7 House Cleaning Safety Tips For Senior Citizens

old age woman wiping a window glass with a cloth mop

7 House Cleaning Safety Tips For Senior Citizens

By : angila
In old age, the human body increasingly becomes susceptible to falling ill repeatedly, and other risks, which is why keeping the surroundings of older people sanitary is of utmost importance. Cleaning and disinfecting are necessary for homes where elderlies live for hygiene purposes, good indoor air quality, sound mental health, and physical safety. Professional cleaners who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and other sanitation tasks can be hired to manage the hygiene of your household or someone old you care for. However, regular cleaning needs to be done yourself, whether you are a senior citizen or a caregiver. Here is a complete guide outlining seven house cleaning safety tips for older people. Have a look.

1. Declutter and Organise

Living in a cluttered house with unwanted and poorly placed items is a major health hazard. Do you know one-third of senior citizens fall one or more times a year, and one in five older people who fall may require hospitalisation. The risk of falling is high when the house is messy and unsorted, which is why removing trash and unwanted items is necessary. Decluttering is also beneficial for getting rid of expired food, drinks, and medication, consuming which anyone can fall sick. Therefore, make sure you declutter and organise every few months to keep the home neat and tidy.

2. Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners

Various cleaning products available in the market boast of sanitising in minutes, but many of these cleaners are dangerous. They can contain volatile organic compounds and corrosive chemicals that harm your eyes, lungs, and skin. Try to use natural and organic cleaning products like the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to sanitise without overexposure to dangerous chemicals and toxins.

3. Use Smart Cleaning Equipment

Due to the advancement of technologies, many smart cleaning equipment are available in the markets of Melbourne today. These machines are user-friendly and make cleaning comfortable and non-stressful. Examples of smart cleaning equipment include robotic vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and many others. As a senior citizen, having such equipment can help keep your environment neat and clean without much effort.

4. Wear Personal Protective Equipment

While cleaning, wearing personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, goggles, and coveralls are beneficial. These gears are suitable for preventing your skin from getting in contact with cleaning products or your eyes, nose, throat or lungs getting affected by their vapours. Additionally, PPE helps prevent exposure to illness-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and many other microbes. Professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne also wear PPE to sanitise homes safely, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. Thus, you can clean like a pro wearing these gears and prevent yourself from getting sick.

5. Don’t Try to Move Heavy Items

Understandably, you may want to vacuum under the bookshelf or behind the refrigerator, for which you need to move these heavy items, but it’s not a good idea safety-wise. Toppling furniture is a serious issue since about fifty Australians every year die due to it. As a senior citizen taking care of your safety while cleaning should be a priority, and it would help if you ask near and dear ones or professional cleaners to manage the cleaning of hard-to-reach spots.

6. Always Have an Emergency Plan

Mishaps can happen at any time, and when a person reaches a certain age, it is better always to have an emergency plan. It would help if you always kept emergency contacts on speed dial and have an application on your phone that can alert your near and dear ones by pressing a button. Having an emergency plan is useful when DIY cleaning or when the house is being sanitised by professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and provide other cleaning solutions.

7. Make Sure Entryways and Pathways are Clear

Eliminate the risk of tripping over slippers, tools, containers, light furniture, and other household items by clearing the house’s entryways and pathways. While cleaning, you need to move around with or without supplies which is why the risk is higher for falling and injuring yourself. It is best for caregivers to ensure hallways, entry points, etc., should be clutter-free for easy movement and safety of older people in the house.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning and sanitising the house are necessary for maintaining house hygiene, improving indoor air quality, and keeping germs at bay. When you are a senior citizen or a caregiver, these activities are especially important as older people living in messy and dirty surrounding face various health risks. Therefore, to clean your house or someone’s you care for, keep in mind the house cleaning safety tips mentioned above. Use the insights to sanitise surfaces and object safely without any stress or hassle.