9 Great Ways To Motivate Yourself To Clean

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9 Great Ways To Motivate Yourself To Clean

By : angila
When it comes to house cleaning, it is very difficult to motivate yourself. Task such as removing grease from the oven, scrubbing the toilet, vacuuming the carpets, or anything similar can be tiring, tedious and time-consuming. No wonder people always try to avoid house cleaning tasks or look for shortcuts to clean only the essential spots.

Sometimes, you have the right products, tools and enough time; all you need is a little boost to get involved in the dusting and scrubbing of the household surfaces. Luckily, there are some excellent ways that can motivate you to clean-up your home. It will help you to keep the abode spick and span without getting bored or stressed out.

In case you are at the end of the lease period, then it is advisable to avoid cleaning it on your own. Instead, hire experienced professionals to get a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

They use modern tools and the latest methods to clean the property, which can help you pass the final inspection. However, if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your home and encourage yourself to perform the essential chore, you need to follow some smart tactics.

Here are some great ways to motivate yourself to clean.

1. Prepare a Checklist

When you have so many spots to clean in your house, it is possible to get confused. This confusion makes the dusting more difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, you should prepare a checklist that should include every spot.

It will help you to keep track of all the spots that you have already cleaned and areas that are remaining. When you have a clear picture, you feel motivated.

2. Purchase Smart Tools

Washing the window glass from outside, scrubbing the sink or shower glass can be a daunting task. If you want to motivate yourself, then you need to make the task exciting. Purchasing and using modern tools like magnet window cleaner, scrub hand gloves, angry mama microwave cleaner, etc., can remove the boredom and encourage you to keep your home clean.

3. Add Some Fun

Sometimes all you need is some creativity to motivate yourself for dusting your home. Uplift your mood by listing to your favourite music. You can also set the timer on and try to finish the task within a particular time. These tricks will make the boring task enjoyable, and as a result of that, you will get the much need boost to perform the task.

4. Involve Your Entire Family

Dusting and vacuuming an entire house can be a very hectic and boring task for a single person. If you want some motivation, you need the help of your family. Therefore, you should involve your entire family.

Assign easier tasks to your kids and ask your partner to help you in difficult chores. It will not only make the overall house cleaning easier but also more enjoyable and you will save time. Your family can give you a lot of motivation.

5. Keep it Short

When you clean your home for hours, you get tired both physically and mentally a lot. That demotivates you for the next day chores. Therefore it is essential to clean your house for a short period, approximately 40 to 50 minutes. But you won’t be able to clean up the entire house in that time. So make a schedule and spend up to 1 hour regularly. It will keep your home sparkling clean.

6. Clean One Room at a Time

When you try to clean all the rooms at the same time, things get confusing. Always focus on one room at a time. Clean it from top to bottom and only switch to the next room once you are done with it.

It will narrow down the cleaning tasks, and that will encourage you to carry out the task perfectly. Professionals, who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, also follow this approach for dusting and scrubbing an entire property.

7. Reward Yourself

One of the best ways to encourage yourself to clean your home is by appreciating the efforts you are putting in. After dusting your entire living room, vacuuming the carpets, sweeping and mopping the floor and cleaning light fitting and windows glass, give reward to yourself. It can be shopping, visiting your favourite restaurant, ice cream treat at home or watching your favourite movie.

8. Take Before and After Pictures

An easy way to motivate you is by taking images of different household areas before and after cleaning it. At the end of the day, watch both pictures and notice how much difference you have made. It will give you confidence and a great feeling that will motivate you to continue what you have started.

9. Consider Cleaning as Workout

Not many people are aware of the fact, but your dusting and scrubbing chores can burn a lot of calories. So you can perform the tasks as your daily workout. Gather more knowledge about how to clean your home to stay in better shape. If you are fitness enthusiasts, then you can get motivation from cleaning.

Take Away

The dusting and scrubbing of your household surface can be tiring and stressful. Therefore, along with appropriate supplies, time and a little elbow grease, you also need motivation. However, if you have a hectic schedule or your bond money is at stake, you should contact a professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to deep clean the property.