How to Get Rid of Strong Odours in Your Carpet?

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How to Get Rid of Strong Odours in Your Carpet?

By : angila
Carpets are prone to clinging on to smells as it has the fibre which can attract and catch odour as well as dust. Your carpet is the prime smell trapper of your home. After all, it bears all the brunt of the household activity. It’s spilled on, sat on, stamped on, and if you have pets in your house, then your home always have a smell roaming around. Carpets complete the look of your room, but the harsh reality is that it gets dirty very quickly. And because the material of the carpet is such that it tends to absorb things, it holds on to the pungent smells from accidents, smoking, spills, pets etc. Fresh odours in your carpet can still be treated, but if it’s not fresh, then the best suggestion is to take professional help from end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. DIY tips may work, but that would be risk-taking. Some people end up destroying the whole carpet, and they have to throw it off and buy a new one. If you don’t want to take any risk with your carpet, then hire the best cleaners in Melbourne for the job. Strong odours cause irritation, you can’t breathe properly and thus feel like throwing away the carpets. But thankfully there are some remedies available which can help you remove it. Here are the simple tricks to get rid of stinking smells from your carpets-

Cleaning regularly

Clean your carpet regularly using a vacuum cleaner. Don’t just mop it using a broom or cloth that cleans the visible dust only but by using a vacuum cleaner; you can prevent any dust or stain from settling on it. Vacuum regularly.

Take action immediately

As soon as you get any smell from your carpet, start vacuuming it without wasting any time. Also for better results use a bigger vacuum cleaner instead of using the small hand cleaners. This will clear most of the dust from the carpet. Keep your floors clean. Using deodorising products and natural carpet cleaning product on a regular basis will maintain your home’s cleanness and freshness.

Create a perfect living environment

Prevention is better than cure. If you take care, then it will be easy for you instead of trying to get rid of the stubborn odours. The most important rule is proper ventilation. Make sure your house is appropriately ventilated especially if there is a smoking person. If your room is closed totally, then the smell will remain trapped in the fabrics. Humidity is also another reason for bad smell of your carpet. If there is too much moisture inside the room, then the carpet will start smelling very quickly hence it’s important to create a perfect living environment and dehumidify your house.

Soapy water

The simplest way to clean it is using soapy water. This you must do especially when pet waste or food remains are lying on it. Use soapy water and try to clean your carpet. The soap will help in getting rid of bad odour.

Baking soda

General odours are common for every carpet. Baking soda is well known for removing odours. And the best thing is that it’s very easy to use and effective too. It is readily available in the market also. Baking soda will defuse the odours hidden in the carpet. Create a slim coat of baking soda and sprinkle it all above the carpet. However, if it makes clumps while spreading it then use your hands. Let it sit. You must give several hours to settle the baking soda. You can also let it sit for overnight to get the best results. If the smell is too bad, then you can keep it for two days also. If there is a need to walk on the carpet in this area, then cover it with a sheet. Vacuum it after that.

Mixing baking soda with other ingredients

In case baking soda doesn’t work alone, you can make solutions with it. Chemicals like borax and some ground spices can also make a great solution. Cinnamon is the best choice in this case. You just need to add half a cup of baking soda, half a cup of borax and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix these ingredients well and store them. Sprinkle this mix on the smelly carpet and leave it for an hour or so. Vacuum clean it after that and you will smell the spices and not odour anymore. This method is best for pet smells on the carpet. One suggestion is to abstain from using cinnamon if you have a light coloured carpet.
White Vinegar is again a very effective method to get rid of carpet smell. Add parts of water in the vinegar in equal parts. Spray it all over the carpet, or you can also use a cloth to blot it off. Let the vinegar set on the carpet for around 15 minutes. Vinegar has the acid that helps fight the bacteria on the carpet. After that, rinse it using clean water. Absorb all the water present in the carpet. Let it dry completely. Be sure not to add too much vinegar as it can leave your house with its smell. You can use this method multiple times to remove the odour to the core.
Using vodka for cleaning your bad smelling carpet is also really beneficial. Vodka can be used as a natural stain remover as it kills bacteria and germs. Vodka is great for all kinds of stubborn smells, especially pet urine. Spray a bit of vodka on top of the carpet after spot cleaning. You can leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Use paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Vacuum clean the carpet and you are done.
Carpet cleaning solutions
Carpet cleaning solution is also available in the markets if you want to use it. However, you will need to have the cleaning machine also to use that solution. Hence it is better to ask professional cleaners to do the chore for you. As it might get difficult to use the cleaning machines and anything can go wrong in using the market cleaning solutions.
Wrapping Up
Even if after using these methods your carpet doesn’t smell pleasant and you are not satisfied with the results, you can contact a professional carpet cleaner like Bond Cleaning in Melbourne. They are experienced in making the carpet stain free and have the best equipment and solutions to do it the right way. Also, they use natural cleaning techniques that are fast and of the best quality with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.