High-Traffic Areas Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

High-Traffic Areas Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

By : angila
Do you find that your entryways and hallways get dirty more easily than other areas of your home? This is because these are high foot-traffic areas of your home that need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Keeping these high-traffic areas clean helps maintain fresh and hygienic indoor air quality and keeps your home free of germs and dust.

For a more detailed cleaning of these areas, like at the end of your tenancy, you can always hire end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. These professionals will use green cleaning solutions and high-grade equipment to remove every speck of dust and dirt from these areas and make your home look as good as new.

Here are some effective tips to help you clean and maintain the high-traffic areas in your home: 

Tips To Clean And Maintain High-Traffic Areas 

Adopt A No-Shoes Policy In Your Home

When you and your guests walk in and out of your home, the dirt and soil on your shoes track mud all around your high-traffic areas. Adopting a no-shoes policy in your home is the best way to prevent this.

You can keep a shoe rack or basket outside the door so that guests can take off their shoes before entering and use indoor slippers instead. This will help keep outside dirt from getting tracked inside your home.


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Use Doormats To Trap Dust And Allergens

You can also keep the hallways and entryways in your kitchen and living room clean by placing doormats in these areas. End-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne recommend using more durable materials like synthetic and woollen fabrics that are easier to clean by hand or in the laundry.

Make sure you also place these at entryways to capture house dust mites, allergens, germs, mud and bacteria.

Vacuum And Mop The Area Daily

Even with area rugs and doormats, your high-traffic areas collect more dirt than other areas of your home. When you or your family member walk into these dust-laden zones, you further embed the dust into your floors and tiles. Thus, end-of-lease cleaning professionals in Melbourne suggest you spend ten minutes every day sweeping and vacuuming these areas to remove this dirt and grime.

You should also use vacuum attachments to clean corners, crevices and baseboards in these high-traffic areas. You can also use an old toothbrush with baking soda to scrub out any grout from tiled floors and mop the area to keep it clean.

Allow Ventilation And Air-Circulation To Maintain Hygiene

Next, you must also air out and ventilate these high-traffic areas to prevent any moisture buildup and mould and mildew from spreading in these areas. Use an HVAC air filter in these areas to trap tiny dust particles that your vacuum might have missed. You should also leave windows open to allow air circulation and use a fan whenever possible.

Choose More Durable Flooring And Carpeting Options

Another way to clean and maintain these high-traffic areas is to use more durable flooring and carpeting options. In high-traffic areas like your kitchen and bathroom that get wet easily, you should use ceramic tiles and natural stone flooring that can withstand high moisture levels.

You should also be careful about the carpets you choose in your living room and use more synthetic and durable fabrics that can be vacuumed easily.


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Spot Treat Stains Using Natural Cleaning Solutions

The best way to prevent stains in these areas is to clean up a spill as soon as you see it. You should avoid harsh chemical cleaners that only damage your fabrics and flooring and use more natural cleaning solutions like vinegar and baking soda. Baking soda can get out the toughest oil stains and remove any foul odours from these areas.

The best way to use these solutions is first to blot the stain and then apply these solutions with a clean cloth slowly. Then blot the area with a damp cloth to remove the stain and use a vacuum to dry the area.


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Get Professionals To Deep-Clean These High-Traffic Areas

Lastly, the best way to keep the high-traffic areas in your home free from dirt, muck and grime is by hiring professional end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne.

These trained experts have years of experience cleaning any stain and flooring and will use the best tools and organic cleaning solutions to make these areas look as good as new. Once they spruce up these areas with a deep cleaning, it will be easier to maintain. 


The above tips will help you keep the high-traffic areas in your home, like your entryway, clean and dirt-free. Make sure you vacuum and sweep these areas regularly, use doormats and a no-shoes policy, choose more durable flooring and carpeting options and clean stains as soon as you see them.

You should also regularly inspect these areas to check for broken and chipped tilework or damaged grout and get repair work done in time.