How to Deep Clean Your Carpet the Right Way?

How to Deep Clean Your Carpet the Right Way?

By : angila
A beautiful carpet can lend an aesthetic appeal to your home and make it look extraordinary. But this same beautiful carpet can also harbour over 200,000 bacteria and germs per square inch. This means that your carpet fibres are full of household dust mites, pet hair, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, mycotoxins, dead skin cells and many more allergens. A single carpet can hold up to four times its weight in dirt and thus acts as a filter to trap all these germs and dust mites. But when you walk and sit on the carpet, these allergens and germs are released into the air, and you can inhale them. This can cause severe illnesses and respiratory diseases, and thus you must avoid such a situation by cleaning your carpets regularly and getting a deep cleaning done. Deep cleaning is necessary to eliminate all these bacteria and germs trapped in your carpet fibres to keep your home safe. You should hire professional cleaners who offer the best end of lease cleaning in Melbourne to clean your carpets, or you can deep clean your carpets on your own. You can use the expert tips below to deep clean your carpets, but first, you should know how dirty your carpets are and why you should clean them.

How Dirty Are Your Carpets?

  • Suppose you do not maintain your carpets regularly. In that case, they can become a breeding ground for dirt, dust mites, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, pet hair, and other allergens and germs.
  • Mycotoxins are one of the most dangerous microbes that can grow on your dirty carpets. These microbes consist of various kinds of mould that weaken your immune system and cause stomach infections like Norovirus.
  • You can also get rashes and skin infections like tinea of the foot or athlete’s foot by walking on carpets that are full of dirt and germs.
  • According to a report, children who lived in a carpeted home had higher chances of developing wheezing and asthma due to dust mites.
  • These dust mites can also cause infections when they die, as their carcasses can enter your skin and eyes when you step on them.

  • These bacteria can survive on your carpets for up to 4 weeks and cause significant infections. Therefore, you can now see why it is essential to vacuum your carpets once or twice a week to eliminate all these dust mites. And for the more stubborn microbes and germs that stick to your carpet, you must get a deep cleaning done by bond cleaners in Melbourne every six months. If you are planning to do the deep cleaning on your own, here are some tips to help you out:

    Deep Clean Your Carpets With Vinegar

    1. Vacuum Your Carpets You must start by vacuuming your carpets to get rid of all the loose soil and dirt, or you will spread it all around the fibres. Regular vacuuming can also help remove foul odours from your carpet fibres and also extend the life of your carpet. You can also use a lint roller and a squeegee after vacuuming to remove stubborn pet hair and food crumbs. 2. Spot Treat Stains Next, treat any stains on your carpets, like liquid spills and solid stains. You should blot the stain with a white microfiber cloth for liquid spills like wine spills or blood stains. Do not use a coloured cloth as it can bleed onto the carpet and discolour the fibres. For solid stains like food crumbs and soil particles, use the edge of a knife or a credit card and slowly lift the solids off. You must not scrub your solid stains, as this will embed them more deeply in your carpets. 3. Make Your Solution White vinegar is one of the most eco-friendly products for your home that will help clean your carpets effectively. To keep your carpets clean, you should mix one part of white distilled vinegar and three cups of cold water in a spray bottle. Keep refilling this as you clean your carpet to cover all the areas.

    Important tip

    Make sure you first test this solution on the edge of the carpet to see if it bleeds or discolours your carpet. If it discolours your carpet, avoid using vinegar and replace it with baking soda. 1. Spray The Solution Now, move in a 3×3 grid and spray the solution on your carpet till it is damp but not saturated. Keep moving until you cover your entire carpet with the solution, and let the solution stay on the fibres for at least five minutes to break down the dirt and allergens. Next, take a white microfiber cloth and blot out the solution. You must keep dipping your cloth in a hot water bucket to ensure you are not spreading the dirt all around. You should also throw out the bucket of water when it is dirty and use fresh water. 2. Let The Carpet Dry Once you have removed the solution and dirt from your carpet, you should let the area dry before you walk on it again. Keep your windows and doors open, and use floor fans to dry your carpets quickly. When you are putting your furniture back, you should wrap the ends and edges in foil to avoid bleeding onto the wet carpet fibres. You can also place plastic sheets over your carpet so that it can dry without attracting any more dirt. When your carpets have completely dried, they will be much brighter, cleaner, and, more importantly, free from germs and bacteria.


    You must deep clean your carpets every six months to eliminate all the embedded dust and bacteria in them. If you do it independently, you can use the above steps to deep clean your carpets. But you can also hire professional bond cleaners in Melbourne to do the job for you, as these experts have all the advanced equipment and green solutions to keep your carpets dirt-free and clean.