7 Hidden Spots In Your House That Need Cleaning Regularly

young woman vacuuming the hidden spaces inside of a house

7 Hidden Spots In Your House That Need Cleaning Regularly

By : angila
When it comes to house cleaning, you only focus on dusting of furniture, washing dirty dishes, sweeping the hard floor and so on. You are not the only one; the majority of the people include only those areas in their daily cleaning chores that easily grab their attention. You make efforts to get rid of the visible dirt but forget about the hidden spots that also accumulate dust, dirt and germs. If you want to improve the hygiene of your home, you must clean these spots. Many people hire a company that provides reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Such companies also offer many additional services, including thorough dusting of your entire house. They follow a checklist to make sure that they clean-up every nook and cranny of the house, including the hidden spots. However, if you want to clean the hidden spots on your own, you will require some guidance. Here is detailed information about the 7 hidden spots in your house that need cleaning regularly.

1. Under The Bed and Other Furniture

When you sweep and mop the floor, you usually skip the area under the bed and other furniture. Whether you overlook it because it is not visible to anyone or it requires some extra effort, neglecting the area is a huge mistake. If you leave this area unclean for a longer time, there will be an intrusion of cockroaches and heap of dust. So, the next time to clean your house, make sure that you clean this spot properly.

2. Carpets

Your carpets do not get cleaned as frequently as they should be. You might be paying attention to the spills and stains, but you need to do more than that. The carpets accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, pet hair, food particles, insect dropping, etc. So, you should vacuum and clean the carpets regularly. Then only you will be able to keep it clean and hygienic. Dirty carpets can be a matter of dispute with your landlord, so when you decide to move out, hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

3. High-Touch Points

Majority of the people forget to clean the high-touch points in their house. These spots include the doorknobs, light switches, handle of the appliance, toilet flush lever, faucets and so on. The frequently-touched spots are responsible for spreading infection from one member to other members. Therefore, you should not only clean these spots regularly but also disinfect them. You can either use disinfectant wipes of products like hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol.

4. Shower Glass

The shower glass of your bathroom accumulates hard water stains and soap sums. These things not only become difficult to clean with time but also diminish the look of your otherwise neat and shiny bathroom. So, every time you take a shower, make sure you clean the shower glass. To get more effective result, Spray vinegar-water solution and then wipe with a clean cloth. If you find a dirty patch that is difficult to remove, scrub the area with a sponge before washing it.

5. Toilet

Your toilet is perhaps the dirtiest spot in your entire house for obvious reasons. If you are scrubbing and washing it on a weekly basis, then it is not getting as much cleaning as it should be. A dirty toilet can allow germs and bacteria to flourish, which can be responsible for various diseases, particularly in kids. So, include the cleaning of your toilet in your daily chores. Use the toilet brush daily to clean the inside of the toilet bowl and then disinfect the other spots. It will improve the hygiene level of your bathroom.

6. Electronics

Electronics items such as your smartphone, tabs, keyboard and TV remote also need regular cleaning and disinfecting. These things also accumulate dirt and germs but do not get the cleaning it requires. The germs and virus often get spread from person to person through these surfaces. So, it important to make sure that these spots are germ-free. So, use disinfectant wipes to clean these things every day. It will help you to improve the hygiene of the entire house.

7. Windowsills and Blinds

You might be paying attention to the windows glasses and cleaning it from time to time. But do you also clean the windowsills and blinds? These are the hidden spots that accumulate dust and dirt regularly but do not get enough dusting. Therefore you should clean these areas perfectly and more importantly, on a regular basis. Use a microfibre cloth or a damp rag to wipe the area as it can easily remove the dust particles.


When you are dusting and scrubbing your entire home, make sure that you do not forget the clean the hidden spots. Otherwise, you won’t get the result you want. To save your time and efforts, you can always hire trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to complete the cleaning task perfectly.