DIY Bond Cleaning: Tips And Tricks For A Successful Clean

DIY Bond Cleaning: Tips And Tricks For A Successful Clean

By : angila
Are you shifting rental properties in Melbourne and need a proper end-of-lease cleaning?

An end-of-lease cleaning is different from regular cleaning since you have to ensure dirt and grime are removed from every corner of your home to get your security deposit back.

This is because your landlord will inspect every part of your home, and only when he is satisfied with the property’s condition will he return your bond.

Since your bond amount in Melbourne can amount to a month’s rent, you must not take this cleaning lightly and ensure you follow all necessary steps to get this bond back.

Hiring end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals to do this bond cleaning is always best, as they have the expertise and professional knowledge to complete these tasks. These experts also know what tools and solutions to use in this detailed cleaning and will ensure every part of your property is spotless.

However, if you are on a tight budget or want to do a DIY clean, you can follow the tips and tricks below for a successful clean:

Tips And Tricks For A Successful DIY Bond Clean 

Create A Plan Following Your Conditional Report

Planning each task is the first tip to help you speed up your bond cleaning and ensure you do a thorough job. This will help you understand what all needs to be done and in what timeframe so that you can work towards it.

You should also follow the conditional entry report you signed at the beginning of your tenancy. This report will tell you the state of the home when you moved in, and thus you will know what areas to concentrate on to get your rental property back to its original condition.

Understand What Your Landlord’s Expectations Are

The most important thing in an end-of-lease cleaning is to impress your landlord so that he gives you your bond back. Thus, you need to know your landlord’s expectations by looking at your rental agreement in Melbourne. This will give you an idea of what kind of cleaning he expects, what tools you should use and by when you should manage to finish this bond cleaning.

If you need help to understand what your landlord expects, you should hire end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne who follow an approved cleaning checklist and know exactly what your landlord wants.

Clear The House And Remove Clutter To Do A Detailed Clean

When moving homes in Melbourne, you will be packing and loading boxes, using moving equipment and have a lot of clutter around your home. This can make it difficult to clean your home, especially the hard-to-reach areas like underneath your furniture or behind your appliances.

Thus, in such cases, it is best first to declutter your home, remove extra items, and then clear your home of moving boxes and packing equipment. Load these onto a truck or keep them in storage and then do a detailed cleaning to remove each dust speck from your home.


Use these tips to help you declutter before your cleaning.

Use The Right Tools To Clean Your Property

Another way to make your bond cleaning easy and more effective is to use the right tools and cleaning solutions. This will ensure you get one spot cleaned to perfection and do not have to reclean the area. If you use store-bought cleaners, read the instructions to see which areas they will work best on and use them accordingly.

The best option is to use organic cleaning solutions and advanced tools that will not only clean your home but also protect the ecosystem. But make sure you test your organic cleaners on each part of your home, as some solutions, like baking soda, will work well on cleaning grout from tiles but may need to be more effective in cleaning marble surfaces.


You should also make sure you do not mix these household cleaning products when doing a bond cleaning.

Use The Top To Bottom Approach Method To Cover Every Corner

End-of-lease cleaning experts in Melbourne recommend moving from top to bottom when deep cleaning your home so you do not miss any corner or crevice. This will also ensure that you do not get dirt on your floors after scrubbing them, and you can clean every area once and for all to save time and energy. You should also use techniques like:

  • Make an S pattern when cleaning your windows with a squeegee.
  • Use circular movements to clean a stain on a carpet.
  • Clean walls in sections so it dries quickly and does not stay damp.
  • Start sweeping or mopping from the furthest corner of the room and move towards the entrance.
  • Always start from the most difficult rooms in your rental property, like the kitchen and bathroom, so it is easier to clean the remaining parts of the property.


Here are some more safe and quick DIY cleaning hacks.


Thus, the above tips and tricks should help you complete a successful DIY bond cleaning to help you get your security deposit back in full. However, if you find these cleaning tasks too overwhelming or are pressed for time, you should hire professional cleaners to help you spruce up your home and complete your bond cleaning within your deadline.