8 Things in the Living Room That Are Germ-Laden

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8 Things in the Living Room That Are Germ-Laden

By : angila
The living room is the most important part of a home aesthetically. Thus, most people try to keep it perfectly clean and organised. However, they overlook the fact that this room also accumulates a lot of germs and bacteria.These harmful microbes make this room and your overall house an unhealthy place. If you want to keep bacterial infections and diseases at bay, disinfect your living room after cleaning it perfectly.There are many DIY methods that you can follow to disinfect your rooms. But if you want to stay away from the stress and hassles of cleaning and disinfecting, hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning Melbourne. They use modern tools, effective products and the latest methods to clean a home. If you are doing it yourself, you first need to know about the spots with maximum germs. Then only you will be able to clean them perfectly. Here are the eight things in the living room that are germ-laden.

1. Window Blinds

The window blind is one of the most neglected spots in your home. As a result, they accumulate dirt and dust that spread to other areas and make your home unhealthy. If you want to clean the blinds, you can purchase a tool specially designed to clean the blinds. Otherwise, you can wrap microfibre cloth on both the kitchen tongs and clean the blinds with it. Grab each slate with it and wipe from one end to another end.

2. Upholstery

Like carpets, you should also clean your upholstery because it accumulates dust and pet hair. To remove the pet hair from the upholstery corners, use a hand vacuum cleaner. If the furniture looks too dirty to clean on your own, hire professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They have the expertise to clean such things without causing any damage.

3. Carpets

The carpet is one of the dirtiest spots in your living room. From the dirt and soils that come with the shoes and dust to pet hair, spills and food particles, it traps numerous things that promote the growth of germs and bacteria. Therefore, you should vacuum your carpets at least twice a week to ensure it is clean. You should also clean the carpets with a steam cleaner to kill the bacteria and fungus properly. If you are cleaning on your own, follow a complete carpet cleaning guide.

4. Ceiling Fans

The ceiling fan of the living room collects dust and dirt layers that spread throughout the room and the entire house. Therefore, you should clean the blades of the fan at least once a week or fortnight. Use a long-handled broom or a vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose. If you use a step ladder to reach the fan, make sure someone holds the ladder for you. Otherwise, you can slip and fall.

5. Curtains

Your living room curtains may look clean, but it also traps a lot of dirt and dust that make them look dull over time. So, you should replace your curtains every fortnight and wash them properly in the washing machine. When washing your curtains, add vinegar to the water and ensure the temperature of the water is warm.

6. Remote Control

The family members spend a lot of time in the living room watching television. As a result, the TV remote moves from one hand to another. In the process, it spreads germs and diseases. Therefore, you should clean it properly at least once a week and disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.

7. Floor

You should also clean the living room floor because it gets dirty regularly. So, it is advisable to include floor cleaning in your daily chores. Make sure that you sweep the floor with a broom. Use a vacuum cleaner to trap the dust, pet hair and dirt from the corners and other hard to reach spots. Then remove the dirty spots, stains and finally mop the floor properly. If you want to clean the entire house professionally and eliminate all the germs and bacteria, contact a professional end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne. The experts will give you the best possible result and save a lot of time.

8. High-touch Points

There are several high-touch points in your living room. The spots include the doorknobs, the handle of the upholstery, light switches, the handle of the windows, etc. Make sure you clean these spots because they usually have a lot of dirt and germs. After cleaning, disinfect them properly.

The Bottom Line

A neat and clean living room not only elevates the beauty of the home. More importantly, it also plays a key role in keeping allergies at bay and improving indoor air quality. So make sure the next time you clean your living room, focus on the things mentioned above. To get the best possible result without any stress or hassles, hire certified end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.