Essential Cleaning Tips For Melbourne Homes With Carpet Flooring

Essential Cleaning Tips For Melbourne Homes With Carpet Flooring

By : angila

Carpets add an aesthetic feel to your flooring and increase your home’s curb appeal. But over time, these carpet fibres can attract pet dander, hair, skin cells, pollen, dirt and dust mites that get embedded in the fabric and hamper the indoor air quality of your home. Besides this, soil and mud from foot traffic can weaken the fabrics of your carpet and make it look old and worn out. Thus, it is necessary to make carpet cleaning a part of your regular cleaning schedule so that you can revive the colour and fabric and make them last longer.

You should also get a deep cleaning done by professional cleaners in Melbourne every 12 to 18 months so that your carpets are free of germs and allergens and can look new and fresh. Here are some reasons why you must keep your carpets clean and tips on how to do this: 

Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Carpets Regularly 

Improve Indoor Air Quality

One of the biggest reasons you must pick up your vacuum to clean your carpets is to remove dirt, dust, harmful pollen allergens, germs and bacteria that get embedded in your carpets over time. These allergens can become airborne with foot traffic and cause respiratory problems like bronchitis and trigger allergies like asthma.

Adds An Aesthetic Appeal To Your Home

Bright and fluffy carpet fabrics can add to your home decor and aesthetic appeal and increase its curb value. This is especially true of wall-to-wall carpeting, which can add a warm and cosy appearance to your home and make it more attractive to future tenants.

Increases The Lifespan Of Your Carpets

Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help revive your carpet fabrics and make them last longer, so you do not have to keep replacing them. You should also get deep-cleaning done every 12-18 months by end of lease cleaning Melbourne professionals to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh.

Now that you understand why it is necessary to maintain your carpets regularly, here are some useful cleaning tips for your Melbourne home:

Essential Cleaning Tips For Your Carpets 

Use A High-Quality Vacuum At Least Once A Week

The best way to keep your carpeted floors clean and free of dirt and grime is to vacuum them at least once a week. You can increase this frequency if you have kids and pets at home and use a high-quality vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter that traps even the tiniest dirt particles.

End-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne also recommend pulling the vacuum slowly and using overlapping motions to clean deeply embedded dirt particles in your carpets. You can also invest in a vacuum with high suction power and a rotating head that thoroughly cleans in between your carpet fibres.


Here are some tips to help you solve the worst carpet problems.

Treat Stains And Spills On The Spot

Next, you can extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking fresh by cleaning spills and stains as they occur. The best way to do this is by first blotting the stain with a clean white cloth to remove the liquid and dirt and then using a solution of vinegar and water to lighten and remove the stain. You can then dry the spot again with a clean cloth and vacuum the area to fluff up the carpet fabrics.


You can use these tips to remove wine stains from your carpets.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals That Damage Your Carpet

Next, another tip that can save your carpets and make them last longer is avoiding harsh chemical cleaning solutions. These contain chemicals that weaken the fabric of your carpet fibres and wear them out over time. These chemicals also release toxic residues in your home that are harmful if inhaled and can cause severe allergies and breathing problems.

Instead of these harsh chemical cleaners, you can use natural solutions like vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide that are cost-effective and will not hamper your indoor air quality.


You must test these cleaners on a hidden spot to see if they will discolour or damage the fabric and then proceed.

Use Carpet Protectors To Prevent Indentations

If you have a lot of heavy-duty and bulky furniture in your home, it can leave indentations and marks on your carpets. To avoid this, you can rotate your furniture periodically and use carpet protectors under furniture to keep your carpets in good shape.

For indentation marks, you can place ice over the area, and once it melts, blot the area with a clean towel. Next, iron the cloth over these marks to fluff up the carpet fibres.

Place Door Mats And Rugs In High-Foot Traffic Areas

You can also keep your carpets from getting heavily soiled by placing doormats and rugs in high-foot traffic areas like the entranceways. These can be easily removed and cleaned in your laundry and will help keep your home cleaner and more hygienic. You can also ask your guests to leave their shoes outside and use indoor slippers to prevent soil on your carpets.

Get A Professional Cleaning Done Once A Year

Even though regular maintenance will help keep your carpets clean and hygienic, you must hire professionals to deep-clean your carpets every 12-18 months.

These experts use advanced solutions, high-quality tools and years of expertise to remove deeply embedded dirt, clear old discolourations and stains, remove indentations and revive the look and feel of your carpet. You can also get a steam cleaning done that uses steam to kill microbes and germs in your carpet fibres.

Some Additional Tips 

  • Get rid of foul carpet smells like pet urine with baking soda
  • Use shaving cream to remove dirt and soil from your carpets
  • Heat wax stains on your carpet with a hot cloth and then scrape it off with a butter knife
  • Wet a squeegee and move it across your carpets to get rid of pet hair
  • Harden gum with an ice cube for 30 seconds and then use a spoon to scrape it off 


The above tips will help keep your carpeted floors in Melbourne clean and looking fresh and hygienic. You must also check your manufacturer’s guidelines for specific cleaning and maintenance instructions and safe products that you can use on your carpets.