7 Cleaning & Safety Measures To Follow During Halloween

Celebrating Halloween Safely During COVID-19

7 Cleaning & Safety Measures To Follow During Halloween

By : angila
Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations around the world and everyone is eagerly waiting for it. Different age-groups participate in activities like jack-o-lanterns, trick or treat, costume parties, and scary make-up to make it memorable. You also must have planned to make this Halloween evening a scary and exciting one. However, nothing can be as scarier for you as the messes left behind after the fun night. You can either clean it on your own or hire professionals. When you move out of the rental property, you hire a company to get the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. However, these reputed companies also offer additional services like thorough cleaning of the property. This year, you not only have to focus on cleanliness but also make sure that your family remain safe from COVD-19. To achieve that, you need to focus on some specific guidelines. Read on to know more about the cleaning & safety measures that you should follow during Halloween.

1. Choose Mask Instead of Make-Up

Halloween is known for its scary make-up, but it means different types of colour including the fake blood and grease paints. These things may give you an excellent scary look but often responsible for stubborn stains on different household surfaces. Instead of makeup colour opt for the mask. Different tailor-made masks are available in the market and you can easily make it a part of the costumes. The masks will not only protect you from the spread of the coronavirus but also prevent the use of different types of colours.

2. Create Jack-O-Lantern Outside the House

Jack-o-lantern is an inseparable part of the celebrations, but it can cause a lot of mess. If you carve the pumpkin on your countertop and take it outside the house, the innards are expected to fall on a different surface. To avoid such a mess, try to carve Jack-o-lantern outside the house. Your backyard or lawn would be an ideal place for it. If you do not have such a place, then cover a surface with a newspaper before you carve it.

3. Decorate Your House with Lights

During this celebration, people try to give their house a scary look and thus use different types of colours, fake blood, candles, glitter, stickers, tapes, etc. These things might serve the purpose, but they can be a nightmare from the cleaning perspective. The best ways to avoid such a mess is to stay away from such things. Instead, use different types of light to give your home a different look. An extensive range of lights is available in the market, so choose as per your requirement and budget.

4. Remove Spills and Stains Immediately

If you find any spills and stains of food, drinks, make-up, candles etc. on any surface, try to remove the stains immediately. Whether it is on the walls, tiles, glass, floor, carpet or upholstery, do not allow the stains to settle down. The more time you will take to clean the mess, the more difficult it would become to remove. If you carpets have too much dirt and you are unable to clean it, opt for an end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne. Such companies also provide additional service to thoroughly clean your carpet.

5. Do Not Organise Party in your Home

If you are planning to organise a Halloween party at your place, then it would be better to drop the idea. You can have a party with your family members, but inviting neighbours, friends, etc. is not advisable. Too many people can not only turn your clean house into a complete mess, but it will also increase the chance of COVID-19. It is one of the most important dusting and safety measures that every family should follow during the celebrations.

6. Keep your Cleaning Supplies Ready to Use

If you want to clean your house effectively after the Halloween celebration, it is essential that you keep your supplies ready to use. Whether it is microfiber duster, scrubbing sponge, brush, mop or anything else, everything should be perfectly clean. Moreover, if you use homemade solutions, then you should prepare it in advance. Arranging the tools and preparing a solution right before performing the task will only waste your time.

7. Book Professionals for Post Halloween Cleaning

If you have used different colours to decorate your home and invited a lot of friends at your place, then you must hire reliable end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They provide additional services like thorough cleaning of the house, which is essential to remove all the dirt and stains. Along with that, the professionals also disinfect all the essential spots to minimise the spread of coronavirus. Contact the professional company and book their service in advance.


Cleaning your home after the Halloween celebrations is always a difficult task. However, you can make things easier for you by following certain methods. Apart from the cleaning challenge, you also need to focus on social distancing and maintain personal hygiene to battle with this global pandemic. Follow the measures mentioned above to celebrate the much-awaited evening without compromising the cleanliness of your house or safety of your family.