice yoga, the workout equipment can quickly get dirty. This happens because when you workout, your sweat, hair, skin cells, other dust particles drop onto the mats and equipment handles. So, you need to clean and detoxify your workout equipment regularly to ensure that whenever you are using them, you are improving your health and not dealing with germs.

2. Electronic Devices

We spend enough time on our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TV but we overlook the fact that objects like TV remote, phone screen, keypad, etc. are covered with germs. Since you don’t wash your hands every time you use these electronic items, make sure that they are germ-free. Give special attention to kid’s video game controllers as they usually like to eat snacks while playing online games and that is not a healthy habit. Use disinfecting wipes to keep them clean instead of applying any hazardous chemicals on them which can harm the health of your child.

3. Refrigerator and Freezer

We often overlook the importance of cleaning the fridge and the freezer. Neglecting the clean–up routine of the fridge can lead to the growth of bacteria, and that’s not good news for your health as it can affect the food stored inside. If you clean it frequently using natural cleaning products like Vinegar, the shelf life of the vegetables and fruits is likely to increase. Moreover, if you don’t clean it often, you might face a problem regarding its performance. It is not that easy to clean such large appliances. Professional cleaners in Melbourne can make this job easy with the help of advanced equipment and technical knowledge.

4. Undersides of Furniture

We all like to keep our bed and sofa as clean as possible. But have you looked under your bed or sofa? Typically, the dust over the upholstery can be captured with the help of a mop or a vacuum cleaner. However, we often overlook the importance of cleaning the undersides of our furniture as we don’t look underneath. And that’s where we make a mistake! It is essential to clean the bottom of the bed frames and chair seats to get rid of the cobwebs, dust and dirt. You should ideally clean it once in every two to three months.

5. Cleaning Tools

You might not realise it, but each time you use the cleaning tools like scrubbing brushes, mops and vacuum, you are spreading the dirt around. When was the last time you cleaned them? When it comes to cleaning the items inside the house, your cleaning tool hardly comes on the list. It should be on your priority list as its main job is to absorb and clean the germs and dirt. Take time out to clean your cleaning equipment, and use hot water and disinfectant cleaner for the mop heads, scrubbing brushes and sponges. If not cleaned properly, they can spread dangerous bacteria.


Apart from these five objects, there are other things that people usually forget to clean. The list includes shower curtains, ceiling fans, light fixtures, pillowcases, bed sheets, indoor plants, closet floors and so on. Since it is not possible to clean everything on your own, try to get the family involved to reduce the workload. Also, if your budget allows, hire professional cleaners in Melbourne. They ensure that your house gets the high-quality cleaning which it deserves.