How Often Should You Clean Your Oven?

young woman wiping an oven with a cloth mop

How Often Should You Clean Your Oven?

By : angila
If you love baking cakes, pasta and cookies, then the oven is one of the most used items in a kitchen. The sauce splatters, accumulated dirt and built-up grease on the girl and burnt food particles stuck in the inner layers can lead to a health hazard. It is important to spruce up your oven once or twice every month to keep the bad odours and germs at bay. To combat grime and grease, make sure you wipe down the oven once a week. Use eco-friendly cleaning products instead of chemically-loaded cleaners if you want to ensure a healthy and hygienic living environment. Those who regularly use the oven in their kitchen should deep clean it once every month. This will restore the look and shine of your oven for years and help you prepare healthy meals for your family. If you are at the end of your tenancy and concerned about your bond money, hire professionals for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will clean everything, including your grimy oven so that you can get your bond back. If you want to know the best ways to clean your oven on a regular basis, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Prepare a Natural Oven Cleaner

If you are not using any store-bought cleaner, then prepare a DIY natural cleaner using white vinegar, warm water and baking soda. You can apply the paste of baking soda and water to break down grease and grime from the surface of your oven. For better results, spray white vinegar solution and bring back the lost shine of this much-loved kitchen appliance. The baking soda acts as a less abrasive and natural deodoriser that can also banish bad smell and kill germs and bacteria.

2. Remove All Items From Your Appliance

Remove racks and other items from your oven and put them in a bathtub. An empty oven will help you clean the inner surfaces without any distractions. Make sure you put dirty racks in soapy, warm water (use dishwashing soap). Let them soak for 30 minutes to break down tough grime, grease and food splatters.

3. Apply Baking Soda Pate in the Oven

Mix ½ cup baking soda to 4 tablespoons of water to make a thick paste. Coat the interior of your grimy and greasy oven using this paste. Cover nooks and crannies to treat tough stains and grime. Let the paste rest for 10 hours or overnight to break down grease, gunk and stuck food particles. Tip: Do not apply it on the heating element or areas where gas comes out.

4. Scrub the Racks

Move on back to the racks soaking in the soapy water. This step is all about scrubbing the racks using the soft-bristled brush or a cleaning rag. Make sure you rinse the racks with clean water. Dry them using a clean cloth.

5. Wipe off the Baking Soda

In the next morning, remove the paste using a damp cloth. Cover all the areas to get rid of build-up grease, baking soda residues and other grime. After that, spray the white vinegar and warm water solution and leave it for a few minutes before wiping with a clean cloth. This will remove the leftover stains and other grime. For tougher stains, use a silicone spatula and scrub it off.

6. Spruce up the Oven Knobs

Spray the vinegar solution on the oven knobs and leave it for a few minutes. Do not forget to cover the switches, control panel and other area. Instead of spraying the solution directly, you can dampen the cloth in the vinegar and wipe down the control panel. Wipe off the surface again using a clean cloth dampened in water. This is one of the best tricks to restore the shine of your oven knobs.

7. Wipe the Glass Door

The oven’s glass door needs a gentle approach while removing stains and grime. Abrasive products or hard scrubbing can leave scratches on the glass surface. You can apply the same baking soda and water paste to the glass and leave it for 20 minutes. After that, gently wipe off the paste using a microfiber cloth. Rinse with water and dry it completely for the sparkling clean results. Most people prefer hiring professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne because they clean everything from your ceiling fans to windows, microwave to an oven, kitchen countertops to bathroom walls using safe and sound products. You can also hire them if you are at the end of your tenancy. They can help you in getting the bond back without any rental dispute with the landlord.

8. Attach the Racks

After sprucing your oven, attach the racks again. This is the last step of an oven self-cleaning. You can do it once or twice every month using the same method. For thorough cleaning, you can hire professional oven cleaners in Melbourne who can give you quality service at the best price.


Leftover spillage from chocolate cake, cheese pasta and pizza can lead to bad smell and stubborn stains in your oven. It is important to wipe off the surface after every use to prevent the build-up of grime. For thorough cleaning, you can try these hacks and do it every month using eco-friendly products.