Helpful Strategies For Removing Dust And Odours In Your Home

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Helpful Strategies For Removing Dust And Odours In Your Home

By : angila
There is no denying the fact that most of the household dust comes from dead skin, dust mites, pollen and pet hairs that float on the slightest air current and quickly settle on different surfaces in your house. This could cause some severe health issues and allergic reactions, especially if you have toddlers or elders in your home.

If you want to ensure a healthy environment inside your abode, then regular removal of dust is imperative. A well-performed dust removal and prevention techniques can resolve the issues related to unwanted odours as well. If you are living in a rental property and want a deep clean before the end of your tenancy period, then consider hiring professionals for end of lease cleaning in Brunswick.

They will give you the best cleaning experience, along with your full bond money. Professional cleaners know how to impress the landlords with thorough bond cleaning, and that would be a plus point for you. They know how to treat dust and dirt particles and have the best equipment to get the job done in a short time span.

But if you are cleaning your house on a regular basis, then the following tips will help you a lot. All you need is the right cleaning equipment and helpful strategies to keep your home dust and odour-free.

Dust Removal Tips

1. Clean your Ceiling fans, light fixtures and switchboards

Keep the ceiling walls, fans and light fixtures dust-free if you want to ensure a healthy and hygienic home. Consider the following tips for better results:

  • Before you begin, leave a big cloth or towel on the furniture or below the fan and fixture to grab the dust that falls.
  • Use old pillowcases to get rid of dust from the blades of your ceiling fans. With the help of the stairs, you can reach to the length of your fan. After that, cover the blades with the pillowcases and grip down the collected dust. Make sure you shake the dust off outside the house.
  • To clean entangled parts of your light fixtures and fittings, use a clean paintbrush. It is a great tool when it comes to removing dust from intricate parts of doors, windows and light fixtures.
2. Remove dust from hard surfaces

Eliminating accumulated dust from hard surfaces such as shelves, desks, cupboard and floors becomes imperative when you have small kids in your house. Instead of using a dry cloth, opt for the damp duster to collect dust from hard surfaces.

If you have any decorative piece, then clean it using a soft cloth or the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. For better outcomes, you can make the use of an ostrich feather. It will help you attract dust without dispersing it on the floor or any other furniture.

3. Window Cleaning

Leaving windows spotless is a tedious task as it requires both time and effort. But with the help of these useful tips, you can avoid having to redo your window cleaning chore:

  • Sweep dust and dirt particles from the window frame using a microfiber cloth or a clean duster. Use a paintbrush to target those narrow spaces between the frames and grills.
  • Also, fetch dust using a vacuum cleaner. This will prevent dirt from converting into a muddy mess.
  • Pop out your window screen and wash them with hot water. Use a soft brush to get rid of grime.
  • Don’t forget to dust blinds and shades. A microfiber cloth will work amazing while cleaning your window blinds and shades.

Tip: Avail for professional window cleaning service in Brunswick if you are unable to clean them. They can reduce the stress out of your house cleaning chores and give you best results using safe and sound products.

4. Keep floor coverings dust-free

Vacuum cleaning is one of the best ways for keeping pet hairs, pollens, dead skin and other dry dust away from floor coverings such as carpets and rugs. It can help you fetch dust deep inside your carpet fibres in seconds. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner can even trap the smallest particles without giving you a hint of stress.

5. Dust your furniture

The best way is to capture the dust particles and then remove them thoroughly. You can use effective dusting tools such as vacuum cleaner and attach a brush to it – this trick will work for you.

Vacuum clean your sofa, upholstery and other furniture in a matter of few minutes. When it comes to choosing a dust cloth for furniture cleaning, make sure you use the microfiber electrostatic cloth. It can attract the dust quickly and remove them from any surface in a breeze.

Deodorise your Home

1. Clean your Trash Can

Removing trash from your house in Brunswick won’t be enough until you keep your trash can clean. Get rid of bad odours, for a healthy home environment, by sprinkling in baking soda under the liner of the can. Use a disinfecting spray to stop the breeding of harmful bacteria and germs.

2. Clean up your refrigerator

Your fridge and freezer smell unpleasant due to the pungent food such as leftovers and stinky cheese. To remove odours from refrigerator, you can store a bowl of baking soda inside the fridge and freezer. This will work super-amazing for you.

3. Create a natural air perfume

All you need is water, a lemon, rosemary, vanilla extract and a small stockpot to make natural air fresheners. Add water to the stock pot and sprinkle a few drops of vanilla extract. Add one sliced lemon and few springs of rosemary. Let it simmer all day – this will work as a natural air fresher and remove all the unwanted odours.


The strategies mentioned above in this article should be followed once or twice in a week if you want to maintain a clean, healthy and allergy-free environment inside your home. Make sure your home smells good as well.

can also hire a company for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Brunswick if you want to return your rental property for the sake of your bond money. Professional cleaners know the best cleaning strategies and always carry the high-end cleaning equipment to give you quality outcomes.