How To Clean Air Ducts Yourself

How To Clean Air Ducts Yourself

By : angila
Did you know that an average home in Australia collects around 40 pounds of dust every year? This dust can vary depending on your location, the number of family members in the house and if you have pets, and your cleaning habits. Most of the dust that enters your home can be traced back to windows, air ducts and dust on your shoes. While dusting windows and the soles of your shoes is easy, it is much harder to clean an air duct as you have to unscrew the covers and deep clean them. These air vents may also be filled with dirt, mould and mildew, rodent droppings and house dust mites. If there are extreme dust levels inside your air ducts or if you see mould spores, it is best to let end of lease Melbourne professionals use their specialised tools to remove gunk from these Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems. However, you can also clean your vents yourself if you smell something musty, have installed a new HVAC system, or are doing renovation work in your home. Here are some DIY ways to clean your air ducts given below, but first, you should know why it is important to clean these ducts: 

Why Should You Clean Your Air Ducts

Your air ducts are of two kinds - supply and return vents that can be found inside and outside your home. Supply vents are those air ducts that blow air out into your home after passing through a filter. On the other hand, return air vents draw air into these ducts from your home and return it to the HVAC system. It is important to clean both these air vents as they blow air in and out of your home and affect the indoor air quality of your abode. If these air ducts are full of dust, rodent droppings, mould and allergens, the air inside your home will be polluted and will cause respiratory problems and allergies. Thus, it is important to ensure these air ducts are dirt and allergen-free so you can breathe clean and unpolluted air in your home. Tip: Here are some tips on why indoor air quality is important to understand it significance. Now that you know why it is important to clean your air ducts, here are some DIY steps you can take to maintain them: 

Arrange The Cleaning Equipment In Advance

Before you take on this mega task of cleaning your air ducts, you must get the cleaning tools required for the job, such as:
  • A vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose
  • Cleaning head brush
  • Drill
  • Nylon rods
  • Face mask
  • Eye goggles
  • Warm water
  • Dish soap
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Vinegar
  • Microfiber cloth
  • HVAC filter

  • Inspect Your Air Ducts To Check For Lodged Dust

    Once you have gathered your cleaning tools, inspect your air ducts to see how much dust is present. If there is excessive dust stuck to the sides or rodent droppings and mould in your air ducts, it is better to let expert end of lease cleaners in Melbourne handle this cleaning. These professionals have advanced tools to remove mould, dirt, rodents and more from your air ducts and ensure that only a clean air supply is being filtered into your home. Tip: Here are 6 signs your air ducts need cleaning and these should not be ignored if you wish to maintain a healthy living environment in your home.

    Remove And Clean The Air Vent Covers

    If your air ducts are not too dirty and can be handled with DIY cleaning, you can start this process by using a drill to remove the screws of your air vent covers. Most floor supply vents are not screwed on and will come off easily, but you must use a drill for ceiling and wall return vents. Once you have removed the vent covers, you can clean them in the following steps:
  • Place them in a sink filled with dish soap and warm water.
  • Use a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth to wipe away lodged dirt and let it air dry.
  • If you have plastic vent covers, clean the covers with soapy water and sprinkle hydrogen peroxide over these covers.
  • Place this in the sun for two to three hours, then wash them with soapy water again to brighten them.
  • You can also place unvarnished metal vents on the low cycle in your dishwasher.

  • Insert Your Air Vent Brush To Remove Dirt And Gunk

    Next, Experts who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne recommend that you switch off the power switch of your air duct and not just the thermostat so that the motor is not running when you are cleaning. Once the power is off, fix the nylon rods together, use a cleaning brush at the top of the rod, and insert it into the air duct. Now that the cleaning head has reached inside the vent, insert a drill into the rod and push the drill forward so the cleaning head can rotate and remove lodged dust inside the air duct. Ensure you do not press backward on the drill, or the nylon rods and cleaning heads could all break apart and get stuck in your air duct.

    Use A Vacuum To Remove All The Collected Dirt

    Once you have taken the cleaning rod out, you should use a vacuum to clean the collected dirt from the sides and insides of the air vent. Use an extendable hose and attach it to your vacuum to collect the dirt deep inside your HVAC ducts and eliminate all allergens and dust particles.

    Wipe The Stubborn Dust With A Microfiber Cloth

    If stubborn dust is still stuck to the sides of your air ducts, end of lease cleaners in Melbourne recommend using a damp microfiber cloth and spraying white vinegar on it. Next, use this microfiber cloth to scrub the sides of your air ducts to remove any stubborn dust and gunk. Make sure you wear a mask and goggles so that you do not inhale any of the dust while cleaning the vents.

    Run Your HVAC Filter To Trap Dirt Particles

    Now, reinstall your air vent covers and run your HVAC system for 30 minutes to trap all the contaminants you couldn’t reach. Then remove the filter and replace it with a new one to have clean and unpolluted air flowing through your home. Tip: Here are some pro cleaning tips to breathe easier at home.

    Safety Measures to Consider While Cleaning Air Ducts

    When you are cleaning, make sure to wear a mask to avoid coming in contact with allergens and falling sick, which is the last thing you want at the end of the tenancy. Ensure that the HVAC system is off when you start cleaning. It must be shut off completely to avoid any dangerous accident. The removable parts must be air dried before fixing them back. You must hire professional cleaners to do the job because they have high-end equipment to remove all the contaminants and ensure thorough cleaning of the air vents and filters.


    Thus, you can easily clean your air ducts on your own every once or twice a year using the steps given above. But ensure you let professionals take over the cleaning if you spot mould growing on these air ducts or have found pests and rodents inside. It is also vital to hire them at the end of the tenancy to get the bond back.