How Much Does End Of Lease Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does End Of Lease Cleaning Cost?

By : angila
Are you shifting to a new home in Melbourne and need an end-of-lease cleaning done? An end-of-lease cleaning differs from regular cleaning as it involves a more thorough scrubbing of your rental premises to help you get your bond back. In Melbourne, the average bond amount equals a month’s rent and covers any damage and rental costs you might have to pay when you move out. Therefore, it is necessary to do a deep cleaning of your home so that you can pass your landlord’s inspection and get your bond back in full. You can always do this end-of-lease cleaning on your own, but you must buy advanced tools and spend hours scrubbing dirt from all corners of your home. To save your time and energy, it is best to hire end-of-lease cleaning Melbourne professionals who bring their own equipment and biodegradable solutions and will restore your home to its former condition. The cost of this end-of-lease cleaning will depend on several factors like the size of your home, the rooms and the amount of cleaning needed. Here are some factors given below that will help you estimate your end-of-lease cleaning costs in Melbourne:

What Does An End-Of-Lease Cleaning Involve

An end-of-lease cleaning involves a deep cleaning of your home at the end of your tenancy to get your bond back in full. While you complete moving tasks like changing your address, your professional end-of-lease cleaners in Melbourne will do a thorough clean-up of your home that matches your landlord’s standards. These experts include the following in their deep cleaning of your home:
  • Clean cobwebs from your ceilings and remove dust from doors.
  • Clean marks off walls and windows and remove dust from cabinets.
  • Remove tough stains and marks from tiles.
  • Remove grime from ovens, dishwashers and air-conditioners.
  • Deep clean sink, faucets and sinkholes.
Besides this, you can also request additional services like carpet cleaning, pest control, upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning and more which will be added to your estimated quote. Tip: Get your rental bond back in full using these tips.

What Is The Cost Of An End-Of-Lease Cleaning

When you book an end-of-lease cleaning professional in Melbourne, you must specify the number of rooms you have, the size of your home, your specific cleaning needs and the time you want it done in. Your cleaning professionals will then provide a non-obligatory upfront quote about the costs, and you can see if it matches your budget. Getting quotes from at least three to four moving companies and comparing them with the market rates to see which suits your budget best is always a good idea. When calculating your estimated end-of-lease cleaning quote, several factors will affect it, such as:
  • The metre square size of your home
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Whether you are located in a city or suburb
  • Whether your end-of-lease cleaning is on a weekday or weekend
  • How many cleaners would you require
  • How accessible your home is
  • How much cleaning you might have done
  • How detailed is the end-of-lease cleaning
  • Extra services like carpet cleaning and pest control
These factors will affect your upfront estimated quotes and set the cost of your end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne. On an average basis, your end-of-lease cleaning can cost anywhere between:
  • $250 for a 1-bedroom home
  • $300 for a 2-bedroom home
  • $420 for a 3-bedroom home

Cost Of Your Cleaning Professionals Most cleaning professionals will cost you around $30-$50 in Melbourne but will come with insurance coverage and a bond-back guarantee. So, when calculating your end-of-lease cleaning, you must consider the above factors and then multiply it by $40. You can always hire local end-of-lease cleaners with good references who charge lower rates and offer good quality services. Tip: Here are some important questions you must ask your cleaners. Rates For Additional Cleaning Services If you are getting extra cleaning services like carpet cleaning or pressure cleaning, it can add onto your estimated quote based on how many rooms you have. When you inform your cleaning services of these additional services, they will add it to the quote or tell you the rates separately. Number Of Hours Taken To Clean Besides these extra services, the time your end-of-lease cleaning professionals take to clean your home will also add to the costs. A normal cleaning without additional services will take 5-6 hours for a 1-bedroom home and around 8-12 hours for a 2-bedroom home. But this also depends on whether the property is in decent condition or has been locked up for weeks before the cleaners arrived. That is why it is best to specify all these details to your end-of-lease cleaners, including any additional services, so these experts can provide a specific duration and cost for your end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne. Tip: You can prepare for an end-of-lease cleaning using these five steps.


Therefore, you can easily calculate your end-of-lease cleaning by looking at the factors above and asking your professional cleaners for an upfront quote. It is best to specify that you are looking for an end-of-lease cleaning with additional services so that your expert cleaners can come well-prepared and provide an accurate quote.