How to Clean Your Walls and Ceilings?

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How to Clean Your Walls and Ceilings?

By : angila
Walls and ceilings are often ignored or overlooked during routine cleaning because it is challenging to wipe off dust, cobweb, scuff marks, handprints, and other debris or marks on them. However, keeping them clean is necessary to maintain your home’s sanitation and appeal.In addition to this, it becomes vital to clean them at the end of the tenancy because dirty walls and ceilings can be reasons for deductions from the security deposit after inspection. Whatever the reason, knowing how to keep your home walls and ceilings clean is essential. Here is the complete guide by expert cleaners in Melbourne to help learn why is it important, what supplies are useful, and how to clean them properly.

Why is it important to clean walls and ceilings?

Professional cleaners Melbourne cite cleaning walls and ceilings as important for keeping dust, dirt, germs and diseases away. Since these areas are not cleaned regularly, they can accumulate dust, mould spores, pollen, dander, pet hair, spillage and other debris that can make residents in the house fall sick repeatedly. Walls and ceilings that are cleaned regularly have lower chances of developing mould, as spores get removed for the surfaces before they can infest the area.

Besides health reasons, keeping them clean is essential to make your home look neater and more inviting because natural and artificial light can reflect better off tidy walls and ceilings.

Furthermore, according to standard lease contracts at the end of tenancy, occupants are required to get the whole property cleaned, which includes the walls and ceilings. Failing to remove scuff marks, dirt, spillage, dust etc. can result in deductions from the security deposit.

Note: If the walls need to be painted, dusting them to remove any particles is wise to get a smoother finish.

What supplies are required for cleaning walls and ceiling?

Now that the reasons for keeping walls and ceilings tidy are clear, here is a list of supplies that can be used to keep them clean.

  • Liquid castile soap or a mild detergent
  • A long cobweb removing broom
  • Microfiber wipes, mops, and dusters with long handle attachments
  • Soft and mildly-firm sponges
  • Buckets to hold water and cleaning solutions
  • No-rinse wall cleaner
  • Newspaper, bedsheets, and plastic sheets to cover floors and upholstery
  • A steady ladder or stool to clean hard to reach areas
  • Cleaning with natural cleaning ingredients like baking soda and rock salt

How to clean walls and ceilings?

Once all the supplies required to tidy house walls and ceilings are at your disposal, start the cleaning process according to the below-mentioned tips by the expert end of lease cleaners in Melbourne.

  • Prepare for the cleanup by shifting items that are against the walls and covering everything the rooms from floors to upholstery with newspaper/bedsheets/ plastic sheets.
  • After preparations, start dusting the ceilings and may your way down cleaning the wall. Use the broom to remove cobwebs and the microfiber duster to pick to wipe every area clean.
  • Rather than preparing to wash the surfaces professional end of lease cleaners advise to spot-clean them first. Find an inconspicuous area for testing to know if your ceiling and wall paint is washable.
  • For spot cleaning, different approaches will help to remove different types of marks. Here are tips for cleaning common ones.
  • Take a wet microfiber cloth and saturate with a little baking soda to clean almost any kind of scuff marks, stains, crayon lines etc.
  • If the spot is greasy use rock salt over a brush to rub it off. Use a sponge dipped in water and soap solution to clean stubborn spots.
  • To clean grouts, make a paste of baking soda and water and apply the paste between the lines for 15-20 minutes. Use a toothbrush to scrub away the dirt and wipe the residue with a microfiber cloth.
  • After spot cleaning, wash the ceiling and walls with either a soap + water solution or the no-rinse wall cleaner. Dip hand-held or handle sponges in the solution and wring out the access to avoid dripping before running over the walls or ceilings.
  • Next, dip a clean sponge in water to clean again followed by wiping the ceilings or walls with a microfiber mop
  • Once the walls and ceilings are clean, don’t forget to clean the baseboard by removing dust with a broom. Next wipe with a wet cloth then dry cloth and repeat until they are clean with no spots.

Hire Professional Cleaners

The best time to tend to the walls and ceilings is during spring cleaning or while performing regular deep cleans. However, it may not be feasible to clean everything regularly, which is why it is best to hire professional cleaners from a reputed end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne. Their expert cleaners can perform spring cleaning, which can include washing ceiling and walls as required.

Another time when it is prudent to hire professionals to wash these areas is at the end of tenancy. To secure your bond without deductions hire professionals who perform expert end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. They can help clean the entire property, including inside walls and ceilings.

For dirty outside walls and ceilings contact the professional company to inquire about pressure washing services. Professional cleaners can use powerful machines that spray cleaning solutions and water at high speed to remove years of built-up dirt, gunk, algae, etc. This step is recommended if the exterior walls and ceilings need to be cleaned or repainted.


Keeping walls and ceilings cleaning is important to keep residents healthy and add to the appeal of the house. It may seem like they don’t need washing often – however, once you clean them or get professional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to wash them for you, the difference will be clear. Hence, ensure to clean your walls and ceiling frequently by following the tips by experts as shared above.