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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Cleaning that transforms your property!

We are one of the leading end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne and our mission is to get your bond back through outstanding cleaning. Whether you want vacate cleaning for your office space or a rented unit, we offer exceptional service at the most affordable rates. Our cleaners take care of everything from vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets to scrubbing the floors and removing grease from the kitchen range hood. Our expertise lies in utilising safe methods and the best tools for cleaning that yields desirable results.

Our cleaning company has a proven track record of several successful jobs that have been approved by the property managers without any disputes. We work in compliance with the cleaning checklist approved by the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). Our cleaners are well aware of the expectations of the real estate agents which help us in creating spotless spaces. No job is too big or too small for us. We love what we do and strive to give our best every time we are out in the field.

Excellent Support

Resolve your queries with the help of our strong support teams.

Cost Effective

Our affordable cleaning prices fit within your budget effortlessly.

Easy Booking Process

You can schedule a bond clean by filling out the online form or calling us.

Reliable End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

We have no hidden charges and provide our customers with a free no-obligation quote. Contact us today or get an instant quote right away.

Why Choose Bond Cleaning In Melbourne?

If you still have not made up your mind about hiring professionals, then take a look at the reasons given below that will make you call us right away.

  • High-Quality Cleaning - Professional deep cleaning makes sure that every nook and cranny has been cleaned impeccably.
  • Efficient Service - We have a team of highly trained cleaners who are equipped with state-of-the-art supplies and tools.
  • Upfront Quote - We maintain complete transparency about cleaning prices and provide you with the final quote during the first contact itself.
  • Hassle-Free Procedure - We make the entire move out cleaning process smooth and streamlined with easy booking options.
  • Diligent Support - Our customer support team is readily available to answer your queries and clear your doubts.
  • Green Cleaning - We are devoted to eco-friendly cleaning methods and utilise non-toxic and biodegradable materials to create zero environmental pollution.
  • Proven Methods - Our cleaners are adept at cleaning all kinds of surfaces and follow the REIV-approved cleaning checklists, which help in satisfying the real estate agents and property owners.

Fully Insured End of Lease Cleaners in Melbourne

Our customised cleaning schedules are developed to meet the needs of our customers in the most skilled manner. Our professionals utilise strict quality control measures to ensure the highest level of cleaning which makes sure that you get the best service in shortest time.

Highest Quality

Our professionals are trained to conduct high-quality deep cleaning for the best results.

Friendly Staff

Our cleaners are polite and courteous and offer a professional service.

Free Quote

Call us today to get your no obligation, free quote from our support staff.

Residential & Commercial cleaning services

Hire The Best Vacate Cleaners in Melbourne

Moving is a tedious task, especially when you are burdened with end of lease cleaning. Many tenants lose their security deposit due to the lack of satisfactory cleaning. Therefore hiring a professional vacate cleaning company in Melbourne becomes imperative. We use the best move out cleaning tricks to get your entire property cleaned, including all the rooms, carpets, kitchen and bathrooms. Our dedicated cleaners carry state-of-the-art equipment, cleaning products and supplies to provide you with professional cleaning to help you get your bond back.

Whether it is a one bed unit or a duplex, we are happy to help. We offer the advantage of creating customised cleaning packages at reasonable prices which match the needs of our customers perfectly. Additionally, we use only biodegradable and eco-friendly products which are safe to be used in homes and offices. Our technology-driven cleaning methods spruce up your living spaces and extend a brand new appearance which effectively persuades the inspection agents. With our efficient cleaners at your service, you can rest assured about systematic carpet steam cleaning in compliance with the REIV standards.

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We are equipped with professional grade tools that offer unmatched cleaning.

Our Step by Step End of Lease Cleaning Process

Our bond cleaning process is quite straightforward and consists of the following steps:

  1. Contact our support team on 03 9068 8186 to book a job with us.
  2. Our executives will understand your requirements and provide you with the final quote.
  3. You can schedule the clean-up on your preferred date and time.
  4. Our cleaners will be at your doorstep at the booked time.
  5. They will inspect the property and discuss the requirements with you to ensure that nothing is missed.
  6. The professionals will then unpack their tools and supplies and begin the task covering each room, kitchen, bathroom, windows, doors, ceiling, light frames etc.
  7. Our cleaners work in a systematic manner with top to bottom approach while covering door and windows cleaning.
  8. After the cleaning is completed, they will inform you to come and examine the property.
  9. Once you are satisfied, the cleaners will take your leave, and you can then make the payment online.
  10. If by any chance, the real estate manager is not happy with the cleaning, we provide a free re-clean within 72 hours.

