Do Landlords Have To Clean Between Tenants?

Do Landlords Have To Clean Between Tenants?

By : angila
Melbourne is one of the most expensive cities in Australia. The median house price in the capital of Victoria is $924,492. Families moving to cosmopolitan cities don’t find a suitable residential property within an estimated budget. Thus, they are heading towards rental properties. They are affordable and offer great flexibility when choosing an ideal type and size of a dwelling in a particular location. However, you need to understand everything about tenants’ roles, duties and responsibilities. This will help you move out of a rental property at the end of your tenancy with ease. One of the major problems tenants experience is passing the rental inspection. The common rental dispute among tenants and landlords is end-of-lease cleaning. Dirty premises allow the landlord to hold back a part of your bond money. Hire experts for a meticulous end of lease cleaning Melbourne to make your landlord happy. However, there is always confusion between renters and landlords regarding cleaning responsibility. Of course, a landlord must keep the premises clean and hygienic for prospective tenants. The transition period between tenants allows the landlord to make their property appealing, and deep cleaning is one of them. Here are some of the key reasons to help you find out why landlords have to clean between tenants:

1. Health, Hygienic and Safety

An attention-to-detail property cleaning allows the landlord to notice hidden areas and hard-to-reach spots, such as ceiling fans, baseboards, kitchen cabinets, range hoods, showerhead and much more. Though they inspect every nook and cranny before handing over the bond amount, certain spots may remain unnoticeable at the last moment. These are the dust and germ-laden areas. It is also important to deep clean the carpets right way to maintain the cleanliness aspect of an apartment. So, it becomes imperative for them to clean between tenants to ensure that the property is safe, hygienic and healthy for the potential tenant. Get rid of dampness, mould, stubborn stains and grime and also focus on hidden areas to keep the property pristine.

2. Maintains the Standard

Cleaning between tenants will help you maintain the highest standards when renting your property. The new tenant will arrive at a tidy and organised property and immediately know the standard at which you like it to be maintained. In addition, it will give an idea to a tenant on how to keep a property clean throughout the lease. So, showcasing the highest cleaning standard to your prospective tenants is always good. This will also encourage tenants to hire trained cleaners who offer cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne at the end of tenancy for a seamless bond retrieval.

3. Rental Agreement Obligations

According to the residential rental laws in Victoria, the landlord’s major responsibility is to provide a safe, sparkling and healthy indoor environment to the tenants. It is important for tenants/renters to thoroughly inspect the property as they are not liable for all the problems caused before they move in. There is also a possibility that a renter may refuse to move in or pay rent if the house is dirty at the beginning of a tenancy. Make sure you meet all your contractual obligations and expect the same at the end of your lease.

4. Maintenance of the Property

A landlord is responsible for maintaining the entire property. When they clean between tenants, it allows them to discover potential maintenance issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible. This include:
  • Broken Doors
  • Cracked plaster of Walls
  • Loose skirting boards,
  • Damaged wiring, and much more.

  • You may also need to replace the mouldy and discoloured carpets with new ones.  Make sure you pay special attention to your delicate floorings. Make sure you get the stains out of your hardwood floors, tiles and wooden ones without causing any damage. Use white vinegar, baking soda, a mild dishwashing liquid and other safe ingredients

    5. Quickly Attract Potential Tenants

    There is no denying the fact that a clean, organised, and germ-free property helps you attract more prospective tenants. As a landlord, you must ensure that every corner of the premises is clean. Eliminate the signs of dust, dirt, germs, stubborn stains and grime from common areas, contaminated surfaces, bathrooms, and kitchen area. You have plenty of time to carry out the cleaning chores using safe and sound products and the right techniques. This will help you attract more and more tenants without creating any hard-core marketing strategy. Here is a quick guide that includes the key responsibilities of a landlord in Melbourne, Victoria:
  • The landlord or property manager must ensure that the house has proper locks. This enhances the security and gives a sense of peace to a prospective tenant.
  • They are also responsible for all the cleaning and maintenance in between a tenant transitions.
  • Pest control also falls under their responsibility.
  • Upgrading the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Cleaning of common areas
  • The property is in a well-maintained condition.

  • Endnote

    There is always a possibility of a tussle between tenants and landlords due to cleaning or maintenance. Tenants must perform a detailed end of lease cleaning Melbourne before the final move-out to quick retrieve bond money. However, landlords also have to clean between tenants to maintain the standard, and cleanliness aspect and attract new tenants towards their properties.