How to Declutter Your House Based on Your Personality Type?

How to Declutter Your House Based on Your Personality Type?

By : angila
Does clutter affect your brain or body? Experts say it does! Clutter can increase stress, aggravate anxiety and reduce focus by overwhelming you visually. Dirty clothes, papers in the corner or other everyday messes around the house look harmless, but they serve as constant visual reminders of disorganisation, draining your cognitive resources. It affects your memory and cortisol levels which is why sorting your belongings to toss, donate or resell unwanted things is crucial. If you are moving to a new home, decluttering is important to pack effectively and efficiently. Additionally, it is essential before professionals come to your home for routine house cleaning or end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. You can declutter your home like a pro using the Konmari method or any other approach. However, if you are a specific type of hoarder, look at this guide to declutter your house based on your personality.

The Hider

These people have pristine homes with organised living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. But their garages, store rooms, basements and attics are another story. A hider is adept at hiding clutter, especially when guests come over or they cannot deal with clutter. Thus, if you keep putting things in a spare room, promising to deal with them later, you can be a secret hoarder. People can come over and see what you want them to see: a tidy house. Having clutter tucked away can still give your sleepless nights, which is why you must sort your things to use free space. Start by segregating trash from things you can reuse, donate or resell. Next, dispose of the garbage and box things you can give away. Once things are sorted, keep decluttering monthly to eliminate the need to hide clutter.

The Shopper

Like buying new things, but your house has no space to keep them? This habit can cause a mess in your house because you will have new and unused items. If you are a shopper who struggles to declutter, try breathing and counting to 10 before making any purchase. Also, ask yourself if you really need the items and whether they will serve any purpose for a long period. If not, avoid buying them and prevent adding to clutter in your home. To declutter things you already own, lay them out together and chuck them if you haven’t used them for 5-6 months and don’t plan to use them at least once a year. Also, don’t buy things before moving or when the professional cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Melbourne are scheduled to clean your house, as it will add to your stress and moving expenses.

The Neglecter

Also called the evader, this personality type wants to declutter but cannot due to work or personal commitments. People with small children, a demanding job, dependents, chronic illnesses, or other reasons cannot organise their rooms or homes. They like a sorted house but don’t have time to pick up after themselves, their kids, spouse or pets. Thus, they co-exist with their clutter, neglecting it until the situation becomes overwhelming and causes stress. For example, a neglecter gets overwhelmed when they have to end a tenancy. They can hire a professional end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne but need to declutter themselves. If you are a neglecter, you can benefit by living minimally. Meaning you only keep things of requirement and eliminate chances of clutter. However, to tackle the clutter in your home daily, develop a system to organise for 10-20 minutes every day. Alternatively, develop a decluttering schedule for every week or month to toss, donate or resell things that serve no purpose.

The Sentimental Hoarder

Everyone has things close to their hearts and with high sentimental value. These items are heirlooms, pictures, video cassettes, gifts or anything that holds a special place in your heart. Having a few sentimental items is good, but it becomes a problem when you cannot let go of unwanted things that take up space you can use for other purposes or to have a tidier home. If you are a sentimental hoarder, one of the best ways to declutter is to displace things first. The aim is to first take out the things from your home and then out of your life. You can rent a storage unit to safely keep items of sentimental value or give them away to a person who will take care of them well. This way, you can still see the things and remove them from your personal space.


Decluttering is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, especially when you have lived in a house for years or plan to move. Therefore, get rid of unwanted things before deep cleaning, the arrival of end of lease cleaners in Melbourne or the clutter takes a toll on your mental health. Identify your personality type above and use the tips to sort your belongings without hassle.