Complete Guide To Carpet Steam Cleaning

Complete Guide To Carpet Steam Cleaning

By : angila
According to studies, there are over 200,000 bacteria in every square inch of your carpets. These harmful bacteria and germs get deeply embedded in your carpet fibres over time and hamper your home’s indoor air quality. Although regular vacuuming can help keep track of dust and dirt, you need a steam cleaner to kill these bacteria and germs.

Steam cleaners are highly powerful devices that use the power of steam and intense suction to keep your carpets cleaned and sanitised.

You can always rent a steam cleaner or hire a professional cleaning service to help you out. Whether you do it on your own or use expert help, here are some reasons why steam cleaning is good for your carpets and how to go about it: 

Is Steam Cleaning Good For Carpets

  • Removes Embedded Dirt and Dust

Over time, dirt, soil and household dust mites can get embedded in your carpets. These embedded dust particles are hard to clean with your normal vacuum, and thus, you need to use a steam cleaner as the steam dissolves and removes these contaminants easily.

  • Keeps Your Carpets Free From Germs

Another big advantage of steam cleaning is that it kills germs and bacteria that have nestled in your carpets. Steam kills bacteria and germs and effectively sanitises and disinfects your carpets.

  • Extends The Life Of Your Carpets

When you use a steam cleaner on your carpets, it refreshes the fabric, removes stains and keeps your carpet smelling good. This also helps extend the life of your carpets so you do not have to keep replacing them.


These tips will help you remove wine stains from your carpets.

Thus, now that you know why it is important to steam clean your carpets, here are some tips to help you go about it: 

How To Properly Steam Clean Your Carpets

If you are at the end of your lease and need deep cleaning of your carpets to get your bond back, hiring end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals is a good idea. These experts know how to tackle even the most difficult stains and can make your carpets look brand new. But for more regular cleaning, you can do it on your own using the following steps:

  1. Remove Furniture And Obstacles From Your Carpets

You should start by removing furniture on your carpets so it is easier to clean the area and your items will not get damaged. Use protective pads or aluminium foil on their legs if your furniture items are too bulky to move.

  1. Clean Baseboards And Ceiling Fans In Advance

It is also a good idea to clean your baseboards and ceiling fans in advance so the dust does not settle on your carpets while steam cleaning.


Use these tips to clean white baseboards naturally.

  1. Arrange Your Cleaning Equipment

Expert end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals suggest you gather your cleaning equipment for the job. Here are some essentials to help you steam clean and what to put in your steam cleaner:

  • Hot water: Most steam cleaners have an in-built heater, but it is always advisable to start by filling in warm to hot water.
  • Regular vacuum: To remove loose dust so it does not become damp
  • Microfiber cloths: To blot stains and spills
  • Vinegar: For more effective cleaning and to remove stains
  • Baking soda: To get rid of foul odours
  • Steam Cleaner: Keep your manufacturer’s guide to use it.


Avoid adding bleach, laundry detergent or dish soap to your steam cleaner, as it can end up causing more damage.

  1. Vacuum The Area To Remove Loose Dust

You can use a regular vacuum to remove any loose dust and debris so that it does not get damp while cleaning it. Damp dust is harder to remove and can reduce the effectiveness of your steam cleaner.

  1. Test The Steam Cleaner On A Hidden Spot

Next, professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne services suggest that you test the steam cleaner on a hidden spot. This is because some older carpets might get damaged with steam, so it is best first to test it out. This is also true if you have added any solution to your cleaner to see that it does not ruin the fabric of your carpet.

  1. Use Slow Motions To Deep-Clean Your Carpets

Once you have tested your steam cleaner, you can start in the furthest corner of your home and move to the entrance. Use a nozzle attachment to clean the corners and slowly move your steam cleaner forward and backwards to collect moisture and dirt.

If your carpets remain damp, they can attract mould and mildew, so it is important to keep steam cleaning an area until all the moisture is gone. Once the area is clean, move to the next overlapping section and steam clean your carpets.

  1. Let Your Carpets Dry Completely

Once you are done steam cleaning your carpets, empty the tank and put away your steam cleaner. You must also avoid stepping on your carpets, or if you have to use the carpet, wear plastic coverings on your feet while doing so.

Leave your fan on and open all windows to let your carpet air dry completely before using them again. Normally it takes around 6-8 hours to dry your carpets, but you can wait 24 hours before placing the furniture back in the room.


If your carpets have a weird smell, here are some tips to help you remove strong odours from carpets. 


The above steps will help you effectively steam clean your carpets and make them look fresh. If your carpet is heavily stained or you are uncomfortable handling the steam cleaner, you can hire best end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals. Also, ensure you get a steam cleaning done at least every 6 months to keep your carpets fresh and new.