5 Simple Tips To Get Your Bond Back At The End Of Tenancy

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5 Simple Tips To Get Your Bond Back At The End Of Tenancy

By : angila
It is quite exciting when you are moving to a new place and this enthusiasm can make you overlook the cleaning of your rental property. However, the clean-up is of utmost significance as it is directly related to your bond. To get your complete deposit back, you need to make sure that the property is absolutely clean before you handover the keys and there are no damages.However, it is not that easy because along with the cleaning, you have to take care of the moving preparations as well. That is why people opt for professional bond cleaners in Melbourne. They make sure that your rental property is perfectly clean so that you can get your bond back. But if you want to do the cleaning on your own or if there is a problem with the availability of the cleaners, you should be aware of some easy ways to ensure that you don’t lose your bond money. Here are some simple and useful tips that can help you to get it back. Have a look!

1. Clean The Kitchen Thoroughly

If you want to get the bond back, you must clean the kitchen properly. The landlord or property managers in Melbourne keep a close watch on various spots of the kitchen, so make sure it is free from dirt and food stains. Start with the ceiling and clean all the dust and cobwebs. Then clean the burner and the countertop. After that, open drawers and cabinets to deep clean the kitchen. Top of the cabinets is an important area to clean. At last, clean your kitchen sink and garbage disposal. You can either use a kitchen cleaner or natural cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar.

2. Make Sure The Bathroom Is Clean

Once you are done with the kitchen, focus on the bathroom as the water stains and dirty toilets can also lead to deduction from the deposit. Use a branded bathroom cleaner to clean it from top to bottom. Start with the ceiling and work your way down to the walls and bathroom tiles. After that, move to the bathtub and get rid of the hard water stains and mineral deposits. Also, remember to clean the shower glass door. Apart from a bathroom cleaner, you can also go for options like baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. You can also use these items to clean the sink and the faucets. Finally, clean the toilet before moping the entire floor.

3. Do Not Forget The Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpets are also essential to get the bond money back. The carpets can get dirty quickly due to the accumulation of food particles, red wine and coffee stains, pet hair and other similar reasons. Tenants often forget to clean the carpets and lose the bond money at the time of end of tenancy in Melbourne. So, you must use a carpets cleaner and vacuum cleaner to make sure that the rugs are clean. However, if you are not getting the desired result despite making effort or are not sure if you can do the cleaning properly, hire bond cleaners in Melbourne. They know how to clean the worst stains in the least possible time.

4. Pay Attention To The Walls And Windows

Clean walls enhance the beauty of a place, so make sure that they are not dirty or damaged. Use a vacuum cleaner to make sure that the ceiling and wall corners don’t have dust and cobwebs. You also need to check for mould on the walls of the basement, bathroom or any other similar places. Use a commercial cleaner or natural cleaning agent to get rid of the mould. Like walls, your windows also play an essential role in getting back the security deposit. To clean the windows, first, get rid of the dirt and dust using a vacuum or duster. Then, use a glass cleaner to ensure that it looks sparkling clean.

5. Hire Professional Cleaners

The best possible way to get your bond back at the end of tenancy is to hire bond cleaners in Melbourne. Cleaning is a complicated process, particularly when you need to take care of your entire moving process. So, it is a wise thing to do if you leave it to the professionals. They have years of experience, technical knowledge and modern cleaning equipment, which make them capable of providing high-quality cleaning in the least possible time. If you want to hire them, make sure you contact them as early as possible, so that you don’t have to face any problem with their availability.

Additional Tips

Apart from the five tips mentioned above, following are some helpful tips to get the bond back.
  • Take pictures before you move in: You must know the exact condition of the rental property before you move in. So, take photos as proof and discuss with the landlord in advance so that things can stay clear at the time of moving out.
  • Ask for permissions: Before making any changes to the property, you should take the consent of the property manager.
  • Don’t have pets: As dogs can create a lot of mess in the house, many landlords do not allow the tenants to have dogs. You should be aware of such things and respect the decision.
  • Read the Tenancy agreement properly: Tenants often make the mistake of not reading the contract correctly, and that is why they make a lot of errors. To make sure you get the bond back, you should be aware of all the terms and conditions that talk about the deduction of the amount.


Although there are numerous factors responsible for deduction in the bond, end of tenancy cleaning is undoubtedly the biggest one. The tips mentioned above will help you clean your property correctly. Whether you do the cleaning yourself or opt for a end of tenancy cleaning Melbourne, make sure the rental property is thoroughly cleaned to get your bond back.