Affordable End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne, VIC

We have developed innovative move out cleaning techniques to provide our customers with excellent cleaning solutions at the best prices. If you are concerned about windows cleaning, then book our professional and expert cleaning services today. We provide a free re clean service within Five days for all our end of lease cleaning services.

Cleaning For Unparalleled Sanitisation

Disinfecting has become a significant part of our lives since we have been facing virus attacks lately. It is vital to maintain the health and hygiene of your family members and workforce in a commercial property. Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne are trained in perfect cleaning of all the surfaces using organic cleaning products. We make sure that our carpet steam cleaning effort brings a smile on the face of your property manager and landlord. With our competitive pricing and high-quality service, you can enjoy a hassle-free experience. We have access to the latest equipment and leverage them to stay ahead of competitors.

Green Cleaning Solutions in Melbourne

Being one of the most trusted vacate cleaning companies in Melbourne, we use only biodegradable products that are free from harmful chemicals and fumes. Our cleaners are skilled in providing a wide range of natural cleaning solutions that are not abrasive or damaging. We believe in delivering quality results within the specified period using organic cleaning products. Our fully insured cleaners take care of carpet steam cleaning by removing stubborn stains from the rugs using spot cleaning methods. We are committed to giving our customers the much needed peace of mind while we clean their houses and offices without disturbing the environment.

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a woman holding a bucket full of wipes and spray bottles
Cleaning That Makes Your Property Stand Out

The moving process is taxing, hectic and financially draining. If you lose your deposit to a fussy landlord, then it can throw the entire budgeting for the move into jeopardy. Thus our end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is directed towards getting back the bond without any cuts from the owner. Our professionals are recruited locally and have the national police check certificate. They have been working as cleaners for the longest time and know the inside-out of the industry and its operations. These steam cleaning experts are well-versed with the cleaning of every property size and type. Our proven processes and service quality have earned us the recommendation of several clients across the city.

Affordable End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Our mission is to bring the property back to its original state without harming the surfaces and covering every inch of the dirty spaces. We stand by the efficiency of our advanced equipment and the expertise of our cleaners to get the best results from each carpet steam cleaning job. Our dedication towards the job makes us a preferred choice among tenants moving out of their homes and offices. If you ever feel that our cleaning is lacking in any way, we provide a free re-clean within 5 days. We have a reliable support system which takes care of your doubts and needs. You can connect with them for all your queries and enjoy a stress-free cleaning experience.

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Inclusions & Exclusions - BondCleaninginMelbourne

Our Bond cleaning service aims to clean the property to satisfy the Managing Agent (under the governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008) of the cleanliness of that property for the tenant to have their bond released.

Our Bond ReturnGuarantee only covers the areas you have chosen to use our services (T's & C's Apply) .

Please see BondCleaninginMelbourne full Terms and Conditions.
Please understand that Bond Cleaning can consist of many different components. It is your duty to ensure you have covered them all. For instance, a complete Bond Clean usually consists of

  • Bond Clean (Deep clean of the property)
  • Carpet Shampoo Cleaning  (Stain Removal Not included)
    For Steam Clean please speciafically ask. 

And if required any specialty service like;

  • Pest Control
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

Our quoting process covers these items individually, please make sure you have checked your quote for your inclusions. NOTE,each item will appear on the quote as a sperate service. For instance

  • Bond Clean
  • Carpet Clean

BondCleaninginMelbourne use the latest cleaning techniques and products however at times ‘normal wear and tear’ applies and itis not possible for us to get the item back looking like new. We will however take before and after photos of some items to prove to the Managing Agent that without specialist intervention this is the best condition the item can be in.

