How A Clean Home Is Good For Your Mental & Physical Health

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How A Clean Home Is Good For Your Mental & Physical Health

By : angila
De-cluttering and day-to-day housekeeping chores can promote a healthy and hygienic living environment and a relaxed mind. According to psychologists, a dirty home or office is correlated with anxiety and stress. In addition to this, a cluttered space can affect your mental as well as physical health. If you want to alleviate stress and bring positivity in your home, then pick up a microfiber cloth and start removing accumulated dust, dirt, grime and stains. It is good to create a complete cleaning schedule so that you can keep things organised, especially if you are a working professional. In case you are moving out of a rented property, make sure you hire professionally-trained people for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will take care of your cleaning needs and deliver you a tidy and de-cluttered space before the final inspection. However, if you want to know the mental and physical health benefits of a clean home, then keep on reading the article. It will help you discover the connection between clean and tidy living space and mental health.

1. Reduces Stress Level

There is no denying the fact 20 minutes of house cleaning activity can make your house look sparkling clean and also alleviates stress. This can lead to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, those who keep their home clean and dust-free are happier and relaxed in their lives. When you deeply spruce up your space by getting rid of dust, dirt, grime and stains from surfaces, it will keep the pollutants at bay from the indoor air and leads to a healthy mind and body. A clutter-free home reduces the anxiety level while letting you develop a strong immune system- as you will get a balanced diet and quality sleep. Quick Tip: Make a cleaning routine and cover all the important areas in your day-to-day activities. This will keep your house mess-free and boost your mental health.

2. Keeps You Feel Energetic

Don’t take cleaning as a laborious task. It is more like a meditative process that requires a bit of elbow grease, right strategies, quality products and some fun-activities. According to the experts, when you get into a cleaning process, it releases endorphins hormone because you involve yourself in the physical activity. These endorphins will interact with the receptors in your brain- which alleviates your pain and boost a positive feeling in your body. Apart from this, regular cleaning keeps you active energetic and keeps the anxiety problem at bay.

3. Improves Concentration Level

Believe it or not! Our brains are the most complicated structures in the Universe. They are capable of doing tons of great things. However, for that, you need a focus or the higher level of concentration. If you lose focus, it can directly show an impact on your mental health. And the research revealed that piles of paperwork on the desk or piles of cloth on a sofa, overflowing dustbin and a cluttered kitchen makes it more difficult for you to focus on important tasks. When you de-clutter your office space or home, it will help you make you feel relaxed and improves your focus. A clean and organised living space brings positivity and allows you to pay full attention to vital chores- be it office work or housekeeping tasks. Quick Tip: Involve your kids and spouse into the house cleaning process so that you can ensure a clean and tidy home in less time.

4. A Clean Home Can Uplift Your Mood

It has been a proven fact that aromatherapy can minimise the symptoms of stress and depression. This means keeping a house smelling fresh and aromatic can help in boosting mental health. It can make you feel happy and uplift your mood. So, it is good to keep your carpets clean and fresh, spruce up your garbage disposal and dustbin using natural deodorisers. Instead of using expensive products, you can use baking soda, lemon and your favourite essential oil. If you are at the end of your tenancy, prefer hiring seasoned end of lease cleaners in Melbourne as they can clean and banish bad smell from the rented apartment without giving you a hint of stress.

5. A Clean Living Environment Promote a Healthy Relationship

Dirty or messy living space is one of the major reasons behind familial fighting. If your kids leave their room dirty all the time or your spouse is blaming you for a dirty room, then you need to think twice and work on keeping your home clean throughout the day. With the right tools and proper planning, you can minimise fights with your family members. You can include your kids and partner into the cleaning process, figure out simple and time-saving cleaning hacks and stay motivated while removing dust, dirt, grime and mould from your house.

6. Keeps you Stay Relaxed

Regular cleaning practice gives you mental peace while keeping you active and feel. Cleaning a house without any stress is correlated with practising meditation. A well-organised living space gives you a sense of relief and helps you stay focused. Whether it’s about vacuuming carpets or wiping greasy kitchen countertops, the entire housekeeping process improves the indoor home environment and takes your mental peace to the new level.

7. Develops Social Confidence

A clean house can help you build confidence when you invite guests at home for Christmas and New Year Party. These are the best ways to show off your housekeeping skills- which can make you feel happy and confident. A sparkling and well-organised abode leaves a great impression on family and friends- which encourage you to try new house cleaning hacks for a clean house.


Achieving a good mental and physical health is not only about eating a balanced diet, quality sleep and regular workout. A clean home can also improve your mental health. It reduces the anxiety level and boosts your productivity. In case you are prepping your rental property for a final inspection, hire reliable people for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and get your bond back without any conflict.