6 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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6 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

By : angila
Air ducts in any house or apartment play an important role as part of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Not all homes require heating or cooling systems, but air ducts are excellent for proper airflow inside the house. When it comes to cleaning, these fixtures are often neglected. Their maintenance is rarely considered since air ducts are not visible components of the house and cleaning them without professional assistance is difficult. Usually, these vents don’t need regular attention while housekeeping. Still, sometimes it is necessary to get these fixtures cleaned by professionals hired via a reputed company that offers deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne. Outlined below are six signs your air-ducts need cleaning and how to find the right cleaners for the job.

Lingering Bad Odour in Rooms

When air ducts become a hub of dust bunnies, dirt, dander, allergens and other pollutants, microbial growth is inevitable. Together, these components produce bad odour, which permeates the indoor air aided by the air ducts in the house. Being habitual of bad odour in rooms is a problem as it can mean you stop noticing the smell, but when guests visit your home; it is an unfavourable experience for them. Therefore, upon first signs of lingering odour in your house, inspect the vents to see if the smell originates from the ducts.

Mould Growth around Filters

Always keep an eye on the filters of your air ducts for mould or mildew growth. It is common for air ducts to become breeding grounds for mould as the fungus prefers damp, dark, and dirty areas. To check whether mould growth is inside the ducts, remove the filter or grates to look for fuzzy spots and discolouration. A tell-tale sign of mould growth is permanent musty or stale smell coming from the vents. Mould can develop due to cleaning negligence, and it can cause serious problems, especially if you are a tenant. If you spot signs of mould around the filters, then do remember to mention them while booking professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to learn what actions they or you can take.

Reduced Air Flow

Clogged air ducts are common as these fixtures aid in ventilation of air containing dust, debris, and various pollutants. If the ducts have never been cleaned, it is possible they become clogged due to the accumulation of contaminants and microbes over the years. Thus, if the airflow from the ducts has reduced or you observe any obstruction, make sure to get the ducts inspected by professionals and cleaned as well. Professionals offering air duct cleaning services in Melbourne have high-performance vacuum cleaners and other equipment to help clean these fixtures within a few hours.

Sick Building Syndrome Symptoms among Household Members

One of the prime reasons why air ducts in your house should be clean is dirty ducts can pollute the indoor air and cause household members to experience sick building syndrome (SBS). Due to dirty air ducts, residents of any property can experience various symptoms due to unexplainable causes. These symptoms include headaches, aggravated allergies, asthma, skin rashes, eyes/nose irritation, tiredness, gastrointestinal problems, and many more. If your household members are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to inspect your air ducts. Hire professional cleaners who offer deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne to sanitise your home’s air ducts and help your family lead a healthy life.

Signs of Pest Infestation

It is not uncommon for rodents and bugs to get around your house using air ducts. However, their prolonged presence is a cause of concern since pests reside in areas that are dirty, and they only make their habitats dirtier. A pest infestation in air ducts can lead to bad odour in your house and compromised indoor air. What’s more, it increases the chances of household members falling sick repeatedly. As a tenant, you can also lose your bond money, if the infestation happened due to lack of cleaning and sanitation. In such a case, it would be prudent to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne and seek assistance for pest control and air duct cleaning.

Constantly Dusty Surfaces

When air ducts become excessively dirty and clogged, its effects are visible on the surfaces of your household. The indoor air becomes dusty, making the surfaces have a constant layer of contaminants even with regular dusting or vacuuming. If this happens, make sure you get the air ducts inspected by professionals and cleaned using a high-performance vacuum cleaning machine.

Take Away

Commonly air ducts are ignored and neglected when it comes to cleaning and sanitising of the house. Many people don’t even think it is necessary. But, if you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then make sure you get the air ducts in your house inspected. Hire professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne or other specialists to sanitise these fixtures without any hassle or stress.