7 Handy Tips For Your House Cleaning Schedule

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7 Handy Tips For Your House Cleaning Schedule

By : angila
Keeping your house neat and tidy at all times is challenging, especially if you work, parent small children, or have other commitments. You can manage house cleaning on the weekends, but it is stressful and cumbersome, as by Friday you have heaps of pending tasks and at least one weekend is spent tidying the house. Breaking this cycle is essential to maintain a house cleaning schedule that helps ease your burden and gets sanitation tasks done quickly. For people who are at the end of their tenancies, hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne is necessary to receive a complete bond repayment. The experts know how to clean properties according to original condition reports, and they also follow an pre-approved checklist. However, you need a routine for regular cleaning and stick to it for having a clutter-free and sparkling home. Here is a complete guide outlining seven handy tips for your house cleaning schedule.

1. Make Your Bed Every Morning

Do this activity to have a neat and tidy bed to relax and sleep at the end of every day. Dust and smoothen the sheets, comforter, and pillows of your bed right after waking up. In addition, wipe the side tables, fold blankets, and organise your bedroom before taking a shower and having breakfast.

2. Create Two 10-15 minutes Daily Cleaning Routines

Streamline your everyday cleaning tasks by creating two 10-15 minutes routines. For example, you can quickly dust, vacuum, and declutter main rooms in the morning first and sweep, clean the floors, launder clothes, wash dishes and perform other tasks in the evening or night. Time management is vital for completing necessary cleaning tasks and having a well-maintained home. It’s also how the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne finish the arduous task of bond cleaning within a few hours.

3. Wipe and Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces/Points

Switches, countertops, faucets, toilet seat, knobs, handles and various other high-touch surfaces and points in your home accumulate contaminants and germs quickly. Keeping them sanitary is essential to prevent household members from falling sick repeatedly. Therefore, you should wipe them with a microfiber cloth wet with a multipurpose cleaner and disinfect afterwards every day.

4. Declutter and Organise Kitchen, Bathroom, and Living Rooms

These areas are commonly and regularly used by household members, which is why they become messy and require frequent sprucing. To keep them neat and tidy at all times, remove trash every day, declutter and organise things by placing them parallel and perpendicular to each other or the walls. Ensure no extra things are lying around pathways and common areas by keeping storage baskets in corners.

5. Load Dishwasher Every Night and Unload In Morning

Doing the dishes is a chore almost everyone procrastinates, but keeping dirty dishes in the sink overnight is not good. Illness-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi thrive in such areas and increase the risk of infections. Therefore, adopt the habit of loading your dishwasher every night and unload clean dishes in the morning. Additionally, make sure you wash dishes after every meal during the day whenever you can.

6. Sort Your Laundry Everyday

Maintaining a routine for washing a load of laundry every day is a life-altering habit from which you can benefit immensely. Rather than having a huge pile to clean every week, you save time and energy by washing dirty clothes daily. Plus, you and your household members always have fresh and clean clothes to wear. While sorting your laundry, also make sure to fold and neatly store clothes that can be worn one more time separately. You can keep dirty clothes and items worn once segregated by getting a couple of laundry sorting hampers.

7. Divide Chores Among Household Members

Keeping the house sanitary and organised is always a team effort because one person can’t complete all the chores. Create a time table outlining all the daily tasks and assign ownership to them. Additionally, set deadlines and rewards for these tasks to motivate household members to complete them on time. Dividing chores is an excellent technique to avoid burdening one person with cleaning and maintaining the house’s sanitation. Even professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne work in teams to deep clean homes effectively and efficiently.

The Bottom Line

A neat and tidy home is a haven where you can relax, sleep and eat without stress or worry. However, keeping your home uncluttered at all times is challenging when you have private or work commitments. To overcome the challenges, it is necessary you follow a house cleaning schedule and keep in mind the handy tips shared above. What’s more, don’t hesitate to take the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners if you are at the end of a tenancy and need to perform bond cleaning to receive a complete bond repayment.