How To Deep Clean And Refresh Your Oven And Stovetop?

How To Deep Clean And Refresh Your Oven And Stovetop?

By : angila

Maintaining sanitation of cooking appliances is important to prevent cross contamination and food-borne illnesses. Additionally, grimy and dirty appliances function less effectively and consume more gas or electricity. It also reduces their shelf-life and increases the cost of using these appliances and fixtures.

Therefore, if you have an oven and a stove, cleaning and disinfecting them is key to staying healthy. Moreover, keeping and leaving these appliances clean at the end of your tenancy is essential to get your bond back without dispute. You can hire professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne to help make your rental property and its appliances sanitary for the final inspection.

However, to keep your oven and stovetop fresh all year round, you must deep clean them routinely. Want to know how? Here is your complete guide. Have a look.

Steam Clean The Oven & Stovetop

The stovetop and oven are the most used appliances in the home because cooking is an everyday chore. Also, working couples do not have the time to clean the kitchen regularly. It leads to the accumulation of oil stains, food splatters, food debris and dirt on the surfaces of the oven and stovetops. Over time all the dirt turns into stubborn grease which requires special cleaning methods.

The best way to degrease your oven and stovetop is to use a natural cleaner that does not leave behind any toxic residue. It is vital to use organic cleaning solutions to ensure safety of cooking. To make a natural cleaner, pour water and white vinegar in equal proportions in a glass bowl. You can also put a few lemon wedges to increase potency of the solution. Pre-heat the oven and then place this bowl inside and heat the water for 5-10 minutes.

Turn off the oven and let the steam loosen grime, food carbons and stains. Ensure the oven is not too warm to touch before you wipe the insides with paper towel or a disposable rag.

To clean the stovetop, you can use a portable steam cleaner. If you do not have it, you can wet a large terry towel with boiling water. Wring it then place it on the stove top. Wait for 2 mins and then wipe the surface with paper towels or a microfiber cloth.

Make A Baking Soda & Dishwashing Liquid Poultice

Baking soda is a natural sanitiser and deodorizer, which is ideal for cleaning kitchen appliances without toxins. Dishwashing liquid is a great degreaser that can remove dust, dirt, grime and stains effectively and efficiently.

Thus, the combination of these ingredients is a super cleaner that can deep clean the oven and the stovetop within minutes.

Start by mixing baking soda, dishwashing liquid and water in a bowl to make a poultice. Apply it generously on the surfaces to clean and let it dwell for 15 minutes. Afterwards, dampen a sponge or brush with warm water and scrub the oven and stovetop. Scrub in circular motion like professional bond cleaners in Melbourne to get the best results. Do not rub vigorously on the glass surfaces as it can lead to scratches.

After scrubbing, wipe the appliances with a damp microfibre cloth then buff with a dry cloth. Let the surfaces air dry later to avoid streaks or bad smells.

Things To Keep In Mind Before And After Cleaning The Appliances

Before you deep clean the oven and stovetop, you must ensure your safety. Thus, make sure to turn off the electricity and gas supply before you clean these fixtures. In addition to this, keep the following things in mind before and after cleaning these appliances.

  • Avoid using commercial oven cleaners because most of them contain corrosive chemicals that cause respiratory diseases, skin burns, allergies and other health issues.
  • Never use harsh cleaning tools like steel wool, scouring pads with metal bits and wire brushes to clean the oven and stive tops. They will scratch and irreversibly damage the surfaces.
  • While performing bond cleaning in Melbourne, refer to the original photos and videos of the appliances attached to the condition report to clean them adequately.
  • After deep cleaning the oven and stove top, maintain their sanitation and prevent bad smells, by wiping them after every use.
  • Also, develop the habit of cleaning spills, boilover stains and other messes immediately after they happen. It doesn’t give stains time to solidify and become challenging to remove.
  • Deep clean the oven and stovetops at least once a month to ensure it remains clean all year round and you have a healthy home devoid of infections.
  • When To Hire Professional Cleaners?

    Although cleaning the stovetop usually does not require professional assistance, degreasing the oven does need professional help. When the appliance gets heavily soiled due to negligence, cleaning it at home becomes challenging. You can hire a professional service for oven cleaning in Melbourne to give yourself some rest from the backbreaking chore.

    Since the professionals have the expertise, experience and equipment to deep clean the oven, microwave and almost all kitchen appliances, they can guarantee great results and help maintain sanitation of these appliances.

    You can also hire professionals when ending a tenancy to get your bond back. Most reputed bond cleaning companies in Melbourne have trained professionals who can deeply sanitise the oven and stovetop. You can avail the additional services in your bond cleaning package to vacate the rental property without hassle or dispute.

    Wrapping Up

    Keeping your oven and stovetop clean and fresh at all time is necessary to have a healthy home and enjoy delicious foods. Thus, use the tips above to deep clean these appliances up to a professional standard. However, if you cannot find the time or motivation to do it, take professional assistance and reduce your stress.