Bond Cleaning Inclusions (Unfurnished property)

The following services constitute our Bond Cleaning service at BondCleaninginMelbourne.

  • Remove cobwebs, insect marks and small nests where Pest control is not warranted
  • Clean fans, Air Conditioners and filters
  • Clean light fittings (where they can be safely removed and accessible)
  • Spot clean walls, light switches and power points
  • Clean skirting, architraves and doors
  • Clean drawers and cupboards including inside, doors and cupboard tops and shelving
  • Windows clean both sides (exclusions apply at heights and accessibility)
  • Vacuum sliding door tracks and clean tracks
  • Clean standard blinds, cords and rails (spot clean and dust).
  • Vacuum all the floors and carpets.
  • Mop hard floors.
  • Clean inside and outside and on top of all cupboards, doors and drawers.
  • Clean inside, outside and around stove top, elements, rings and knobs.
  • Clean inside and outside of oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass and knobs.
  • Clean inside, outside & behind refrigerator* and dishwasher* & microwave* space. (if applicable)
  • Clean and dry sink, drain holes, drainers and polish tap ware.
  • Range hood exhaust and filter -filter can be removed and cleaned.
  • Clean and polish splash back area.
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Clean Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean toilet, behind ‘S’ bend, around cistern & under and around toilet seat..
  • Clean bath, shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens & soap holder
  • Clean sink and polish all tap ware and towel rails.
  • Clean mirrors and windows, window tracks and floors.
  • Clean Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean inside, outside and behind dryer*. Remove lint. (If applicable)
  • Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tap ware.
  • Clean behind washing machine* space. Clean equipment and filters (if applicable).
  • Clean all walls, windows, window tracks and floors
  • Sweep floor and remove cobwebs
  • Sweep and mop floors, remove cob webs.

In addition to the above items a furnished property bond clean also constitutes;
(a furnished property is quoted differently given the time required)

  • Dust and wipe over furniture surfaces
  • Kitchen cupboards will be cleaned if ALL ITEMS are removed and placed in front of the cupboard. WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILTY or have no liability for any damage or breakages of cupboard items

NOTE: Standard blinds are blinds with a surface that can be dusted or cleaned without requiring a specialist and or extra time. For instance, material blinds or curtains would require a Blind specialist. Venetian & Roller blinds will be quoted separately based on the number of blinds in the property. Furnished properties will require a sperate quote.

*Cleaning behind/aroundthese items or any heavy object (as per our Terms and Conditions) over 5Kg must be moved by the client (and put back if applicable)for our cleaners to gain access and clean.

Additional Services (will be separately quoted)

The following services are quoted separately and will appear on your quote as a separate item.

NOTE:If they are not listed on your quote they are not included.

This list is not definitive. We have only listed the more common services, other specialty services exist such as household repairs, painters etc.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Blinds IE Venetians
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Furnished properties
  • Pest Control
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
Bond Cleaning Exclusions of BondCleaninginMelbourne

These items are excluded from our Bond Cleaning Service

  • We do our best to remove mould from areas however mould can be imbedded into silicon, grout and other areas. These areas will require a specialist to restore back to a normal state.
Damp Spots
  • Damp spots can happen anywhere in the house, often the ‘dry wall’ plaster can be affected. We will do our best to remove any mould and marks from Damp spots however we can’t completely make these spots disappear. These marks can return quickly due to excess moisture.
Complete Wall Clean
  • We spot clean the walls for insect marks etc .. however, a full wall clean requires more time and often does not have a different result. A full wall clean is only required if marks exist beyond normal ‘wear and tear’.
  • We will do our best to clean all items with our commercial experience however discoloration happens with normal wear and tear of the property. Often grout, toilets and plastics can discolor (often into a yellow colour) over time and they can’t be returned to their original colour without specialist intervention.
Tile And Natural Rock Stains
  • We do our best to remove stains however due to the composition of the tiles or benchtops (some being extremely porous) it is not possible to remove stains without specialist intervention.
  • We do not clean ceilings.
Dangerous Areas
  • Any areas considered by our cleaner dangerous for them to operate, this includes broken cracked PowerPoints/switches, rubbish, bio waste or any other hazard than can be deemed dangerous.
  • Our cleaners do not clean at heights. Any cleaning that requires a ladder will not be performed. For instance, Windows in a unit complex on the second floor.
Garage Walls
  • We do not clean Garage walls or floors
Specialist Services
  • Areas that require special cleaning equipment, specialist chemicals or a trained technician. Examples are Pressure cleaners (grease on garage floor), painters (walls extremely bad) or plasterer (holes in walls).
Additional Items
  • Items such as fridges, furniture or any items not listed in the inclusions will not be cleaned unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing.
Furnished (If Applicable)
  • We will not clean inside cupboards, if items are not removed.
Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)
  • We do not clean nor warrant all kitchen items that occupy cupboards and draws.
Furnished Property Exclusions
  • We do not clean or warrant, ‘nick knacks’, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorative.
Bond Back Guarantee (T's & C's Apply) Exclusions with BondCleaninginMelbourne

