How to Clean Your House After Being Sick

a sick woman laying on a bed and clearing her nose with a tissue

How to Clean Your House After Being Sick

By : angila
When the cold and flu season arrive, it is unavoidable to stop the germs from invading your home. When a family member gets sick, the focus should be on getting back the member healthy. But after that, you need to make sure that the house is clean and free from flu germs and virus. Experts believe that the easiest way to clean your house is by hiring a reputed company that offers the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. The professionals will save time and accomplish the task without any hassle. However, if you want to clean on your own, you should know the right methods. Here are the best ways to clean your house after being sick. Have a look!

Thoroughly clean your bathroom

You should always start the cleaning process from your bathroom. This place is already the dirtiest place in the house. It is considered an ideal place for germs and bacteria to flourish because of the excess moisture present in the air. Thus clean the toilet, sink, bathtub, shower glass, mirror, toothbrush and holder. Once you have cleaned it properly, disinfect places like toilet seat, flush lever, and sink faucets that all the members touch frequently. The deep cleaning and sanitising of the bathroom will prevent the spread of the germs and flu virus from the infected person to the other family members.

Make your kitchen germs free

Once you are done with the bathroom, it is time to clean the kitchen and make sure that there are no germs. Clean all the surfaces like kitchen counter, appliances, cabinets, drawers, kitchen tiles, etc. After that, you should disinfect the surface like the handle of refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffeemaker and cabinets. You should also clean the dishes, bowls and glasses in dishwasher with maximum hot water setting. It will destroy the germs and bacteria on the dishes. A kitchen is an essential place, so it should be perfectly clean. If you find it difficult then you can hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They will make sure that the house is properly clean and disinfect.

Clean Couch and Carpets in living room

A person who is sick spends a lot of time in the living room by sitting on the couch and watching TV. Thus, you should properly clean the couch and disinfect the hard surfaces with vinegar or rubbing alcohol. The carpets also accumulate a lot of germs, dust, allergens, etc. So, use your vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and germs. People usually prefer to hire professionals who carry out end of lease cleaning in Melbourne because they use steam carpet cleaners. It works more effectively on the carpet.

Wash sick clothing, bed sheet and pillow cover

The clothes, bed sheet and pillow cover of sick person should be changed regularly. Wash the used ones separately in the washing machine with a hot water setting. However, before using the hot water, read the instruction properly. After washing your clothes on the hot cycle, put them in the dryer for around 40 to 45 minutes. You should wash the whites with bleach. For the colourful clothes, use colour-safe bleach or peroxide.

Disinfect frequently touched surfaces/Items

One of the most effective ways to clean your house after being sick is to clean and disinfect the frequently touched surfaces/items. Many people try to disinfect directly, but experts believe that first, you should clean them thoroughly and then sanitise the surface. The following spots should be always germs free. Table Whether it is your computer table, study table or dining table, clean it properly and use a disinfectant wipe to sanitise it. Light switch This is another surface that is frequently touched by everyone, including the sick person. So properly disinfect all the switches in every room. Doorknobs The doorknob is one of the most neglected surfaces when it comes to clean. Just because it looks clean, doesn’t mean it free from germs. You never know how many times the sick person have touched them to open and close a door. So, sanitise all the doorknobs. Toys You should also pay attention to the toys of the kids. Wash and disinfect all the toys properly and keep the kids safe.

Clean your phone and other electronics

In case you don’t know, your phone also have a lot of germs and harmful. That is why experts advise that you should clean it with disinfectant wipes at least twice a day. Like your phones, you should also clean and sanitise other electronic items like tab, laptop keyboard, video game controller and so on. These things often act as a medium to spread germs, so keeping them clean will protect your entire family.

Ventilate Your Home

One of the best ways to remove the flu germs and bacteria from the house is by allowing the fresh air to come in. So, open all the windows and ventilate your home properly. It will remove the old stale air that was there inside the house and replace with fresh air. This method may sound insignificant, but it is one of the easiest and the most effective ways to improve indoor air quality. It is essential to clean your house after being sick.

Hire professional cleaners

To clean your house thoroughly, quickly and perfectly, you should hire professionals who provide end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They use advanced tools and follow the latest cleaning methods to accomplish the task in a hassle-free manner. They use their experience, knowledge and skills to remove all the dust and dirt as well as destroy all the germs. As the professionals have in-depth knowledge about the cleaning, they are well aware of the spots that require proper sanitising. So, they work accordingly and execute the cleaning task with perfection. Professional cleaners follow a cleaning checklist to make sure they clean the house thoroughly and do not skip a single surface.


When one person gets sick during cold and flu season, it usually affects the other members also. This is because the flu virus spread very quickly. If you want to clean the house on your own, consider the ways as mentioned above. It will help to minimise the spread of the flu virus. For more effective result, hire experts who can assure top quality end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.