COVID 19 Q & A: House Cleaning Tips To Fight Coronavirus

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COVID 19 Q & A: House Cleaning Tips To Fight Coronavirus

By : angila

With more than 7,110 cases and 102 total deaths, Australia is dealing the COVID-19 outbreak as a health emergency. Victoria is the second most affected state after New South Wales with over 1,600 total cases.

The experts in the health sector have been encouraging people to practise good hygiene and maintain physical distancing to prevent the spread of this virus. It is important to follow the health and safety guidelines by experts and avoid public gatherings.

Since the virus transmits from one person to another either via direct respiratory droplets or touching the surface lurking with this deadly virus, make sure you keep your house clean and sanitised.

Thorough cleaning of a house is not enough if you want to keep the COVID-19 at bay. Make sure you disinfect all the surfaces frequently after removing dust and debris using the most effective products.

In case you are moving out of your rental premises in the middle of this health emergency, then sanitising is very imperative after sprucing up the property. You can hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne who can come to your place along with PPE kit and disinfect every nook and cranny of the premises for you.

However, if you are looking for some brilliant day-to-day house cleaning tips to fight coronavirus but have some doubts and queries, then have a look at the following COVID-19 Questions with their relevant answers.

1. Are All Cleaning Products Ideal for Disinfecting Surfaces?

Not all cleaning products can help you disinfect the surfaces. It is good to buy alcohol-based household cleaners, and Australian Health Authorities (AHA) registered, including household bleach to kill germs and viruses like COVID-19.

A cleaning product that has at least 70 % alcohol concentration is ideal for disinfecting contaminated surfaces in the house. You can also use household bleach on hard surfaces after cleaning to keep bacteria at bay.

Apart from this, you can use disinfecting wipes and sprays to maintain the hygiene level of your living space.

2. Do I Need to Read the Label Before Buying Cleaning Products?

Keeping a house clean and germ-free is a serious job. If you want to protect your family from germs and bacteria, make sure you read the labels before investing in any cleaning product. For example, sodium hypochlorite in household bleach can kill viruses, harmful bacteria and germs. If your bleach solution has this ingredient, you will see better results.

Also, make sure your cleaning products and disinfectants have at least 70 percent alcohol to kill viruses like COVID-19. Be careful while buying these products because effectively killing germs from contaminated surfaces is your topmost priority during COVID-19 outbreak.

3. Can We Directly Disinfect the Contaminated Surface?

You can’t just sanitise or disinfect the dirty surface if you want to kill this deadly virus. According to the health experts, the harmful microorganisms linger and spread quickly when the surface is covered with dust and stains.

So, before disinfecting the surface, you need to remove the dust, dirt, and tough stains from the surface. You can use a homemade all-purpose cleaner (mix one part of vinegar in one part of warm water) to scrub off tough stains.

After cleaning, spray a disinfecting solution and wipe off the surface using a clean microfiber cloth. It is good to leave the solution for 5-6 minutes before wiping.

4. How Long Can Coronavirus Live on Surfaces?

Health experts revealed that the COVID-19 virus could live on hard surfaces like stainless steel and plastic for 72 hours and on cardboard for up to 24 hours.
The virus can easily contaminate common surfaces when an infected person sneezes or coughs or touches the surface with hands.

That’s one the reasons why people are advised to maintain physical distancing and wash hands for 20 seconds using a soap. So, make sure you keep your house clean and frequently disinfected to prevent the spread of the virus. Do not forget to disinfect high-touch areas of your living space.

5. How to Identify and Disinfect High-Touch Areas in A House?

According to the cleaning experts in Melbourne, it is good to pay special attention to frequently touched areas while disinfecting a house. The high- touch surfaces include light switches, doorknobs; door handles, kitchen appliances handles, faucets, mobile phones, laptops, kitchen countertops, cabinet handles, toys, etc need proper disinfection on a regular basis.

You can either use disinfecting wipes or sprays to kill lingering germs and viruses. If you are running at the end of your lease, then hire highly trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They can clean every nook and cranny of the premises, including high-touch surfaces.

6. Where Are Hidden Areas That Virus Can Hide?

Apart from cleaning and disinfect high-touch areas, make sure you inspect and clean hidden or overlooked areas where germs can linger. These areas are blinds, top of cabinets, doors, inside of cupboards, under the kitchen appliance, under the kitchen sink, mattress, and upholstery furniture.

It is good to vacuum and disinfect these areas on a regular basis during this pandemic. You can use natural cleaning agents to treat tough stains, grease and grime for better results.

7. How To Disinfect Large Surfaces like Floors and Kitchen Countertops?

Many people use disinfecting wipes to kill germs from surfaces like tables, floors and countertops. This trick won’t be as effective as using disinfecting sprays because wipes are ideal for high-touch areas like light switches, doorknobs or mobile phones.

For large surfaces, you need something that can cover most of the area and give you better outcomes. You can spray the solution on the surface and leave it for 5-8 minutes before wiping off with the microfiber cloth.

8. Is Vacuuming Good Enough to Clean and Disinfect Carpets?

Vacuuming won’t kill germs from your carpets. It is done to remove dust, dirt, dead skin, pet hair and other debris accumulated deep inside the carpet. For sparkling outcomes, you need steam cleaning that can prolong the life of your carpets.

However, during COVID-19 outbreak, it is good to vacuum and disinfect your carpets and rugs daily. You can use an alcohol-based disinfectant spray to disinfect your carpets because it can work effectively in getting rid of germs and bacteria lingering deep inside its fibres.


Keeping a house clean and disinfected has become necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopefully, the Coronavirus questions and answers mentioned above in the article have helped you in clearing all your doubts.

In case you are moving out of your rental premises, you can hire trained people who can perform safe and sound end of lease cleaning in Melbourne at the best price.