Genius Hacks That Will Solve The Worst Carpet Problems

woman spraying solution on the carpet

Genius Hacks That Will Solve The Worst Carpet Problems

By : angila
Your carpet is not as clean as you think it is! It may look beautiful to your naked eyes, but deep down in your carpet fibre, there is dust, bacteria, pet and human hair, dirt, allergens, grime, and many other harmful substances. That’s why you need to clean your carpets on a regular basis. Proper cleaning not only enhances the appearance but also increases the life of your expensive floor coverings. It also helps improve the air quality as the fibres of the carpet tend to trap pollutants like dust, dirt, mould spores, etc. Cleaning of carpets is always a significant factor when it comes to bond cleaning in Melbourne. And in most of the cases where the tenant doesn’t get the bond money back, inadequate cleaning of carpets has been the main culprit. Faded colour, stains and spots on your carpet top the list of reasons for which a substantial amount of your bond money is deducted. So, what is the solution? An experienced end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne can save you money. With advanced equipment and technical knowledge, the experts ensure high-quality cleaning service. But, in case you want to clean your carpets on your own, the following hacks can solve the worst carpet problems. Let’s have a look:

1. Deal With the Stains

You must be taking many precautions to keep your valuable carpet clean and free of stubborn stains, but they are most likely to happen at some point in time. So, you should know how to tackle different types of stains. Always remember that it is vital to clean the spills immediately to get rid of it altogether. The longer it stays, the harder it becomes to remove. Red Wine stains: Immediately blot the spilled wine on a carpet with the help of a paper towel or rag. Apply some cold water and then continue to blot. Pour salt on the wet stain and let it absorb the moisture. Leave it overnight, if needed, and vacuum in the morning. Coffee stains: Use a paper towel to blot the spilled coffee on a carpet. Make a solution using lukewarm water and lemon juice. Dip the cloth in the mixture and press it onto the stain. Then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture. You can also make a mix of vinegar and dishwashing soap to clean and disinfect your house as well as the carpet. Food stains: To get rid of the food stains, you can use either vinegar or baking soda paste and in some cases, both of them. First, remove the food chunks and then use a wet sponge to remove stains as much as possible. Then apply the solution on it and let it sit for at least five minutes. Finally, rinse with water.

2. Get Rid of the Pet Hair

Pet hair in carpet is a pervasive problem but let’s accept that we all find it very hard to remove even after the vacuuming. Thankfully, we have a couple of practical ways to tackle this problem. Use a window squeegee: Apart from cleaning the steamy mirrors, a squeegee can do an excellent job in removing the pet hair from your carpets. Simple drag it on your carpet from one end to another end. Time to time rinse it thoroughly. Use a Balloon: Simple inflates a balloon and rubs it in carpet surface where there is pet hair. You will see the hair is getting attracted to the balloon surface due to the static electricity that generated due to rubbing. But if you want flawless cleaning in real quick time, hire the professional cleaners in Melbourne for the job. They have all the advanced tools and technical knowledge to tackle such problems.

3. Use Vacuum Cleaner like a Pro

The vacuum cleaner is an excellent machine to keep your house healthy and free from dust and dirt, especially if you have carpets. But there are few things that you should know to extract maximum benefits out of it. Maintain the right speed of Vacuum: You need to give your machine enough time to absorb the right amount of dirt. One quick pass is excellent for the low-traffic areas, but when it comes to carpets, make it at least two slow passes. Ensure the safety of Vacuum: Before you start vacuuming the floors, make sure you have removed all the tiny objects from the carpet. It will not only help you clean your floor covering quickly but also prevent the small objects from getting stuck in the machine. These objects can break an internal part of the device. Note: Try walk-off mats to keep dirt off the carpet. Use coarse-textured mats at the entrance to remove soil while water-absorbent mats can help to keep the wet shoes away from the carpet.

4. Hire Professionals for Carpet Cleaning

It may sound effortless to clean the carpets on your own, but in reality, it is quite challenging. That’s why you need to contact a professional cleaning company in Melbourne to accomplish the job effectively. They have experienced professionals with advanced equipment and in-depth technical knowledge to clean your carpets and other areas of the house effectively and flawlessly.


It is vital to clean your carpet regularly to maintain the hygiene and health of your family. The tips mentioned above can help you keep your carpet clean. But if you wish to clean your carpet deep and maintain the health and hygiene of your family, hire the professional cleaning company like Bond Cleaning in Melbourne for the job. They have all the technical knowledge, advanced equipment, safe restorative solutions and eco-friendly cleaners to give you the best cleaning experience.