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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Affordable cleaning for sparkling results!

We are a well-recognised cleaning company offering the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne with Bond Back Guarantee ( T's & C's apply) for 7 days. We offer a FREE Re-clean in 72 Hours of your rental property, in case you do not get your 100% Bond Back. We are well-known in the region for offering spotless cleaning and sanitation of rental properties. From big office spaces to small units and houses, we cater to every end of lease cleaning need of our clients. Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne are trained & verified locals, who hold expertise in cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting different areas, including bathrooms and kitchens which are the dirtiest places in the house.

We are high-quality service providers who customise the packages to suit your needs and allow you to pick the date of the job. Our quick and flexible booking helps you to avoid getting into any hassles and have a relaxed relocation. We go the extra mile to understand the requirements of our customers and design our packages accordingly.

Excellent Support

Our support team assists you in a friendly, prompt, and polite manner.

Cost Effective

Our pricing affordable & pocket-friendly and we offer upfront quotes.

Easy Booking Process

You just need to fill a simple form or call for booking vacate cleaning in Melbourne.

Reliable End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Our bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply) and free re-clean service in 72 Hours has made us a trusted name in the industry. Our cleaners are fully trained and insured to do the job.

Why Choose Bond Cleaning In Melbourne?

There are several advantages of hiring our professionals for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Here are the benefits that put us ahead of the competitors.

  • Complete End of Lease Cleaning -We offer in-depth cleaning of your rental property which involves scrubbing, degreasing, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming professionally.
  • Bond Back Guarantee - We offer a Bond Back Guarantee (T's & C's apply) for 7 days with all our bond cleans. If there is any issue in getting 100% Bond Back, we offer a FREE RE-CLEAN in 72 Hours!
  • Superior Cleaning Service – Our vacate cleaners in Melbourne use modern tools and expertise to offer unmatched cleaning along with complete Service Guarantee.
  • Upfront Quote - We maintain complete transparency about cleaning prices and provide you with the final quote without any hidden charges.
  • Affordability – Our end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne are reasonably priced and cleaning packages are designed according to the size of the rental property and requirements of our clients.
  • Easy Booking – Our booking process is short and simple. You can visit our website and fill a simple form and our customer care team will get in touch with you. You can also call us on 03 9068 8186 and get started instantly.
  • Quick Support – If you need any assistance or are looking for some answers related to our services, call our customer support team for a swift response.
  • Green Cleaning - It is significant to be vigilant of the pollution created by commercial cleaning solutions. Thus, we use only non-toxic and organic cleaning solutions.
  • Improved Methods – We constantly keep enhancing our cleaning solutions by adopting the latest techniques and efficiency increasing systems.


Cleaning may seem like an easy task but removing the dirt and filth from your rental property is challenging. Our professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne have the expertise and tools to get rid of the dust bunnies and stubborn stains and bring the property back to its original condition, to match the condition report.

Highest Quality

Our cleaners are qualified & insured to provide outstanding vacate cleaning in Melbourne.

Friendly Staff

Our team is passionate about the job and maintains a healthy relationship with clients.

Free Quote

Get in touch with us to get an instant and obligation-free quote for end of lease cleaning of your rental property.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

Hire The Best Vacate Cleaners in Melbourne

Moving is a tedious task, especially when you are burdened with end of lease cleaning. Many tenants do not get their bond back due to unprofessional cleaning with flaws. Therefore hiring a professional end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne becomes imperative. We use the best move out cleaning methods to clean your rental property perfectly, including all the rooms, wall to wall carpets, kitchen and bathrooms. Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne uses cutting-edge tools and non-toxic cleaning solutions that help in sprucing up the rented space to help you get your full Bond Back.

We cover the whole property and do not forget about the hard-to-reach spaces. Our bond cleaners make it a point to clean the cobwebs, marks on the walls, fingerprints on the light switches and the dust in the air conditioner filter. They remove dust from the top of the cupboards and shelves and sliding door tracks. They sweep and mop the floors and vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Our dedication and attention to the service help us to provide 100% Service Guarantee to our clients. If you are unhappy with any part of the house not being cleaned appropriately or there is an issue in getting your 100% Bond Back, we offer a free re-clean in 72 Hours.

woman in blue apron and bucket full of cleaning supplies
Our biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products help us to offer eco-friendly bond cleaning.

