End Of Lease Cleaning Tips to Ensure 100% Bond Back

End Of Lease Cleaning Tips to Ensure 100% Bond Back

By : angila
When you move out of the rental house, one of the first things that come to your mind is whether you will get back your entire security deposit or not. To get your bond money back, you need to clean the rental property flawlessly. However, when tenants move out, they remain occupied with different tasks. As a result, the cleaning of the property often gets compromised. Substandard cleaning of rental property is one of the main reasons for the conflict between landlords and tenants. Thus, it is advisable to hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They use modern tools and methods to clean every corner of the property that help you to clear the final inspection. If you want to accomplish the task on your own, you will need a little elbow grease and some knowledge. Read on to know more about the best end of lease cleaning tips to ensure 100% bond back.

Prepare a Checklist

When cleaning your rental property, you need to ensure that every surface of the property is clean. The only way to do so is by using a detailed checklist. From the kitchen and bathroom to the living room and bedroom, all the areas that need cleaning must be included in the list. You can create the list yourself or get it from the website of a cleaning company. Even professionals use a standard checklist when they clean a property.

Start With the Kitchen

The kitchen area takes up your maximum time when you clean a property thoroughly. There are different types of surfaces in your kitchen that require a different cleaning approach. So, you must have time in your hand to focus on every single spot. If you leave it for the last, you might have to clean it in a hustle, and as a result, you can overlook several small spots. Here are the spots to include in your cleaning checklist.
  • Stovetop
  • Countertop
  • Range hood exhaust and filter
  • Appliance, particularly the inside of Oven
  • Sink and Faucets
  • Kitchen Tiles

  • Thoroughly Clean the Bathroom

    Tenants ignore bathroom cleaning until the lease period is over. After that, it becomes challenging to clean the bathroom by DIY methods. It is advisable to clean it regularly, so the deep cleaning of the bathroom becomes easy before the final inspection. To remove the dirt and bad smell from your bathroom, you should consider hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne. The spots you must clean in your bathroom includes:
  • Toilet Bowl
  • Bathtub
  • Shower Glass
  • Showerhead
  • Sink and Faucets
  • Bathroom Tiles
  • Grout Lines

  • Clean the Hard-To-Reach Area

    Tenants generally clean the spots of the rental property that are easily accessible and forget about the areas that are hard to reach. It is a huge mistake that you must avoid when dusting the property. If you want to get your complete bond back, pay attention to the hard-to-reach places in your house. Such surfaces include ceiling corners and fan blades, light fittings, behind and under the refrigerator, bed, couch and so on. The property owners observe these spots during the inspection.

    Clean Windows Perfectly

    The window is one of the main spots that the landlords thoroughly check during the final inspection. So, you need to make sure that you clean it thoroughly. You can use tools like magnetic window cleaner and rubber squeegee. Apart from the glass of the windows, you should also clean the frame, screen, sills and blinds. A clean window can impress your landlord, which can increase your chance of getting back the security deposit. You must hire trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne, Victoria, as they have expertise in it.

    Spot Clean the Walls

    A spotless wall can single-handedly improve the overall cleanliness of the room. So make sure the walls of the rooms look flawless. Remember that the wall is the first thing property owners notice when they start inspecting a property. If you have kids, the walls are most likely to have crayon marks, food stains, handprints, etc. Try to eliminate the marks with a magic eraser. If the walls are too dirty to clean, paint the walls to give them a fresh look.

    Clean the Carpets at the Last

    The cleanliness of the carpet is always a matter of discussion when it comes to the final inspection of the rental property. Therefore, you should always pay attention to its cleaning. You should always clean only a day before the final inspection so that the landlord finds it perfectly clean. You should keep the carpets clean all the time as dirty carpets lead to different types of allergies and are also difficult to clean at the last moment.

    The Bottom Line

    Getting the entire bond money back can be a stressful task. However, you can make things easier for you by cleaning the property in the best possible manner. The tips mentioned above will help you to complete the dusting and scrubbing perfectly. To save your time and increase the chance of getting back the amount, hire professionals who offer thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.