How To Clean Your Bathroom Thoroughly—Without Harsh Chemicals

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How To Clean Your Bathroom Thoroughly—Without Harsh Chemicals

By : angila
A bathroom is undeniably the breeding ground for moisture-loving mould and mildew, germs, and bacteria. This particular part of your house attracts a lot of dirt, dust and grime, and it is quite difficult to meticulously clean it without using store-bought cleaning solvents. Of course, these fancy products can help you get rid of tough stains and grime from surfaces like a bathtub, toilet seat, counters and faucets, but they contain harmful chemicals like ammonia, sodium hypochlorite, etc. These hazardous elements can cause harm to the environment and also trigger some serious health diseases, like asthma, respiratory disorders, etc. It is good to use natural or eco-friendly products to spruce up your house, including filthy bathrooms. You can also hire professionals for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They bring safe and sound products to give you high-quality cleaning service for the safe retrieval of your bond money. If you want to spruce up your bathroom on a regular basis, read the cleaning tips shared below. It includes cleaning tips for your filthy bathroom using eco-friendly products.

1. Use White Vinegar for Shower Doors & Mirrors

To achieve crystal-clear and streak-free shower doors and mirrors, use white vinegar and a warm water solution. Pour half a cup of vinegar and the same ratio of warm water into a spray bottle. Apply it on the shower screen and mirror. Wipe the surface with a squeegee and give a good buff using a microfiber cloth or a clean rag. You can apply the same solution to the windows and other hard surfaces.

2. Clean Bathtub and Shower Without Chemicals

Bathtubs and showers collect a lot of grime, mineral deposits and soap deposits on a daily basis. It becomes difficult to remove these stubborn stains without using chemical cleaners. However, you can use natural cleaning products to get rid of tough stains with ease. The white vinegar has an acidic property that can help you get rid of grime and grease. Spray the solution on the surface and leave it for 15 minutes. Next, wipe the stains off using a microfiber cloth or sponge. Tip: Do not forget to spruce up the corners and edges of your tub because germs love to harbour in tight spaces.

3. Spruce up Cabinets and Counters

First, put all your toiletries away before removing grime and dirt from your bathroom countertops and cabinets. Use the all-purpose cleaner or baking soda for sparkling results. You can apply the solution on a paper towel and wipe down the surface. You can also use castile soap solution to treat stains and grime. Tip: Keep your bathroom cabinets organised to reduce the amount of clutter.

4. Clean and Disinfect the Toilet Bowl

A toilet harbours hundreds and thousands of lethal germs and bacteria that can lead to various health hazards. You can clean and disinfect it by sprinkling baking soda around the top of it. After that, pour a cup white vinegar and scrub the surface using a toilet brush. This will not only eliminate the grime and stains, but it will also banish strong smells lingering in your bathroom. You can also add a few drops of essential oils into your white vinegar solution and water solution.

5. Shower Curtains

Wash your grimy and greasy shower curtains in hot water because mould, mildew and bacteria love to grow on moist surfaces. Make sure you wash them twice or thrice a month. If you are running at the end of your tenancy, consider hiring trained end of lease cleaners in Melbourne and get your bond money back with ease. They will bring eco-friendly products and new-age tools to give you a safe and sound cleaning experience.

6. Use Baking Soda to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Cleaning bathroom tiles and grout lines require both proper tools and effective products because mould love to thrive on moist or wet tiles. To keep them look clean and shiny, you can use baking soda. Prepare a paste of baking soda using water and apply it on built-up grease and grime. Leave it for a few minutes before scrubbing the surface. You can use a magic eraser or an old toothbrush to get rid of built-up scum, mould and mildew stains.

7. Sinks and Faucets

Make sure you clean and disinfect your bathroom sink and taps regularly, especially during COVID-19 pandemic. You can scrub baking soda on the affected areas and leave it for a few minutes. The next step is to wipe the surface with a clean cloth. You can use products that contain 70 per cent of alcohol concentration to disinfect contaminated areas in your bathroom.

8. Deep Clean Your Floors

Bathroom floors are comparatively dirtier than the floors of other areas in a home. So, you can use mild laundry detergent and hot water to clean dirty floors and grout lines. You can apply the baking soda paste on the affected surface and grout lines and let it sit before wiping with a damp cloth. You can also mop the floor using a microfiber mop. Tip: Always clean the room in the top to bottom manner to streamline the entire cleaning process.


These are some of the best tips that will help you spruce up and disinfect bathroom like a pro using eco-friendly products. Use white vinegar, baking soda, mild detergent, castile soap, magic erasers, etc to treat built-up soap scum, grime, mould and mildew from almost all surfaces. If you are preparing your rental apartment for the final inspection, then hire trained people for a quality end of lease cleaning in Melbourne and get your full bond back.