Our Step by Step End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Process

We make end of lease cleaning in Melbourne a seamless experience for our customers. Here is how it takes place:

  1. Call us on 03 9068 8186 to book our end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.
  2. Our support team will understand your cleaning requirements and provide you with a customised quote.
  3. The flexible scheduling feature allows you to choose a preferred date for the job.
  4. Our expert bond cleaners reach the destination at the exact time.
  5. They bring all the tools and supplies with them and do not trouble you for anything.
  6. Our professionals begin the end of lease cleaning process and cover every part of the property while adhering to your instructions.
  7. Our end of lease cleaners work in a systematic manner, following the top to bottom approach while covering door and windows cleaning.
  8. They follow the REIV approved cleaning checklist which helps them to match the industry standards.
  9. They include the additional services requested by the client in the cleaning process, such as carpet steam cleaning or oven and BBQ cleaning.
  10. After the cleaning is completed, they ask you to examine the property before they leave and collect your feedback.
  11. Once you are satisfied, the cleaners will leave the property, and you can then make the payment online.
  12. If the property manager comes up with an objection, we provide a free re-clean in 72 Hours.

Professional End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne, VIC

Our end of lease cleaning service has been designed keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of the clients. Our focus is to provide the best end of lease clean in Melbourne at the most competitive prices to our customers so that they do not get financially overburdened. We make all the efforts to bring your rental property back to its original condition so that you can get your full bond back.

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Cleaning With Bond Back Guarantee

End of the tenancy can be a nightmare when vacating the rental property as it requires much more than vacuuming and mopping. Usually, in such situations, tenants have to say goodbye to their security deposit. However, with our 100% service guarantee & Bond Back Guarantee (T's & C's apply) for 7 days, you can have your bond back and get your rental property cleaned with perfection. We are confident of our services and if there is any problem in getting your 100% Bond Back or your property agent finds any flaws with cleaning, we provide you with a FREE RE-CLEAN in 72 Hours. We are the cleaning experts in Melbourne who will spruce up the place as expected.

End to End Green Cleaning in Melbourne

While offering end of lease cleaning, most companies utilise readily available commercial cleaners. These are laden with harmful chemicals which clean the surfaces but cause a lot of environmental damage. They also affect the health of the cleaners since they inhale the chemical fumes while performing the task. Some of these substances are also abrasive and can deface or damage the surfaces in the rental property. Thus, our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne carry biodegradable cleaning supplies that do not create pollution. They prepare solutions with organic products and are aware of using the right amount of cleaning solutions on different surfaces.

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Cleaning That Makes Your Rental Property Stand Out

The moving process is full of stress and financially draining. If you lose your bond money to a fussy landlord, then your entire moving budget can get disturbed. Thus our end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is directed towards getting your full bond back without any cuts from the owner. Our professional cleaners are recruited locally and have the national police check certificate. They have been working as bond cleaners for the longest time and know the inside-out of the industry and its operations. These steam cleaning experts are well-versed with the cleaning of every property size and type. Our proven processes and 100% Service Guarantee have earned us the recommendation of several clients across the city.

Affordable End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

Many people avoid hiring end of lease cleaners because they fear that they will add another expense to their moving budget. However, it is wiser to get the assistance of professionals to clean your rental property, as it helps you to save a lot of time and energy. It is the mission of our cleaners to get your 100% bond back which you otherwise may lose to your haphazard cleaning. Plus, we do not have any hidden costs or additional payments which are to be paid after the service. We provide you with the final costing at the beginning of the process to maintain complete transparency. With a final quote, you have the freedom to compare it and feel satisfied about the pricing.

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1500Vacate Cleans Completed
Inclusions & Exclusions - BondCleaninginMelbourne

Our Bond cleaning service aims to clean the property to satisfy the Managing Agent (under the governance of the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008) of the cleanliness of that property for the tenant to have their bond released.

Our Bond ReturnGuarantee only covers the areas you have chosen to use our services (T's & C's Apply) .

Please see BondCleaninginMelbourne full Terms and Conditions.
Please understand that Bond Cleaning can consist of many different components. It is your duty to ensure you have covered them all. For instance, a complete Bond Clean usually consists of

  • Bond Clean (Deep clean of the property)
  • Carpet Shampoo Cleaning  (Stain Removal Not included)
    For Steam Clean please speciafically ask. 

And if required any specialty service like;

  • Pest Control
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning

Our quoting process covers these items individually, please make sure you have checked your quote for your inclusions. NOTE,each item will appear on the quote as a sperate service. For instance

  • Bond Clean
  • Carpet Clean

BondCleaninginMelbourne use the latest cleaning techniques and products however at times ‘normal wear and tear’ applies and itis not possible for us to get the item back looking like new. We will however take before and after photos of some items to prove to the Managing Agent that without specialist intervention this is the best condition the item can be in.

Bond Cleaning Inclusions (Unfurnished property)

The following services constitute our Bond Cleaning service at BondCleaninginMelbourne.