As well as the Bond Cleaning Exclusions, other exclusions exist that we can’t warrant under the Bond Back Guarantee  (T's & C's Apply) at BondCleaninginMelbourne.

Outside Windows
  • We will clean the outside windows where we can (excluding windows at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant them.
Outside Glass
  • We will clean outside glass where we can (excluding glass at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant this.
Outside Areas
  • Outside areas are areas that cannot be fully protected (closed off) from weather elements. Examples are balconies and patios, or any area that cannot be completely closed off such as an outside area of a house with only three walls. As per our inclusions we will clean any outside area as required however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant these areas.
Post Pest Control
  • We will not be responsible and do not warrant items post pest control that may require additional cleaning directly related to the Pest Control. Examples are dead insects or animals that have accumulated due to Pest control being applied to the property.
  • We do not warrant any cleaning inside or outside of the garage.
Completion Events
  • A completion event is an event that has happened after the bond clean and within the warranty period which may influence the Managing Agents release of the bond in which the bond cleaner is not responsible for. We will not be responsible nor guarantee cleanliness in such an event. To determine these events ‘common sense shall prevail’. Examples of these events are;
    • Buildup of dead insects that were alive during the clean and have since expired.
    • A build up of surface dust that has settled after the clean.
    • Dirt or grime near a window or door that has been left open.
    • Insect/animal feaces.
    • New residents have moved or moving in.
    • Access to the property by a third-party contractor that has not been approved by us.
Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)
  • We do not clean nor warrant all kitchen items that occupy cupboards and draws.
Furnished Property Exclusions
  • We do not clean or warrant, ‘nick knacks’, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorative.
Hire The Most Trusted End of Lease Cleaning Service In Melbourne
We have the best cleaners who exceed the customer’s expectations every time you book with us.
What our clients are saying

Great service from start to finish. Accommodating with requests and got the job done.

Chris Ramirez

Great clean and good staff

Shanice Kuchel

Great to deal with, unfortunately the agent and Fre real estate were difficult to deal with They didn't respond back on final inspection, keep up the good work

Sean Rubin

Overall thorough clean

Bernada Maslac

Fantastic cleaners. Got my bond back in full. Moreover, the property agent thanked for the spotless cleaning.

Abir Chowdhury

During booking the lady was very knowledgeable and helpful. The pricing was reasonable, all of which made me decide to select your services.

jescelym mendaza

Absolutely money well-spent! Real estate agent was very happy with the condition and even thanked us for 'taking care of the property so well'! The cleaning professional was friendly and extremely efficient and effective. Incredibly impressed with the process from start to finish--would highly recommend to anyone in need of any cleaning services.


Cleaners were diligent and hard working. The house looked so much better after they had finished.

Jill Post

Very clean and great communication leading up to the clean. Very accomodating when I asked to change the day.

Lucinda Tonge

Overall, a great service with easy to deal with people

Nikki Tierney
woman cleaner standing with folded hands
Skilled Staff

Our cleaners undergo comprehensive training programs to learn the intricacies of the job.

Sophisticated Tools

We use state of the art technology and advanced equipment for impeccable cleaning.

