How to Clean Carpeted Stairs Like A Pro

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How to Clean Carpeted Stairs Like A Pro

By : angila
Whether you have fully carpeted stairs or installed a carpet runner, they need thorough cleaning regularly. Delicate floor coverings, such as carpets and rugs, are an aesthetic part of your house, but they also collect dust, dirt, pollens, allergens, pet hairs and other debris deep into its fibres. If you don’t clean your carpeted stairs, it can cause infectious diseases and can damage the fibres too. This happens because the build-up dirt and dust on the surface can lead to mould and lethal germs in the carpeted stairs. However, most people fail to achieve the desired results whenever they try to clean their carpeted areas, especially stairs. Since it is a high-traffic area, make sure you have the proper tools and right cleaning products to fight against embedded dust and stubborn stains. In case you are prepping your rental property for the final inspection, look for the most trusted company for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. With the dedication to achieve the best results, they clean every nook and corner according to the pre-approved cleaning checklist. You can always take their professional assistance to pass your rental inspection. If you are looking for DIY ways on how to clean carpeted stairs on a regular basis, then read the tips shared below. You can easily get rid of dust and stains by following the vacuuming, shampooing and drying process. So, Let’s Get Started!

Things You’ll Need

Before you start sprucing up the carpeted area, make sure you have all the required cleaning supplies, including:
  • A Stiff Brush
  • A Vacuum Cleaner
  • Carpet Stain Remover

1. Get Rid of Dust and Dirt

The first step is to eliminate all types of loose dirt, tiny dust particles, pet hair, pollens, embedded soil and several kinds of allergens from your carpet. If you want to achieve results like a pro, you need to do a bit of elbow grease. Before vacuuming, run a stiff brush on the surface to remove all the dust embedded deep inside its fibres. Do not rub the surface too hard as it can damage the fibres of your delicate carpet. Start from the top of your staircase and make your way down using the same technique.

2. Vacuum Clean the Carpet

A vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaning tools that can help you drive out loose dirt and debris from your carpet stains. It is easy to run equipment that can make your carpeted stairs look clean and shiny again. Make sure you have a heavy-duty machine or purpose-built cleaner that can easily remove loose contaminants from your carpet. Plus, it should have brush roller or smaller head types of attachment for better outcomes. Place the unit at the bottom of the stairs, and start cleaning your carpeted stairs. It is good to vacuum each stair at least 2 times to ensure proper cleaning. Tip: It is good to have a compact and cordless model for your stairs. You can also use a regular machine with the help of the hose extension.

3. Shampooing is Important

After getting rid of loose dirt and debris, this is the best time to remove stubborn stains from the surfaces. For that, you need an effective cleaning product to bathe your carpet. It is good to shampoo your carpeted stairs using your hands. For better results, you can also use a scrubbing brush to get rid of stubborn stains. Use a towel to absorb the cleaning solution by stepping on the spot on the towel. Repeat the process for all stains. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners in Melbourne who can offer you the best steam cleaning service for your carpeted stairs.

4. Drying the Carpet

This step is all about getting rid of excess water after shampooing your carpet. With the help of a carpet cleaning tool, fetch all the excess water as soon as possible. It is important to completely dry your carpet using extra fans.

5. Run A Vacuum Machine Again

Once the carpet is fully dried, you have to vacuum the surface again. You can also sprinkle baking soda if there is still unpleasant smell lingering on the carpet. And vacuum again to freshen up your carpeted stairs.

6. Take Professional Assistance

If you are at the end of your lease and want to pass the final inspection without any conflict, hire a professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They will clean everything – from ceiling walls to windows, kitchen countertops to sink and faucets without giving you a hint of stress. You can ask them for additional service as well, such as carpet cleaning service along with the end of lease cleaning if your carpeted stairs need a thorough cleaning. They come fully-equipped with all the necessary cleaning equipment and products to give you a flawless result.


These are some great ways that can help you remove dirt, dust, grime and debris from your carpeted stairs like a pro. You should always prepare a plan and clean accordingly. If you don’t have time or experience, hire professional cleaners in Melbourne who can assist you using safe and sound cleaning products.