  • Remove cobwebs, insect marks and small nests where Pest control is not warranted
  • Clean fans, Air Conditioners and filters
  • Clean light fittings (where they can be safely removed and accessible)
  • Spot clean walls, light switches and power points
  • Clean skirting, architraves and doors
  • Clean drawers and cupboards including inside, doors and cupboard tops and shelving
  • Windows clean both sides (exclusions apply at heights and accessibility)
  • Vacuum sliding door tracks and clean tracks
  • Clean standard blinds, cords and rails (spot clean and dust).
  • Vacuum all the floors and carpets.
  • Mop hard floors.
  • Clean inside and outside and on top of all cupboards, doors and drawers.
  • Clean inside, outside and around stove top, elements, rings and knobs.
  • Clean inside and outside of oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass and knobs.
  • Clean inside, outside & behind refrigerator* and dishwasher* & microwave* space. (if applicable)
  • Clean and dry sink, drain holes, drainers and polish tap ware.
  • Range hood exhaust and filter -filter can be removed and cleaned.
  • Clean and polish splash back area.
  • Clean exhaust fans
  • Clean Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean toilet, behind ‘S’ bend, around cistern & under and around toilet seat..
  • Clean bath, shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens & soap holder
  • Clean sink and polish all tap ware and towel rails.
  • Clean mirrors and windows, window tracks and floors.
  • Clean Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean inside, outside and behind dryer*. Remove lint. (If applicable)
  • Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tap ware.
  • Clean behind washing machine* space. Clean equipment and filters (if applicable).
  • Clean all walls, windows, window tracks and floors
  • Sweep floor and remove cobwebs
  • Sweep and mop floors, remove cob webs.

In addition to the above items a furnished property bond clean also constitutes;
(a furnished property is quoted differently given the time required)

  • Dust and wipe over furniture surfaces
  • Kitchen cupboards will be cleaned if ALL ITEMS are removed and placed in front of the cupboard. WE TAKE NO RESPONSIBILTY or have no liability for any damage or breakages of cupboard items

NOTE: Standard blinds are blinds with a surface that can be dusted or cleaned without requiring a specialist and or extra time. For instance, material blinds or curtains would require a Blind specialist. Venetian & Roller blinds will be quoted separately based on the number of blinds in the property. Furnished properties will require a sperate quote.

*Cleaning behind/aroundthese items or any heavy object (as per our Terms and Conditions) over 5Kg must be moved by the client (and put back if applicable)for our cleaners to gain access and clean.

Additional Services (will be separately quoted)

The following services are quoted separately and will appear on your quote as a separate item.

NOTE:If they are not listed on your quote they are not included.

This list is not definitive. We have only listed the more common services, other specialty services exist such as household repairs, painters etc.

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Blinds IE Venetians
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Furnished properties
  • Pest Control
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Pressure Cleaning
Bond Cleaning Exclusions of BondCleaninginMelbourne

These items are excluded from our Bond Cleaning Service

  • We do our best to remove mould from areas however mould can be imbedded into silicon, grout and other areas. These areas will require a specialist to restore back to a normal state.
Damp Spots
  • Damp spots can happen anywhere in the house, often the ‘dry wall’ plaster can be affected. We will do our best to remove any mould and marks from Damp spots however we can’t completely make these spots disappear. These marks can return quickly due to excess moisture.
Complete Wall Clean
  • We spot clean the walls for insect marks etc .. however, a full wall clean requires more time and often does not have a different result. A full wall clean is only required if marks exist beyond normal ‘wear and tear’.
  • We will do our best to clean all items with our commercial experience however discoloration happens with normal wear and tear of the property. Often grout, toilets and plastics can discolor (often into a yellow colour) over time and they can’t be returned to their original colour without specialist intervention.
Tile And Natural Rock Stains
  • We do our best to remove stains however due to the composition of the tiles or benchtops (some being extremely porous) it is not possible to remove stains without specialist intervention.
  • We do not clean ceilings.
Dangerous Areas
  • Any areas considered by our cleaner dangerous for them to operate, this includes broken cracked PowerPoints/switches, rubbish, bio waste or any other hazard than can be deemed dangerous.
  • Our cleaners do not clean at heights. Any cleaning that requires a ladder will not be performed. For instance, Windows in a unit complex on the second floor.
Garage Walls
  • We do not clean Garage walls or floors
Specialist Services
  • Areas that require special cleaning equipment, specialist chemicals or a trained technician. Examples are Pressure cleaners (grease on garage floor), painters (walls extremely bad) or plasterer (holes in walls).
Additional Items
  • Items such as fridges, furniture or any items not listed in the inclusions will not be cleaned unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing.
Furnished (If Applicable)
  • We will not clean inside cupboards, if items are not removed.
Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)
  • We do not clean nor warrant all kitchen items that occupy cupboards and draws.
Furnished Property Exclusions
  • We do not clean or warrant, ‘nick knacks’, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorative.
Bond Back Guarantee (T's & C's Apply) Exclusions with BondCleaninginMelbourne

As well as the Bond Cleaning Exclusions, other exclusions exist that we can’t warrant under the Bond Back Guarantee  (T's & C's Apply) at BondCleaninginMelbourne.

