How Do Professionals Clean A House?

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How Do Professionals Clean A House?

By : angila
From dirty carpets to built-up mould on bathroom walls, it is always tedious to do deep clean the entire house in a less time. Whether you are a working professional or a homemaker, you need to know the right ways to achieve a healthy and hygienic abode.

However, most people fail to spruce up a residential property like a pro. This happens due to lack of cleaning skills. That’s the reason why it is good to hire seasoned professionals for an exceptional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne if you are at the end of your tenancy. They use proven methodologies to carry out the task without giving you any stress.

If you don’t have enough time for thorough house cleaning chores or you want sparkling results, then consider hiring professionals who can deliver your home into a spick-and-span condition. Make sure you search for the most reliable company which specialises in offering a high-quality service at the best price.

To make things a bit easier for you, look at a complete guide on how professionals spruce up a house:

1. They Prepare a Standard Checklist

Planning is a crucial step to achieve a successful outcome. Professionals always carry out their job according to the standard checklist. This includes every corner of the property that needs proper attention.

From a living room to bedrooms, bathrooms to a kitchen, a checklist comprises of everything to ensure a tidy and germ-free living space. Highly-trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne strictly follow a checklist approved by REIVIC to help tenants pass the rental inspection without any conflict.

2. Use of Proper Tools and Products

Keeping a house spotless requires all the important cleaning tools and products that can help you get rid of accumulated dust, stubborn stains, built-grease, mould and mildew from almost all surfaces. Certified house cleaners in Melbourne always carry the following items:

  • Microfiber cloths, rags and duster
  • Microfiber mop – dust mop and wet mop
  • A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Soft-bristled brushes
  • A plastic scarper
  • A few sponges
  • Floor cleaners
  • Broom
  • Paper towels
  • All-purpose cleaner (white vinegar, warm water and dishwashing liquid)
  • Eco-friendly cleaning products (baking soda, Castile Soap, Magic Erasers, Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, etc)
  • Disinfectants (disinfecting wipes), and
  • Other high-end equipment.

Choose green-cleaning products over traditional cleaners because they contain toxic substances that can be harmful to the environment.

3. Sprucing Ceilings and Walls From Top to Bottom

Professionals always start from the top while removing dust mites, dirt, several kinds of allergens and other visible debris. They first remove cobwebs, insect marks and accumulated dust from the ceiling fans, exhaust fan, and walls using a long-handled duster. Using a microfiber duster is one of the best ways to wipe off specks of dust and grime.

4. They Dust Properly

From light fixtures and fittings to switchboards, picture-frames to lamps, cleaning experts dust every nook and corner of the premises using a microfiber cloth. To help you receive a neat and clean outcome, fully-trained experts carry out a job in a top-to-bottom manner. Start from the ceiling and work your way down to the baseboards and floors.

If you are doing it on your own, make sure you clean according to the checklist to cover every nook and cranny of the property.

5. Thorough Cleaning of Windows

Washing dirty windows is a laborious chore, especially if you are doing it without any expert guidance. The credible team knows the right way to remove build-up grime, dust and lose contaminants from the window sills, frames and glass.

First, they sweep dust from the window frame using a brush or a vacuum machine. You can also use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the glass. After that, apply vinegar and soapy, warm water and wipe off using a squeegee. The solution will help you break down tough stains and grime without any elbow grease. It is good to clean inside and out if your windows are accessible to achieve sparkling results.

6. Vacuuming Carpets and Rugs

Delicate carpets and area rugs collect a huge amount of dust and dirt, especially when you have small kids and a pet at home. They get dirty due to foot traffic, spilling drinks, kids playing and other messes on a daily basis. So, make sure you vacuum your carpets at least twice a week.

If your floor coverings have tough stains and mould, then hire professional cleaners. They not only vacuum the carpets using a cutting-edge machine to absorb accumulated dust but also treat stubborn carpet stains without damaging its fibres.

Some companies offer steam cleaning for carpets and rugs using safe and sound products. If you want to rejuvenate your floor coverings, consider hiring trained people in your local area.

7. Tidying Up an Entire Kitchen

Eliminating oil splatters, built-up grease, grime, stuck food particles, and germs from a kitchen requires a lot of time and energy. Professionally-trained cleaners cover every corner of the kitchen, including:

  • Exhaust fan
  • Cabinets, Cupboards, drawers – inside and out
  • Light switches, fixtures and fittings
  • Kitchen countertops, stovetop, range hood, gas knobs, and other hard surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect sink and faucets, trash can, and unclog garbage disposal
  • Kitchen appliances, such as a microwave, oven, BBQ, fridge, dishwashing machine, coffee maker, etc
  • Spot cleaning
  • Mop the floors.

Tip: They use environmentally-friendly products to banish tough stains from different surfaces to give you safe and sound cleaning experience.

8. Banish Mould and Germs From Your Bathroom

Experts know how to get rid of soap residue, mineral deposits, tough stains, mould and mildew from almost all surfaces of a bathroom. They use the all-purpose cleaner to wipe off showerhead, shower glass, toilet bowl, bathroom tiles, walls, counters, sink and faucets.

Apart from cleaning, they also disinfect all high-touch surfaces using alcohol-based products to kill germs and bacteria.


Maintaining an orderly condition of a house requires a proper schedule, necessary cleaning products and tools. Instead of doing it yourself, you can hire professionals, especially for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will leave no stone unturned to give you high-quality service at the most reasonable price.