Flexible Bookings

We take care of the comfort of our customers and make bookings as per their schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our cleaning prices are dependent on the size and condition of the property. The average price for a 1-bedroom unit is approx. $250, $300 for 2-bedroom units and $420 for 4-bedroom houses. For a customised quote, you must contact our customer care executives on 03 9068 8186. We note down the number of rooms, windows, closets, cabinets, washrooms, inside and outside requirements, and then offer a personalised and upfront cost for the area.
You can easily book our end of lease cleaning service by filling out the ‘Request a Quote’ form on our website. Our customer care executives will respond back within 24 hours. You can also give us a call at 03 9068 8186 to speak directly to our executives who will understand your cleaning requirements and the condition of the property. They will provide you with an upfront quote and will book a job on the date and time that is convenient for you. We are available from Monday to Saturday 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. So feel free to contact us.
The time taken to clean the property is dependent on the size and the condition of the property. We are usually able to complete the cleaning of a 1-bedroom unit in 5-6 hours and a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit in 8-12 hours. However, this can vary if the property has not been cleaned in months or was locked up for weeks before our cleaners arrived. To get a customised quote and timeline for your property, please contact us at 03 9068 8186 and inform our representatives about the number of rooms, carpets, windows cleaning requirements and any other disinfecting needs. We will provide you with the exact duration.
Professional cleaning is based on proven methods and result-driven approach. It is time-saving and precise, which helps in driving out all the dust and germs from every corner of the property. Bond Cleaning Melbourne has police-verified and fully insured cleaners who are intensively trained in all the cleaning procedures including steam cleaning. They are equipped with all the advanced tools and REIV-approved checklist to provide you with the best results. Our mission is to get your deposit back safely by working on the cleaning and sanitisation of every surface so that it looks brand-new. From blinds, skirting boards and doorknobs to ovens, carpets and range hoods, our service covers everything.
Since the end of lease cleaning is required at the time of moving out of the property, it is best to move out all the furniture and then start the cleaning. This way, we will get an open space without any hindrance and interference to complete the task. After moving the furniture, you can choose to stay or leave the property. We will call you once we are finished with the cleaning to examine our work. However, if you plan to stay, then make sure that there are no kids and pets in the house as they can disrupt the cleaning process or get hurt.
Ideally, you should book our end of lease cleaning service a week before you plan to move out. It will allow us to allocate resources on the preferred date without any delay. However, if you are confused and have not got a booking done till the last moment, then you can give us a call to check with us. If we have any free slots, we might be able to accommodate you on the given date. However, it is better to plan in advance so that you have ample time to move out your stuff and get the cleaning done without any delay.
No, we offer an upfront final quote to our clients and have no hidden charges. It is an obligation-free quote which can be utilised to compare prices with other service providers. However, we are confident that you will not get the same quality at a reasonable price anywhere else. Our aim is to ensure that you are not financially burdened when you are moving to a new place. You already have to pay for utilities, lease deposit, removalists, etc. Thus we make sure that you get an affordable end of lease cleaning, which makes relocation easier and aids in getting the bond back.
Yes, of course. Our end of lease cleaning includes window cleaning from both inside and outside. However, we do not operate on heights. Thus if your property is located on the second or third floor and needs a ladder for window cleaning, then we will not be able to clean them from outside. We do not work on heights and in dangerous areas. If the windows are accessible without any support from outside, then we will happily and meticulously get them cleaned. Our professionals clean all the dust and then wash the windows with soapy water without scratching or grazing the glass.

Our cleaners are locally hired industry experts who have been trained in cleaning for months and use the REIV approved cleaning checklist. They are well-versed in disinfection, sanitisation and steam cleaning of various surfaces using chemical-free cleaning agents and solutions. Also, all of them are verified by the police and are fully insured. You can rely on them to get a careful and impeccable end of lease cleaning service without any disputes. We treat your property as our own and clean it with sincerity.

We clean the ceiling, doors, cabinets and drawers. Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne utilise organic solutions to clean the stove top, its knob and rings. We clean the oven from inside and outside to remove all the grime and oily grunge from the surfaces. We make sure that we do not miss the spaces behind the dishwasher and the oven and also clean the sink, faucets and the drain hole. We also clean the rangehood exhaust filter.    


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