Outside Windows
  • We will clean the outside windows where we can (excluding windows at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant them.
Outside Glass
  • We will clean outside glass where we can (excluding glass at heights or difficult access) however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant this.
Outside Areas
  • Outside areas are areas that cannot be fully protected (closed off) from weather elements. Examples are balconies and patios, or any area that cannot be completely closed off such as an outside area of a house with only three walls. As per our inclusions we will clean any outside area as required however due to weather circumstances we cannot warrant these areas.
Post Pest Control
  • We will not be responsible and do not warrant items post pest control that may require additional cleaning directly related to the Pest Control. Examples are dead insects or animals that have accumulated due to Pest control being applied to the property.
  • We do not warrant any cleaning inside or outside of the garage.
Completion Events
  • A completion event is an event that has happened after the bond clean and within the warranty period which may influence the Managing Agents release of the bond in which the bond cleaner is not responsible for. We will not be responsible nor guarantee cleanliness in such an event. To determine these events ‘common sense shall prevail’. Examples of these events are;
    • Buildup of dead insects that were alive during the clean and have since expired.
    • A build up of surface dust that has settled after the clean.
    • Dirt or grime near a window or door that has been left open.
    • Insect/animal feaces.
    • New residents have moved or moving in.
    • Access to the property by a third-party contractor that has not been approved by us.
Kitchen items (Furnished if applicable)
  • We do not clean nor warrant all kitchen items that occupy cupboards and draws.
Furnished Property Exclusions
  • We do not clean or warrant, ‘nick knacks’, picture frames, vases, lamps, clocks, fruit bowls, linen and any item that may be decorative.
Hire The Most Trusted End of Lease Cleaning Service In Melbourne
We are highly recommended by our clients as well as property managers for our impeccable end of lease cleaning.
Bond Cleaning Experts with Highest Success Rate
We take pride in being the most recognised end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne, which has helped several customers get their bond back.

It is mandatory for the tenants to get the property properly cleaned to get their full bond back. We help in this stressful task by offering a thorough and comprehensive deep cleaning by professional cleaners.

  • We offer full-service end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, which involves dusting and deep clean of every spot as described in our list of inclusions. You can get specialised services added to the checklist to customise the clean-up.
  • Our tailored packages are designed after consulting you and preparing a cleaning checklist that fulfils your individual needs.
  • We cover every part of the rooms, including the wardrobes, cabinets, shelves, walls, windows, doors, skirting boards, light fittings, ceiling fans and air conditioners.
  • Our cleaners are fully insured which means that you can stay worry-free even in case of an accident or injury on your rental property.
  • We have a wide range of cleaning appliances and tools, which are brought to the property by the professionals to offer a hi-grade service.
  • They only require hot water and electricity supply from your side and complete the whole task without disturbing you for supplies or other things.
  • They follow the instructions as provided by you and re-examine the property before leaving to make sure that they have everything covered.

We are concerned about the negative impact of commercial cleaners on environment and the pollution caused by them. Thus, we offer a high-quality clean-up with the help of specially designed cleaning agents which are eco-friendly and safe for humans.

  • Our endeavour is to make the whole process least impacting on the surroundings, and thus we stay away from the market-bought chemical-laden solutions.
  • Whether it is the cleaning of the countertop or the oven, we know that hygiene is the top priority as these are used for cooking purposes. Therefore, we use eco-friendly products on these surfaces.
  • Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne are aware of the sensitivity levels of each surface. They use only those products which do not damage the texture or affect the longevity of the surfaces.
  • The chemical fused cleaners generate fumes which are harmful for the people applying them on the property. We take care of the health of our workers and do not allow them to use the toxic products.
  • Our professionals have developed their own cleaning solutions made with natural substances that help them to get rid of all kinds of filth. These effective solutions can even break through the stubborn stains and oily grease.

Dependability is of utmost importance when you are hiring end of lease cleaners. With our 100% service guarantee and Bond Back Guarantee (T’s & C’s apply) for 7 days, you can rest assured about the effectiveness of our work and effort.

  • Our teams have received a verification certificate from the local police and all of them have been recruited locally after a thorough selection procedure.
  • They are fully insured and are trained in all the proven cleaning methods, which make them reliable.
  • Our cleaning comes with the bond back guarantee for 7 days (Ts and Cs apply) that allows our customers to put their trust in our service.
  • Our guarantee includes a free re-clean within 72 hours if you find any spots that have been missed or need more effort.
  • We have hardly ever been called for a re-clean by our customers because we always offer the best service in the first place.
  • Our competence and proficiency are hailed by our customers and they have been encouraging us with their recommendations and word of mouth publicity.
  • We extend a comfortable and relaxed service which removes all the hassles from the procedure and make the customers tension-free about their bond.

The impending inspection by the property manager or the landlord can seem like an unnerving task. Our aim is to simplify this chore by offering our better-quality service that satisfies them immediately.

