How to Clean to Get Rid of All Germs Found at Home

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How to Clean to Get Rid of All Germs Found at Home

By : angila
There is always an ongoing battle between you and household germs during the cleaning process. Most people think that removing visible dirt, dust, and stains is enough to ensure a clean and healthy indoor environment. However, de-cluttering and getting rid of stains and grease is just a part of cleaning. If you want to keep the home environment healthy, then treating household germs is imperative. Household germs like E. Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, mould and mildew lurking on different surfaces should be eliminated to keep flue, cold and other infectious diseases at bay. It is good to include the disinfection process in a regular cleaning regime at least once a week. In case you are moving out of your leased property, then consider hiring experts for high-quality end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They clean and disinfect every nook and cranny of the premises according to the pre-approved cleaning checklist for the easy retrieval of your bond. However, the following guide will help you kill all germs and bacteria lurking in your house, especially the kitchen without even using harsh chemicals and expensive products. Let’s Get Started!

1. Prepare a Natural Disinfectant At Home

Store-bought disinfectants are good when it comes to eliminating germs from different surfaces. However, they are produced with toxic elements that can be harmful to the environment as well as your well-being. Instead, use diluted bleach as a natural disinfectant. It works wonders against germs. First, you have to clean your entire house, especially in high-touch areas. Use white vinegar and warm water solution to remove tough stains, grime and grease before disinfecting the area. It will safely spruce up and disinfect surfaces around your home without releasing toxic fumes. Tip: Use alcohol-based disinfectants and cleaning products to keep coronavirus at bay. Make sure your product has at least 70 per cent of alcohol concentration.

2. Get into the Habit of Daily Speed-Cleaning

This may sound like a dream, but you can take down household germs in less than an hour. If you don’t have pets or toddlers at home, becomes even faster. All you need to do is to take some time out of your busy schedule for speed-cleaning. Let’s start with the kitchen:
  • Wipe off countertops, stovetop, sink faucet, kitchen appliances handles and cutting boards with a disinfectant. Cleaning and disinfecting these areas after each use is a good trick.
  • Get rid of food splatters and spills on the floor as quickly as you see it.
  • Change the kitchen rags and cleaning cloths or wash them with hot water to kill germs.
  • Take out the garbage daily and disinfect it with lemon or diluted bleach.
  • Clean and disinfect bathroom sink, faucet, shower head, toilet seat, doorknobs and other frequently touched areas.
  • Treat carpet stains immediately.
This will hardly take 45 minutes. If you are at the end of your tenancy and want sparkling outcomes, hire professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. They carry out the cleaning job with perfection to give you peace of mind.

3. Vacuum and Disinfect your Carpets

Believe it or not! Carpets and area rugs accumulate most of the dust, dirt and pollens deep inside its fibres.  When you walk through your living area wearing muddy shoes, you are embedding something serious like E. Coli and other germs that can cause infectious illness. If you want to ensure a germ-free home, vacuum the carpets and floors twice a week. Also, leave the shoes at the door. To remove spill, stains and other marks from your carpet, apply a white vinegar and water solution and leave it for 10 minutes. Instead of scrubbing the stain, dab it with a paper towel. Do not forget to disinfect your carpets and area rugs by using a steam cleaner and distilled vinegar. You can also disinfect using baking soda and borax to get desired results.

4. Get Rid of Bedroom Germs

Do not forget to wash all bed linens at least twice a week in hot water and detergent to get rid of bacteria and germs. Also, clean and disinfect side table, drawers, cupboards, furniture, and floor.
  • Vacuum your mattress once in every two weeks to get rid of dust, dirt and other debris.
  • Keep food items out of your bedrooms because crumbs attract bacteria and mould.
  • Disinfect high-touch areas to keep the germs at bay.

5. Focus on Frequently Touched Areas

Getting rid of bacteria and germs is beyond basic cleaning. You can keep disinfecting wipes  handy and pay special attention to high-touch areas around your house while cleaning. Below are the areas that need to be cleaned and disinfected:
  • Doorknobs
  • Cabinet and cupboard handles
  • TV remote
  • Light Switches
  • Window handles
  • Sink faucets
  • Toys
  • Side tables, etc.
Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the dust from these areas before disinfecting them. It is also important to wipe off your bathroom walls, showerhead and floor after taking a shower because mould and germs quickly grow in a wet area.


Regular cleaning and disinfecting promote a healthy indoor environment. These are some great hacks that will you clean and disinfect your house to kill household germs and bacteria. If you are at the end of your tenancy, then hire trained people for a thorough end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They can transform your cluttered property into a clean and germ-free space before the final inspection.