Do Bond Cleaners Clean Walls And How?

Do Bond Cleaners Clean Walls And How?

By : angila
Do you need a professional vacate cleaning done to help you get your bond back from your rental provider? Your bond is the security deposit you paid to your rental provider at the beginning of your tenancy. Since this is a vacate cleaning, you will have to concentrate on doing a detailed cleaning and removing mould, and getting rid of oil stains from your walls. If your walls are filled with fingerprint marks, coffee, ink, and dirt, you need end of lease cleaning Melbourne services to help you out. These bond cleaners will scrub and wipe out stains without damaging the quality of your walls. Read below to learn more about how these professional cleaners spruce up your walls.

Why Is Bond Cleaning Important

Firstly, it is important to understand that professional vacate cleaners in Melbourne are experts in this field and use systematic methods to scrub and wipe your home from top to bottom. They use a cleaning checklist that matches the expectations of a rental provider to help you get your bond back. This rental bond amount generally equals a month’s rent in Melbourne, Victoria, but can be extra if your rent is more than $900. If your rental provider sees dirty, stained carpets and fingerprints all over your walls, he will hold back your bond. Thus, you must ensure your home is spotless before you show it to your rental provider and ask your bond cleaners for a reclean if needed. Vacate cleaning services Melbourne spot clean ink marks and coffee stains but do not wash the entire wall. To add these services, you must request a washing of your walls that go beyond fair wear and tear. Tip: Here are some other questions to ask your professional cleaners. You can also always do a deep cleaning of your walls by yourself to maintain them using the following tips:

How To Clean Your Walls At The End Of Your Tenancy

Check The Material And Finish Of The Wall Before you start scrubbing your wall, it is important you note what kind of finish your wall has. If your wall is painted with an eggshell, satin and flat finish, you must use mild cleaning solutions as harsh chemicals can damage your paint. You can use a mild degreasing solution with a soft sponge if your walls have more glossy and semi-glossy paints. If you need help cleaning your painted or brick walls, schedule a vacate cleaning Melbourne service to deep clean your walls. These experts will use tools like advanced vacuums and high-powered pressure washers to clean your walls. Here are some other wall and ceiling clean tips by experts. Gather Your Cleaning Materials Once you identify your wall material, you can gather your cleaning equipment in a caddy. Here are some general items that vacate cleaning services Melbourne use that you can add to your cleaning caddy:
  • Microfiber mop
  • Vacuum with an extendable brush
  • Cleaning bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
  • All-natural cleaners like vinegar or baking soda
  • Spray bottles
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mask

Remove Objects And Fixtures From Your Walls Once you gather your cleaning equipment, you should remove objects from your wall, like paintings, showpieces, light fixtures, calendars and more. This will help you clean your walls more efficiently and quickly. Get Rid Of Dust With A Microfiber Cloth Or Vacuum Now, you must take your microfiber cloth and remove all the loose dust from the wall so that these dust bunnies do not get damp and stick to your walls when washing them. You can also use a vacuum with an extendable brush to remove cobwebs and dust mites from the corners of your walls and light fixtures. Make sure you place newspapers over your floor to collect the falling dust, and wear a mask to protect yourself from inhaling this toxic dust. Spot Treat Stains And Marks On Your Walls Before washing your walls, you should spot-treat stains and marks on your wall. Vacate cleaning services Melbourne include this as part of their bond cleaning to make your walls look new and clean. Here are some expert solutions these professionals use to spot-treat your walls:
  • Oil stains: Spray one cup of vinegar with hot water
  • Pen marks: Apply nail polish remover or toothpaste with cotton buds
  • Pencil marks: Use melamine foam erasers or sponges
  • Permanent markers: Treat with 3 parts baking soda and 1 cup water
You can also cross-check your condition report to see if the stains were already there when you moved in to ensure you get your bond back. Wash Your Walls Thoroughly With A Natural Cleaner
  1. Once you have treated your stains, use a microfiber mop or a sponge and dip it into a bucket filled with warm water and a few drops of liquid soap.
  2. Make sure you squeeze out the excess water and then clean your walls from top to bottom.
  3. Work in sections or squares to rinse and dry them immediately before moving on to the next section.
  4. It is important to rinse your walls with a clean mop and bucket of water, or you will be spreading the dirt around.
  5. Lastly, ensure you use a white microfiber cloth to dry your walls to prevent mould formation.


Thus, cleaning walls is challenging, but you can get help from your bond cleaners to spot-treat stains and make your walls shiny and new. If your walls need good washing, follow the tips above to help you get your bond back from your rental provider at the end of your tenancy.