  • We have made a decent investment in upgrading our tools according to the current needs of households and workplaces. From heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to pressure washers, we have everything in our gear.
  • Our end of lease cleaners in Melbourne are skilled in operating all the latest machines and use them to complete the job quickly and more resourcefully.
  • They have telescopic rods attached to the dusters which help them to reach the shelves which are placed at a height or the upper side of the ceiling fans and the chandeliers.
  • They take all the precautions while cleaning the appliances, such as the air conditioners and the oven and offer a damage-free service. The professional servicing of these machines ensures their durability.
  • All the cleaning procedures followed by our professionals are tested by us and improved over the years to the best possible service.
  • We are genuinely passionate about brightening up dull and unkempt spaces with our top-rated machines, which help in restoring the lost sheen of the rental property.

We have an expansive area of operation which allows us to cover all the parts of Melbourne and its surrounding areas. We are locally available which allows us to be on time every time.

  • The capital city of Victoria is densely populated and witnesses the migration of a lot of working professionals and business minded people to the region. They need rented spaces and usually move after a few years. We help them get their bond back every time.
  • People living in leased spaces must move after the end of the lease and this happens all the time until they find a place of their own. Bond Cleaning In Melbourne caters to their needs with perfection.
  • With our bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply), they can focus on other important tasks of moving.
  • The median house rent in the city stands at $430 pw and has a variety of properties available for lease including new apartments and old houses. We clean every property with the same zeal and attention to detail.
  • Some of the suburbs we cover include Abbotsford, Brunswick, Carlton, Collingwood, Craigieburn, Elwood, Footscray, Kew, Northcote, Prahran, Reservoir, Southbank, St Kilda, and others.

Tenants avoid hiring end of lease cleaners in Melbourne because they feel that they will add another cost to the list of moving expenses. However, they fail to understand that they are risking their bond retrieval without professional help.

  • Our affordable service is what has placed us in the good books of our clients. We do not believe in promoting highly priced services to display our superiority or premium quality.
  • Our work speaks for itself, and thus we let the feedback of our satisfied clients do the talking. We do not have to push up the prices to gain the attention of our customers.
  • Our costing is based on the size of the property and specific requirements of the customers. We do not have any hidden costs and all quotes are given upfront at the time of booking.
  • Our support team gives you the final price when you give us a call. It helps you to consider the expense of the service and how it will affect your budget.
  • We assure you that we do not try to extract additional costs from you and stick to the quote offered upfront.
Our Extensive End of Lease Cleaning Service
We understand the importance of the bond and know how that money can come handy at the time of relocation. Thus, we do everything possible to get it back for you so that you can have a comfortable move.

We have been working in the city and its suburbs for a long time which has given us a competitive edge in the industry. Our cleaning is approved by the real estate agents without any hassles.

  • With our in-depth knowledge of the cleaning procedures, our end of lease cleaning is a notch above the rest. We are aware of the usual dirty spaces in households and offices and spruce them up quickly.
  • Our workers are extremely cautious about removing every dust particle from the surfaces and getting rid of the rough stains that are diminishing the lustre of the space.
  • We spare no effort in dissolving the grime and breaking through the dried-up piles of accumulated dust in the windowsills and the sliding door tracks.
  • We offer a 100% service guarantee for our work, which is effective in securing the deposit through the satisfaction of the landlord.
  • Our passionate team delivers the best results and takes care of the property to restore it to the same condition in which it was at the time of moving in.
  • From the dirt hiding in the exhaust fan of the bathroom to the greasy rangehood filter, we clean everything meticulously for perfect results.

We have a team of support providing experts who are adept at offering guidance and work with you to get you the service you want. You can contact them without any difficulties.

  • Effortless and simple booking procedure is our forte. The customers just have to call us to get the time slot they need for the cleaning.
  • Our accommodating scheduling helps you to pick up the date which suits your need and our customer care team books it for you.
  • They determine the final cost on the call as per the information gathered from you about the size and condition of the property to be cleaned.
  • Our team gives you all the assistance you need to understand our procedures in detail and provide information about the inclusions and exclusions, which are also provided on the website.
  • If you have any feedback to offer, then you can call us to give us the same. We look forward to such information from our customers to improve our procedures.
  • Our support team is quick and responsive and offers the best advice you seek so that you can have a comfortable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

Every tenant at the end of the tenancy is concerned about the bond and this makes them restless and stressed. However, hiring professional end of lease cleaners helps in getting rid of this tension.

  • Bond Cleaning In Melbourne offers a bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply), which is helpful in reducing the anxiety and pressure.
  • It gives the customers the opportunity to invest the precious time left before moving in other vital chores, such as getting the address changed at relevant places, getting the utilities transferred and more.
  • It gives them the time to declutter the house and pack at their own pace and hire removalists for the moving work as we offer an affordable service.
  • The guarantee works as a surety for the customers that they will be able to get their money back safely without having to clean the property from one corner to the other.
  • The free re-clean within 72 hours acts as an additional cover which leaves nothing to chance and allows the customers to loosen up and unwind.
  • In addition, we offer 100% service guarantee which further builds the trust of our customers in the service.

