7 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home in 2020

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7 Easy Steps to a Cleaner Home in 2020

By : angila
Everyone wants a clean, shiny and organised home. However, getting into the in-depth cleaning process, especially when you have toddlers can seem a back-breaking task.Being a responsible homemaker, you have to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment inside your house. From clearing away the mess created by your kid to wiping off messy kitchen countertops, make sure your living space is tidy and germ-free. If you are finding it hard to keep your home clean on a daily basis, then you should consider some pro hacks that can help you achieve sparkling results all day long. Whether it is about washing dirty dishes or delegating cleaning jobs to other members, you can add a few simple tricks to your daily cleaning routine for quick and effective outcomes. Regular cleaning of the property also helps you at the end of your lease period. This will cut down on cleaning time and make things quite easier. You can also hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne who can assist you in transforming your untidy rental premises into a clean space before the final inspection. However, to achieve a clean and shiny home, you need to follow these seven easy steps in 2020:

1. De-clutter As you Go

Clutter makes a house look untidy and unappealing. If you want your living space look cleaner, then it is good to spruce up space as you go. This is one of the easiest and straightforward ways of maintaining the cleanliness aspect intact. So, make a habit of it by practising daily. It is good to start by handing your coat in the closet whenever you reach your home, shoes in the shoe rack, and other items on their designated places. Get rid of mess from the floor such as books, toys, and shopping backs. It is quite easy to put things away instantly than facing a room full of mess around that needs both extra time and energy to make it look organised again.

2. Wash One Load of Laundry Everyday

One of the time-consuming and irritating tasks is doing laundry. A working professional usually wash clothes on the weekend because of lack of time. But this becomes a dreadful chore because you have piles of clothes to wash. So, instead of doing 25 loads of laundry a week, you can take some time out of your busy schedule and do one load of laundry a day. Making small changes in your day-to-day cleaning routine can give you peace of mind, and you never get annoyed with mess and complicated cleaning chores. If you overlook the laundry all week, you will end up spending hours to get them all done. So, take a smart move and do a laundry every day.

3. Make your Bed Daily

According to the cleaning experts in Melbourne, bringing small changes in daily chore habits can make a huge difference in maintaining the look and feel of your house. It is always good to keep your bedroom neat and clutter-free. Make a habit of pulling your blankets up each morning. Make your bed each morning to bring a change in your living space- it will look more organised and leave a positive impact on your mind. Pulling up the blankets and straightening up pillows will make a huge difference- so do it daily in the morning. It will hardly take 10 minutes, so take some time out in the morning and do it with precision. It is also good to change bedsheets in every two days.

4. Wash Dirty Dishes Before Going to Bed

Make a family rule that no one will go to their bed without washing their dirty dishes after the meal. It is not hygienic to leaving a pile of dirty dishes whole night in the sink. Plus, waking up to sink full of dishes is an annoying way to start the day. So, don’t forget to load and run the dishwasher before going to bed or you can also wash dishes by hand- it will hardly take half an hour.

5. Vacuum Your Carpets Twice a Week

Since carpets and rugs accumulate most of the dust, allergens and other debris deep inside the fibres, make sure you keep it clean frequently. If you leave your carpets dirty, it will affect the indoor air quality and may trigger allergic reactions or asthma (if someone has asthma). It is recommended to vacuum clean your carpets at least twice a week. Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with an attachment that can fetch all the loose dirt, dead skin, pet hair and other dust in seconds. If you are at the end of your tenancy and your carpets need a complete makeover, then hire professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne. They can bring back the lost shine of your carpets without using harmful chemicals or toxic cleaning products.

6. Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Disinfected

Nothing can be more annoying than cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms. Fortunately, there are some great hacks that can make things pretty easy. Make sure you make a small change in your daily habit and keep your bathroom clean. It is always good to wipe down the floor as well as other surfaces of your bathroom after you wash your face or brush your teeth every morning. Put a box of disinfecting wipes under the washbasin so that you can grab and wipe down the faucet, counter and other areas to kill bacteria in a matter of a few minutes. To treat mould and mildew, you can prepare a homemade cleaning agent by mixing vinegar and baking soda to sparkle clean your bathroom tiles, shower head, glass door, bathtub, etc. This will save you time and reduce the stress when you are performing end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. So, try to keep your bathroom clean on a regular basis for better outcomes.

7. Clean Your Kitchen

Believe it or not! Your kitchen is one of the breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. From kitchen countertops to a sink, stovetop to cabinets and cupboards, you need to ensure every inch of your kitchen is clean and germ-free. You can start from basics- wipe off your kitchen countertops to get rid of food splatters, oil stains and other dirt. Apart from this, you can clean the stovetop, range hood and cabinets daily using an all-purpose cleaning agent and a clean microfiber cloth. Do this daily each night and make your home look cleaner and shiner.


These are seven steps to achieve a sparkling clean home in 2020. You can make a habit of keeping your living space tidy and organised daily. This will also reduce the stress when you are the end of your tenancy. If you want professional assistance to get your full bond money back, then hire trained people for the attention-to-detail end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. This will help you pass the final inspection without any stress or dispute.