How to Create a House Cleaning Routine For Outstanding Results?

young woman wiping kitchen tiles with a cloth wipe

How to Create a House Cleaning Routine For Outstanding Results?

By : angila
House cleaning is one of the most important tasks as it maintains the beauty of your house interior and keeps your family safe from germs and bacteria. However, most of the people find it challenging and time-taking. Thus they try different shortcuts that lead to substandard cleaning of the house. That is why many people prefer to hire experts who offer end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. However, experts believe that by following a house cleaning routine, you can get the result you want. If you live in a rental property, this cleaning routine will help you to get back your bond money after the end of the lease period. Here is detailed information on how to create a house cleaning routine for outstanding results. Let’s have a look!

Daily Cleaning Routine

If you want to create a house cleaning routine for outstanding results, start with a daily cleaning routine. It will not only help you to maintain the cleanliness of the house but also make your weekly and monthly cleaning a lot easier and quicker. Perform these cleaning tasks daily to get the best result. Make your bed You should always start your cleaning task by making your bed. All you need to do is clean and straighten your bedsheet and properly arrange your pillows. A clean bed can change the entire look of the room and motivate you to start cleaning the house further. Clear the daily clutter After cleaning the bed, you need to clean the clutter from each room like toys of the kid, crayons, books, any papers, clothes, etc. Pick them up and keep them at their respective places. General dusting Take a microfiber duster and perform general dusting room by room. Clean as many spots as possible by following a checklist. If you are allergic to dust, then you should hire experts who carry out end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Clean kitchen and bathroom countertop Kitchen and bathroom countertop get dirty on a regular basis so you should also clean it every day. It will keep them clean. Also, clean the window sills. Shower Glass and mirror  Clean shower glass and mirror daily to remove the soap scum and hard water stain. If possible, clean the spots immediately after you take a shower. Sweep the hard floor Once you are done with cleaning, sweep the floor properly and remove all the dirt and dust from your house. Clean and disinfect the frequently touched spots To maintain the hygiene of the house, disinfect all the frequently touched spots like the countertop, door handles, handle of the appliances, light switches, etc.

Weekly Cleaning Routine

Along with the daily cleaning routine, you also need the weekly cleaning routine. It will allow you to keep those places clean that you do not clean regularly. You hardly need a few hours to accomplish the cleaning task. People usually prefer to carry out on weekends, but you can distribute the tasks on weekdays according to your preference. Clean the carpets Use a vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet and if there are any stains, remove them. To perfectly clean your costly carpets economically, hire specialists who perform cheap end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Clean the toilet, bathtub and sink You should clean your bathtub, toilet and bathroom sink at least once in a week. Use a sponge to scrub the bathtub and sink surface. Clean kitchen appliances and stovetop Clean appliances like dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerator, etc. once week to improve their efficiency. Also, clean the stovetop thoroughly. Wash bedsheets You should make your bed daily, but once a week, wash the bed sheets and pillow cover. It will improve the hygiene level of your bedroom. Mop the floor To give your floor a thorough cleaning, mop the floor properly. You can remove the dust by sweeping, but you need to mop to get rid of stubborn dirt and spills.

Monthly Cleaning Routine

Your daily and weekly house cleaning routine give you excellent result, but there are also some spots that require cleaning once in a month. Including these spots in monthly cleaning routine to give your house the thorough cleaning it deserves. Clean the grout Use commercial products or natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to clean the grout in the kitchen and bathroom. It will make the tiles of the wall and floor look sparkling clean. Remove cobwebs and Moulds You should inspect the house once in a month to find out if there are any cobwebs and mould. If you find anything like that clean immediately. Clean air ducts Dirty air ducts can be harmful to your health in the long run because it circulates the air inside your house and keep your house environment healthy, so make sure you clean it once in a month. Windows and Blinds Windows and blinds can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust over time. So, you should clean it at least once a month. Clean it from both the sides and also clean the blinds. Deep Clean Carpets The most effective way to deep clean your costly carpet is by using steam carpet cleaners. Professionals who perform reliable end of lease cleaning in Melbourne also use the machine to ensure flawless cleaning. Walls and baseboard People often neglect the walls and baseboard when they clean the house. You should also include them in a house cleaning routine. Remove the spills, stains, crayon marks and scuff from the walls and baseboard.

The Bottom Line

Creating a house cleaning routine is always beneficial because it allows you to focus on every corner of the house and make your cleaning process organised, quicker, and a lot easier. So, the next time you clean your house, follow the house cleaning routine mentioned above and you will get an outstanding result.