We are professionally qualified to clean households as well as offices. We are not concerned about the size of the property and give you an unmatched service that saves both time and energy.

  • Our end of lease cleaning in Melbourne covers both residential and commercial spaces and makes them ready for inspection by the landlord or the real estate agent.
  • It is our mission to get the bond back of our clients so that they are not financially drained at the time of relocation.
  • We disinfect the leased space carefully so that the next tenant does not have to step into a filthy or germ-infested house or office.
  • We know that office cleaning is different from house cleaning, and thus train our employees appropriately. Our cleaners are aware of the dirty spaces and clean in accordance with the REIV approved cleaning checklist, which helps them to follow the industry standards.
  • We are also aware of the fact that every house is different and needs a customised approach to meet the needs of the landlord. Thus, we ask our customers to provide us with their set of requirements.
  • We have the capability and competence to give you the exact service you deserve for the price paid.

No one wants to spend the last few days of tenancy in sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. It takes a toll on your body and leaves you with no time to pack your belongings and get them moved to the new place.

  • Our service is highly demanded in the busy capital city as the cleaning task becomes daunting during the end of the tenancy. For working professionals, it is a bit too much to cope up with the challenge.
  • Our end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is thus preferred by one and all to avoid the slogging and have an effortless move.
  • We have an affordable service which helps you to take a back seat from the arduous chore and let the professionals do their job.
  • If you are hiring our cleaners for the first time, then we also provide you with a 10% discount, which makes it even more tempting.
  • With our 100% service guarantee and bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply), clients get the contentment which is needed at the time of moving with the belongings.
  • We do not bother you with anything throughout the cleaning and you can even enjoy the day at leisure while we clean up the property for you.

Security of the belongings of the landlord present on the property can make you rethink about hiring end of lease cleaners. However, with our police verified professionals, you can debunk all such doubts.

  • Our professionals are qualified and trained and work passionately to make your house or office sanitised and germ-free.
  • They have the knowledge of preparing the right solutions with adequate cleaning agents to disinfect a variety of spaces in the house, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.
  • They use only biodegradable materials for the job, which ensures that they remain unharmed and the surfaces stay damage-free.
  • The insurance of the cleaners acts as a security cover for the clients as they are not liable in case of any mishap or injury.
  • If you plan to get the property cleaned without supervision, you can trust us without a doubt. Our cleaners will do the needful and will place the keys back from where they fetched it.
  • Disinfection is an essential part of our service and we do not miss it as there is a greater emphasis on sanitation in the recent times. We make the space completely healthy and hygienic.

For Guaranteed End Of Lease Cleaning In Melbourne, Call Us Today!

What our clients are saying

Very helpful and easy communication with the whole process.

Juan Manalo

This is the 2nd time I've booked a bond clean through BCIC and was really happy again. The office staff were really helpful (especially after I stuffed up my original quote request). The cleaning and carpet cleaning teams were both very friendly and professional and did a great job!

Natalie Godeck

The cleaner, Leteisha, was fantastic! She did an amazing job.


Very professional and a job well done.

Adrianna Congiu

The cleaning was done really well. Thats more of a complement to the cleaner over the company. Happy with the clean, got my bond back etc.

Jessirie Dilag

Great Job - Unit left clean and tidy Thank you


Neeraj did a great job.

Rick Fiedler

I received my bond back in full. Booking process and communication with the cleaner were easy and straightforward. The quote was accurate.

Alycia Crofton

Most cleaning done to a very good standard.

Lior B Maisner

Very quick and easy to setup a time and the overall clean was great.

Darrin Crilly
woman cleaner standing with folded handser
Skilled Staff

We have a competent team of well-trained and fully insured end of lease cleaners who know their job well.

Appropriate Tools

Our professionals have the latest tools which make the process quick and highly productive.

