Critical Areas to Consider During End of Lease Cleaning

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Critical Areas to Consider During End of Lease Cleaning

By : angila
End of lease cleaning is always challenging whether you are leaving a rented property for the first time or have done it multiple times. At the end of every tenancy when a lessee has to move out, he/she has to consider hiring professional end of lease cleaners or perform the clean themselves. The end goal is to ensure the process is completed without a hitch, and the security deposit (bond money) is received without deductions. Understandably you must be stressed about the final clean-up if you are a lessee and your moving date is drawing near. Want to ease the anxiety? Empower yourself with knowledge through this guide by professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. Read on to know the critical areas to consider during bond cleaning.

The Kitchen, Especially Its Nooks & Crannies

For bond cleaning, deep sanitation of the kitchen is standard because the property inspector checks the cabinets, oven, dishwasher, countertops, sink, drain, and even the nooks & crannies for the final review. Many people who perform DIY end of lease cleaning in Melbourne have money deducted from their security deposit or need to re-clean because the corners and inconspicuous areas remain grimy. Therefore, paying attention to every part of the kitchen is necessary for the final clean-up before moving out of a rented property. Note: Seek the assistance of professionals in case there is water damage, pest infestation, mould growth, or any other serious problem in the kitchen. If you are planning to hire end of lease cleaning experts in Melbourne, search for ones who offer a variety of solutions and a bond back guarantee.

The Bathroom, All of It!

While cleaning the bathroom generally areas like tiles, behind the toilet, shower head, etc., are not cleaned. However, for end of lease cleaning and disinfecting every part of the bathroom is necessary especially the shower area, toilet, drains, washbasin, grouts, walls, vents, and shower curtain or glass, among other things. The bathroom can be the dirtiest areas in your house besides the kitchen since it is frequently and commonly used by all members of the household. Also, sanitising it deeply is crucial for the removal of illness-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Make sure to seek the assistance of professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne if you are clueless about purging the bathroom and other critical areas of the house. Also, taking professional help is wise if the area is heavily soiled or has a significant mould infestation.


Tenants who want to move out of their rented properties with carpeted floors successfully will need to put in extra efforts because they can become dirty and heavily soiled. Carpets accumulate dust, dander, hair, stains, and debris over time even when they are vacuumed or brushed frequently. To ensure your entire bond money is received re-read the lease contract to check any clauses related to carpet cleaning. Usually, if the landlord had the carpeted floors professionally vacuumed, steamed, or shampooed – a tenant is expected to do the same. Most reputed end of lease cleaning companies offer a host of carpet sanitising solutions along with bond cleaning packages which make it easier to get your security deposit entirely.

Fixtures and Lights

It is common for fixtures and lights in a property to become dusty and riddled with cobwebs if not cleaned regularly. Usually, it may not be a problem for the tenant, but before moving out, it is crucial to clean then adequately for the final review. The fixtures and lights in the house can be sanitised using microfiber cloth dusters or vacuums, which will remove any contaminants on the objects and make a lot of difference in the appearance of the rooms.

Walls, Baseboards, Windows, and Doors

During regular cleaning, these areas are often neglected, but tending to the walls, baseboards, windows, and doors is crucial when cleaning the property at the end of a tenancy. These areas can accumulate dust, dirt, stains, and debris over time and need thorough sanitation. If end of lease cleaning experts in Melbourne are hired then they will spot clean the walls and baseboard besides vacuuming windows/doors tracks and frames. If the walls and baseboards are heavily soiled, they can offer wall washing services as well.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning of the kitchen, bathroom, fixtures, walls, and other areas mentioned above is critical for performing the final purging of your rented property. Making sure these areas are thoroughly tended to will help get your security deposit in entirety. What’s more, you will be able to move out of the property successfully and maintain excellent report with your landlord.