How to clean dog’s hair if it’s everywhere in the room?

lady vacuuming sofa and dog sitting on floor

How to clean dog’s hair if it’s everywhere in the room?

By : angila
If you have a dog and you are annoyed because of finding loosen hair everywhere in the house, you should get your house cleaned as soon as possible. Of course, dogs can be your best buddies, but you can’t ignore the fact that hygiene and health always come first –which can’t be achieved when you live along with your pets. To ensure the healthy environment, you should get rid of dog hairs from your carpets, floors, bedding, cupboards, furniture and other areas of your house. This becomes even more crucial when you are running at the end of your tenancy.

You need professional cleaners from a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne who can use the best tricks to get your leased property cleaned the way you want. A high-experienced cleaning company always ensures to 100 % bond amount when they come to the place for cleaning chores. You can hire them if you are feeling stressed due to the complicated end of lease cleaning process.

In case you are doing it yourself to remove dog hairs, you should consider the following hacks that will make your job easier in minutes.

Here we go:

1. Dampened Mop for Wooden and Vinyl Floors

Let’s get started with the floors. Since your pets spend most of their time on the floors, make sure you clean it thoroughly to get rid of pet’s hair.

Use dampened mop to gather dog’s hair from the wooden or vinyl floors. A damp mob works like a magnet that can help you pick up the loose hair in a breeze. On laminate or other bare floors, use vacuums to fetch hairs in one spot. This is also a fantastic technique that will spruce up your floors like never before.

Tip: Don’t forget to use a wood cleaning product if you don’t want to see any standing watermarks on the floor.

2. Sweep before vacuuming your carpets

Does your carpet embed with a ton of dog hair? If yes, then this trick will work for you. Before vacuuming your carpets, make sure your sweep them gently and roll all the hairs into a little ball. This will scrape up the hair quickly.
If you are annoyed due to pet odours, use a pinch of baking soda and rub it on your carpet. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes before vacuuming.
While vacuuming, run in alternate directions to pick up the loose hairs quickly.
Tip: Don’t get your carpet too wet as it won’t dry quickly, which could cause mould and mildew. So, make sure that you damp your carpets.

3. Dampened rubber gloves or sponge for Furniture

Do you want a simple method to get dog’s hair off your upholstery? Use wet rubber gloves or sponge on your furniture. Run it over the surface to collect hair- it will act like a magnetic. Pet hair clings quickly to dampened rubber gloves and sponges, and they’ll make your job easier.

Make sure you rinse off the glove or sponge after clinging the hairs from your furniture. You can repeat this process (if needed). This is one of the easiest and effective methods as it doesn’t require any fancy tool or expensive cleaning solution. In case, you have got wooden furniture, use a microfiber cloth and furniture polish spray to stick the loose hairs.

4. Clean up your bed sheets and blankets

Most of the people in Melbourne snuggle their pets with them in bed. Of course, you should keep their blanket separate, but you can’t avoid their hairs roaming around on your bedding. If you see something like that, use a dryer sheet to get rid of dog hair. All you need to do is to run the sheets over the bedding to pluck the hair away from bed and blankets easily.

Tip: Wash and dry your bed sheets and other bed linens on a regular basis.

5. Rubber Broom for Bathroom/Kitchen

A rubber broom works wonders when it comes to fetching dog’s hairs from tile and linoleum floors. Use rubber broom if you get a bundle of dog hairs on your bathroom and kitchen floors. Do it gently and gather all the debris in a trash bag.

6. Regularly Clean Air Ducts

Usually, pet hairs fall inside the air ducts and can get re-circulated within your house. If you don’t want to see loosen hair all the time, then clean your air ducts on a regular basis. Vacuum the ducts to get rid of dry dust and hair dander of your pet.
In case, you are moving out of your rental house, get the air ducts cleaned with the help of proficient end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne.

7. Use Lint Rollers to remove hairs from clothes

It is good to keep lint rollers beside your doors so that you can quickly remove the dog’s hair from your clothes before going out of your house. This is one of the best strategies that can help you eliminate loose hairs from your favourite shirt or pants.


Keeping a house clean, especially when you have pets becomes essential. You can follow the tricks mentioned above and get your house, clothes and carpets free from dog hairs. You can also acquire the professional end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne if you are at the end of your tenancy period. They can get your house cleaned using best tricks and techniques. You should hire them if you want to remove dog hairs and other debris.