Flexible Bookings

Whether you need to book the job for the weekend or a holiday, we offer customised scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our cleaning prices are dependent on the size and condition of the property. The average price for a 1-bedroom unit is approx. $250, $300 for 2-bedroom units and $420 for 4-bedroom houses. For a customised quote, you must contact our customer care executives on 03 9068 8186. We note down the number of rooms, windows, closets, cabinets, washrooms, inside and outside requirements, and then offer a personalised and upfront cost for the area.
We have the easiest way of booking a cleaning job. Here is what you need to do.
  • You can schedule an end of lease cleaning in Melbourne by filling out the ‘Request a Quote’ form on our website. Our customer care executives will respond back at the earliest.
  • You can also give us a call at 03 9068 8186 to speak directly to our executives who will understand your cleaning requirements and the condition of the property.
  • They will then provide you with an upfront quote and will book a job on the date and time that is convenient for you.
  • Our flexible scheduling helps customers to get their properties cleaned within the days chosen by them. We are available from Monday to Saturday 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. So you can get in touch with us at any working hour and we will be happy to assist you.
  • After the booking is done, our end of lease cleaners arrive at your doorstep for the service and carefully tidy up the place. We work with complete dedication and follow your instructions and the REIV approved cleaning checklist.
  • After we have completed the task, we ask for your feedback and get going.
  • If you feel that the cleaners have not done their job thoroughly, then we arrange for a free re-clean in 72 hours. However, you will never need this free service because our professionals always work to the best of their ability.
  • Our mission is to get your bond back so that you can enjoy a relaxing move.
The average time taken to clean the property is dependent on the size and the condition of the property. There are no standard hours for the jobs as it varies for different types of properties and customers. Some clients need additional services like pressure cleaning, which can increase the time of the job. We are generally able to complete the cleaning of a 1-bedroom unit in 5-6 hours and a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit in 8-12 hours. However, this can also vary if the property has not been cleaned in months or was locked up for weeks before our cleaners arrived. To get a customised quote and timeline for your property, please contact us at 03 9068 8186 and inform our representatives about the number of rooms, carpets, windows cleaning requirements and any other disinfecting needs. We will provide you with the exact duration. It is also significant to inform us about the additional services required so that we can add them to the cleaning checklist and provide you with the final pricing upfront. With our quick service, you do not have to wait for anything. We offer transparent pricing, and you can get the quote without any obligations. Also, our state-of-the-art tools allow us to finish the cleaning tasks quickly as compared to other service providers. The experience and expertise of our cleaners comes handy in further reducing the timelines. Thus, you can get the best service in the shortest possible time with our reputed company. So, contact us today to get your free quote.
Professional cleaning is quite different from DIY cleaning, which does not yield the same results. Here is what makes Bond Cleaning In Melbourne stand apart.
  • We offer a bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) which gives our customers the assurance of a flawless clean-up.
  • Our cleaning is based on proven and tested methods and result-driven approach.
  • We have the best team of locally recruited cleaners in the city who have been working in the field for years.
  • Our service is time-saving and precise, which helps in driving out all the dust and germs from every corner of the property within the required timeframe.
  • We use only organic and non-toxic cleaning agents for sanitisation.
  • Bond Cleaning In Melbourne has police-verified and fully insured cleaners who are intensively trained in all the cleaning procedures including steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, wooden floor cleaning, polishing of tapware, etc.
  • Our professionals are equipped with all the advanced tools and REIV-approved checklist to provide you with the best results.
  • Our mission is to get your deposit back safely by working on the cleaning and sanitisation of every surface so that it looks brand-new.
  • From blinds, skirting boards and doorknobs to ovens, carpets and range hoods, our service covers everything.
Yes, we can assure thorough cleaning only when the house or office is vacant. Since the end of lease cleaning is required at the time of moving out of the property, it is best to move out all the furniture and then get it cleaned. This way, we will get an open space without any hindrance and interference to complete the task. If the rented space is filled with bulky furniture and the fixtures are stuffed with your belongings, it would not be possible for us to clean the property. Thus you must book the removalists first to get the stuff transported before the arrival of the end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. Also, moving all the furniture and luggage out will help in bringing the hidden dust to the surface which can be effectively wiped out. After moving the furniture, you can choose to stay or leave the property. We will call you once we are finished with the cleaning to examine our work. However, if you plan to stay, then make sure that there are no kids and pets in the house as they can disrupt the cleaning process or get hurt. If you are busy on that day with the relocation, then you can leave the keys at a safe place. Our cleaners will pick them up and put them back once they are done with the assigned task. You can trust our professionals without thinking twice as they are police verified and fully insured. Thus, you can stop worrying about the fixtures and leave the property unsupervised if you want.
  • End of lease cleaning is the thorough cleaning of the rented property at the end of the tenancy to get the bond back.
  • The deep cleaning brings the house back to the condition in which it was at the time of moving in, barring fair wear and tear.
  • Most homes accumulate dust, grime, grunge and oil stains over the period of tenancy, which stay hidden behind the furniture and other belongings. It makes the space unhygienic and challenging to clean on your own.
  • Professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne pay special attention to getting rid of all the dirt and germs from the premises.
  • Our cleaners are well-versed in the task and start from the top making their way to the bottom for a thorough clean-up.
  • They clean the cobwebs from the ceilings, remove the dust from the doors, cabinets and drawers.
  • They clean the walls and windows and polish the doorknobs and cabinet handles. We utilise organic solutions to clean the surfaces.
  • The natural cleaners ensure that the house is devoid of toxins and ready for leasing. We remove all the tough stains and marks from the walls, windows, tiles, glass doors, etc.
  • We meticulously clean the oven, air conditioner, range hood to remove all the grime and grunge from the interiors and the racks.
  • We do not miss the spaces behind the dishwasher and the oven which are the hiding spots for dust and dirt. We clean the sink, faucets and the drain hole. The entire house is cleaned to make it shine up like new.
We offer a bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply), which means that our cleaners will leave no stone unturned in offering deep cleaning of the property. If you find any unclean spots or stains, which have not been cleaned thoroughly, then we will come back for a free reclean within 72 hours. However, we do not ever give our clients a chance to feel dissatisfied with our work. Our 100% service guarantee makes sure that you get complete value for money and your bond back. Thus, you can let go of all the worries related to your deposit and stay calm throughout the moving out process. Our bond back guarantee cleaning helps you to concentrate on other important chores while we take care of the cleaning. The assurance showcases our professional approach and prioritisation of customer satisfaction. If you have additional needs, then we can accommodate them in our checklist and provide you with the final pricing upfront. We offer a complete makeover of the property, which includes windows, walls, cupboards, fixtures and appliances like air conditioners and range hood. You can count on us if you do not have the time and energy to uplift the appearance of your rented place at the end of the tenancy.
Yes, of course. Our end of lease cleaning includes window cleaning from both inside and outside if they are accessible. However, we do not operate on heights as it can be dangerous for our cleaners. Thus if your property is located on the second or third floor and needs a ladder for window cleaning, then we will not be able to clean them from outside. We do not work on heights and in dangerous areas. If the windows are accessible without any support from outside, then we will happily and meticulously get them cleaned. Our professionals clean all the dust and then wash the windows with an organic glass cleaning solution. They make sure not to cause scratching or grazing of the glass. They windows are then wiped with a dry microfibre cloth which helps in removing any leftover water droplets or soap. We dust the blinds as well and vacuum them to bring back their lost shine. We do not forget the windowsills which are usually filled with dirt and dust bunnies. Our cleaners pay special attention to the cleaning of the hinges and the lock which have a lot of dirty fingerprints. Thus we offer a flawless cleaning of the windows if we can reach them.

