How To Clean With A White Magic Eraser

How To Clean With A White Magic Eraser

By : angila

Since the 21st century, when it was discovered that melamine foam is an effective and efficient abrasive cleaner, magic erasers have become indispensable for regular house cleaning and bond cleaning. They are perfect for removing scuff marks, grease and dirt that accumulates regularly in the house.

These erasers are user-friendly, sustainable and cost-effective, making them the perfect product to have in your house cleaning caddy. You can use them to remove a variety of spots and stains from different surfaces and objects. If you plan to perform deep house cleaning or cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, white magic erasers will come in handy.

Thus, here is your complete guide outlining how white magic erasers are made and how to clean with them like a professional. Have a look.

How Are Magic Erasers Made?

Magic erasers readily available in markets for general house cleaning are made with melamine foam, which is an eco-friendly cleaner without volatile organic compounds. Melamine is an organic base that is nitrogen rich and is used as an abrasive without damaging the surfaces it cleans.

However, it should not be used on glossy wooden surfaces to due avoid streaks and marks. The complete manufacturing process of a magic eraser is as follows.

  • Melamine resin is made with melamine and formaldehyde.
  • The resin is treated by putting it under extreme heat to make dense foam.
  • Next, it is treated with other chemicals, and bubbles are introduced to give it a spongy and porous texture to make it an effective and efficient cleaner.
  • The foam is then cured to stabilise the structure and increase the foam’s durability.
  • Afterwards, the foam is cut and shaped to make it user-friendly. Thus, when you use a magic eraser, you only need water to activate it and remove spots, scuff marks, grime, rust stains and more.
  • Since white magic erasers are versatile cleaners, you can use them in different ways to keep your home spotless and clean all year round. Here are some ways you should apply these cleaners during regular house cleaning or bond cleaning in Melbourne and get optimum results like professionals.

    Spot Clean Windows & Glass Surfaces

    Dip the eraser in water and wring out as much excess water as possible, then slowly spot clean windows and glass surfaces. You can tackle smudges, fingerprints, dust, grime, oily stains and much more using these versatile scrubbers. It is one of the best methods for cleaning windows without streaks.

    Treat Tea & Coffee Stains From Flat Surfaces

    Tables, countertops, floors and other flat surfaces in your kitchen, living room and bedroom can get tea and coffee stains from spills. To remove them quickly, gently scrub the stained spot and wipe with a microfibre cloth after scrubbing.

    These stains can also be found on your favourite mugs and can be removed with the help of magic erasers. It is imperative to rinsing them with soap and water after scrubbing the stains with the eraser.

    Remove Scuff Marks Immediately

    Dampen a magic eraser and gently rub on scuff marks in a circular motion. The foam will remove the marks immediately without scratching or damaging walls, baseboards, doors, floors or other surfaces you are cleaning. Therefore, these products are also great for end-of-tenancy cleaning and managing tasks without stress.

    Remove Paint Spots & Stains

    Whether your home was newly painted or you performed repair work with paint, you must keep magic erasers handy. The erasers work best when the stains are fresh, but with little elbow grease, you can even get rid of old spots. The erasers also work excellently for removing nail polish stains in case you spill them accidentally during the application or break a bottle.

    Remove Mineral Deposits From Bathroom Surfaces & Fixtures

    Hard water contact and evaporation make bathroom fixtures and surfaces prime areas for mineral deposits. If you cannot install a water-softer in your home to tackle the issue, keep white magic erasers on hand to prevent the stains from becoming stubborn build-up.

    Also, if you are bond cleaning in Melbourne and want your bond back in full, use the erasers to make the toilet, bathtub, and other bathroom fixtures spotless and sparkling.

    Remove Grime From Tile Grouts

    Tile grouts, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room, can become black and unpleasant with grime. To make them bright and sanitary again, scrub the lines with damp magic erasers and see the grime vanish within seconds.

    Thus, it helps keep your home odour-free and its indoor air good. It is also helpful in removing mould from the vinyl shower curtains in the bathroom.

    Remove Crayons & Permanent Marker From Household Surfaces

    Parents with small kids often face the challenge of removing crayons & permanent marker streaks from walls, floors, furniture and other spots. If you are among these parents, magic erasers are your saviours. They can also be used to get rid of the adhesive left behind after removing a price sticker over utensils or appliances.

    Remove Food Carbons & Burnt Grime From Stoves

    Instead of scrapping food carbon and burnt gravy stains from the cooktop, use a magic eraser to loosen and remove them completely. This hack works well when you don’t have the time or motivation to saturate the messes with a cleaning solution and want to remove them immediately.

    Shine Silverware & Chrome Fixtures

    Silverware, especially those made with sterling silver, darken due to repeated exposure to oxygen and moisture. On the other hand, chrome fixtures get mineral deposits, grime, smudges and marks. You can use a damp magic eraser to make these items clean enough to reflect like a mirror.

    Also, if you have a prized collection of jewellery that has lost its sheen, you can scrub them with moist magic eraser to make them shine again.

    Wrapping Up

    If you don’t have magic erasers in your cleaning kit, add them to sanitise your household surfaces and fixtures anytime without any special cleaner. Use the quick and safe DIY clean hacks shared above to keep your home neat and tidy all year round. However, hire professionals performing end of lease cleaning if you are ending a tenancy and need to clean the premises.