9 Tips to Get Your Teenager to Clean Their Room

9 Tips to Get Your Teenager to Clean Their Room

By : angila
Teenagers usually do not like to keep their rooms clean and often procrastinate the task for no reason. However, knowing how to clean up a mess is an important lesson that can improve personal hygiene and self-discipline.

At this age, they should start taking responsibility for their choices and actions, including cleaning their room. Being a responsible parent, you must talk to them and encourage them to keep their room spick and span.

Many parents hire professionals to clean their homes, which is an excellent way to reduce the burden of house cleaning. It will also make things a little easier for your teenager. So, you should contact a company that offers reliable vacate cleaning Melbourne.

Such companies offer various additional services to meet the diverse requirements of people. Besides hiring professionals, there are many more ways to motivate your kids that you should know.

Here are nine tips to get your teenager to clean their room.

1. Start Teaching Them Early

If your kids are in their childhood stage, you must start teaching them the significance of keeping the room clean and organised before they reach adolescence. It is always easier for parents to develop kids at a growing age.

However, if you have done that and now they do not listen to you, do not fear or lose hope. With a little care, patience and planning, you can change their perspective.

2. Set an Example

Always remember that your teenager is likely to follow the trend that you will set. So, you can’t expect them to clean their room if the entire house remains dirty and unorganised.

So, first, you must ensure that your entire home is flawless and smells fresh. As parents, is it essential that you set an example for your kids and show them how they can also follow in your footsteps to clean their own space.

3. Place a Laundry Basket in their Room

Dirty clothes are the main reason behind the clutter or the pile-up in teenager’s room. This fact is often overlooked, and thus the mess becomes larger. To solve this problem, you can place a laundry basket in their room. It will motivate them to keep their dirty clothes in the basket only, so you will not see any cloth on the floor.

4. Introduce the Idea of Green Cleaning

Another excellent way to motivate your kids to clean their room is by introducing them to green cleaning. Using store-bought products to clean household surfaces is not only harmful but also a dull and complex method. Teach them the cleaning benefits of using vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt, essential oil, etc. and involve them while making homemade cleaners.

Doing such things can make things a little exciting for them. Green cleaning has become very popular, and thus most of the trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne also use eco-friendly products.

5. Organise the Closet

Closets in your kids’ room may not have sufficient space to hold all the items. It could be a reason why the teenagers keep a lot of things on the study table and other places. So, you can install shoe racks, shelves, drawers, etc., to increase the storage space for the excess belongings.

6. Allow them to Express Creativity

You should allow your teenagers to decorate their rooms because it will increase their attachment to the place, and thus, they will keep it clean. Give teenagers freedom to choose the wall art, bed linens and paint colours for their rooms.

One of the best ways to encourage creativity and room cleanliness is by rearranging the furniture in the room. Allow them to move their dresser or bed to fit their current set-up.

7. Make It Convenient for Them

If you ask them to clean their room before they leave the house in five minutes, then you are getting strict unnecessarily. So, decide on a time with the kids when they can thoroughly clean up, clean the surfaces, remove their bed linens and organise their clothes. Also, allow them to listen to their music so they can carry out the task in their way.

8. Prepare a Schedule

Teenagers lead hectic lives filled with homework, extracurricular activities, and hanging out with friends. With everything else they have going on, it can be challenging to find time to clean their room. So you should sit with your kids and decide on a specific time each week.

All you need to do is to make sure that the teenagers follow the schedule planned for them. Regular dusting is one of the simple home cleaning habits that can keep allergies at bay and make the future cleaning task more manageable.

9. Help them to Start Things

Teenagers can struggle to get started in a messy room. In this scenario, the parent can provide a lot of help to their kids in deciding what they should pick up first. So, talk to them and teach them how to break down large messes into more manageable portions and start by cleaning up some particular areas.

Teenagers can learn many things you can push them in the right direction. If your room is too dirty, you should opt for professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. The professionals offer many additional services, including house cleaning.

Take Away

Motivating your teenager to clean their room is most likely to be stressful because kids become stubborn at this age. However, you can minimise your stress level by following the ways mentioned above. The tactics will motivate a teenager to keep their surroundings clean, and they will also understand the importance of staying organised.