Here’s What to Know Before Steam Cleaning Anything

Here’s What to Know Before Steam Cleaning Anything

By : angila
Steam cleaning has emerged as a transformative force in the world of household cleaning. It provides a powerful combination of efficiency and sanitisation that beats most traditional methods. For people who have been looking for an eco-friendly way to clean the surfaces in their homes, steam cleaning is the ideal solution. It offers plenty of benefits, including killing germs and bacteria as well as eliminating stubborn stains and grime. All of that can be done without the use of toxic chemicals. However, you cannot go straight to using this method without knowing certain details. Adequate information will help you use the steam cleaner effectively and eliminate bacteria and germs. Such knowledge has enabled budget end of lease cleaners in Melbourne to use the machine perfectly. Here is what you should know before steam cleaning anything. Utilise this information to clean your home’s surfaces from top to bottom.

1. Understanding Steam Cleaning

Before getting started with steam cleaning, it is essential to learn about how this transformative cleaning method works. Basically, steam cleaning uses hot water vapour’s power to clean and sanitise surfaces naturally. It is very different from traditional methods, where the use of chemicals is visible. The steam is produced through boiling water. The temperature is usually anywhere between 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, the generated steam is applied to the desired surface that is being cleaned with a brush or handheld nozzle attachment. After the steam comes into contact with the surface, it pierces deep into the pores. It lifts and loosens the dirt, grease and stains making way for easier cleaning.

2. Give Priority to Safety Precautions

Although steam cleaning is safe for most part, professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne recommend taking a few precautions for safeguarding your possessions and surfaces. Start by reading the instructions manual carefully provided by the manufacturer. Get familiar with certain features, settings, and safety guidelines of your preferred model of steam cleaner. It will help you operate the machine in the correct manner and prevent any potential mishaps. Additionally, when using hot steam, it is essential to use protective gear to protect your skin and eyes.

3. Find Surfaces for Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is recognised as a flexible method that can be used on several surfaces when cleaning your home. But, it is best to know which ones are the most suitable as that will ensure effective and damage-free cleaning.

1. Floors

Steam cleaning proves to be highly effective when it comes to cleaning a variety of floor materials, including laminate, tile, vinyl, and sealed hardwood. It can eliminate dirt, stains, and grime without the use of harsh chemicals.

2. Appliances

You can utilise steam cleaning to deeply clean your kitchen appliances, including microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and stovetops. The hot steam loosens the baked-on food and grime for easier wiping. Before steam cleaning, ensure the specific appliance is cool and unplugged.

3. Bathrooms

The steam cleaning method is exceptionally effective at cleaning and sanitising all the bathroom fixtures, such as sinks, showers, tiles, etc. The steam’s temperature helps kill the bacteria and also gets rid of soap scum and grime.

4. Appropriately Prepare the Surface

For the best possible results, it is vital to prepare the surface before cleaning. Start with sweeping or vacuuming the spot. It will help in eliminating loose dirt and debris. If you see stubborn stains on a surface, such as a carpet, then it is best to pre-treat it before steam cleaning. Depending on the stain’s type, prepare an adequate cleaning solution and use it. Let it sit there before moving on to steam cleaning. Next, identify delicate or sensitive areas on the surface, such as delicate fabrics and exposed wires. To deal with them, using a lower steam setting is ideal. Lastly, protect the surrounding areas if they are delicate. Expert end of lease cleaners in Melbourne uses this method to prepare the surface adequately.

5. Use the Steam Cleaner Properly

To use the steam cleaner properly, you must understand the proper techniques and settings for the type of surface. Initiate the process by filling the machine’s tank with clean water. Next, pick the appropriate nozzle or attachment for the surface. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to let the steam cleaner preheat. It should not take more than a few minutes. Before cleaning the desired surface, it is ideal to test the steam cleaner on a small, unnoticed area to ensure it will not damage the surface. While using the steam cleaner, make sure it is at least a few inches away from the spot. Work in small sections, especially when it comes to large surfaces. If needed, wipe or scrub the area using a clean cloth and brush.

6. Avoid Making Cleaning Mistakes

As much as it is important to know the right techniques, avoiding common mistakes also holds supreme importance, according to expert end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. This includes not testing the surface because if the steam cleaner is not compatible with the surface, then that might lead to discolouration or potential damage. You also should not use the steam cleaner too much as that can lead to more damage. Another common mistake is not letting the surfaces dry properly. It can lead to mould, water spots, and other similar issues. Avoid these mistakes to ensure you are cleaning the surfaces effectively through the steam cleaning method.

Wrapping Up

Steam cleaning is considered one of the most powerful methods for cleaning and sanitising your home’s surfaces. It is also eco-friendly. But you must know the things mentioned in this article to ensure you are using a steam cleaner correctly.