Extending a safe and secure end of lease cleaning service is our utmost priority and that is why all our professionals are fully insured. Here is how we maintain the safety of our procedures.

  • Our cleaners are locally hired industry experts who have been trained in cleaning for months, which makes them the best in the industry for the job.
  • Also, all of them are verified by the police and are fully insured which enhances the trust of our customers in our service. You can even leave the property unsupervised.
  • They use REIV approved cleaning checklist which helps them to adhere to the highest industry standards and benchmarks.
  • They are well-versed in disinfection, sanitisation and steam cleaning of various surfaces without causing any defacement or damage to the fixtures like carpets, wooden floors, glass doors and windows.
  • They use chemical-free cleaning agents and solutions which make sure that the environment is not affected by the clean-up.
  • You can rely on them to get a careful and impeccable end of lease cleaning service without getting into any disputes with the landlord during the inspection.
  • We treat your property as our own and clean it with sincerity. Our bond back guarantee for seven days (Ts and Cs apply) makes us accountable and responsible.
Ideally, you should book end of lease cleaning in Melbourne a week before you plan to move out. It is essential because of the following reasons:
  • It will allow us to allocate resources on the preferred date without any delay on the desired date.
  • However, if you are confused and have not got a booking done until the last moment, then you can give us a call to check about the availability of our cleaners.
  • If we have any free slots, we might be able to accommodate you on the given date. However, it is better to plan the cleaning in advance so that you have ample time to move out your stuff and get the cleaning done without any delay.
  • Also, most of the times our cleaners have busy schedules so we may not be able to accept an immediate cleaning job.
  • It is highly recommended to keep a minimum gap of 1 or 2 days between the day of cleaning and the date of inspection.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the house or the office does not become dirty once again.
  • If there is a 4-5-day gap until the inspection, the vacant property will attract dust, mites and dirt and will not be able to satisfy the landlord or the real estate agent.
To prepare, make sure that you remove all the furniture before the arrival of the cleaners. The fixtures and appliances belonging to the landlord can stay. If you will not be present in the house, please keep the keys at an accessible spot and inform the cleaners about it. If the property has an alarm system, do not forget to turn it off. If you have any special requests for additional services like pest control, let the support team know in advance. They will add the cost to the quote and send the professionals with the right supplies and tools to complete the task.
No, we provide free quotes to all customers without any obligations. When you contact us to get an estimate, you only need to provide us the details of the size of the leased property and its condition. Our support team will calculate the final price and provide you with it for free. Thus, you do not have to pay anything before you make the decision to book. You can use the quote to compare the prices offered by other service providers and choose the best service that meets your expectations. Our transparent pricing comes with no additional or hidden charges.

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